Saab PhoeniX in full color

As is normally the case with new Saab concept cars and imagery, one of our SU readers has taken one of the CGI images and applied a splash of color.

The results are impressive, as always.

Our artist on this occasion is Bjarte S. Thanks for sending them in. I’ll take one in red, please 🙂


42 thoughts on “Saab PhoeniX in full color”

  1. What, no brown?
    I would bet there will be, when something like this car is build, hopefully in about 12 months.

  2. I’d also take one in red, and I missed my favourite color – a more darker sport green.

    As I’m not a fan of so big rims compared to the wheels I’ll take a pair of other rims as well.. 🙂

  3. 1. red
    2. black
    3. white

    funny, I’d have any of them over the concept molten metal look, maybe needed to see it in the metal, but I prefer all of these.

    • I agree…now it has ‘normal’ paint it looks 10 x as good…and I liked it before anyhow!

  4. Wow! These look great! Eat your heart out, Lotus 😉

    But seriously, great job, Bjarte. Way to make an already desirable car look more desirable.

  5. OT: ViB who have a long haul test of different cars had big problems with the 9-5 SS in the beginning. Now they have published a part of their winter test of the cars, and the winner is the Saab 9-5.

    ViB Winter Test

    One interesting thing they mention is that the Saab has a rubber list under the hood helping to prevent dirt from the road get into the engine bay. It was also very easy compared to the other cars to change lamps on the Saab.

    • And what Rune has been saying about the V50 all along also seems to apply to the V60.

      Volvon är orubbligt stabil på hårt underlag, men har svårt att hitta fäste i spårsnö.
      Saab 9-5 verkade däremot oberörd av väglaget. Vi var imponerade allihop över hur följsam och spänstig den var att köra.

      Did I just say something about marketing Saab more as a winter car? 😉

      Domslutet blev ovanligt enigt: Saab 9-5 är med marginal den mest kompetenta vinterbilen av våra fem nya modeller. Synd bara att så få kommer att upptäcka det.

      • I totally agree when they claim that the 9-5 is unaffected by different road conditions. It just goes forward with such ease and confidence. I did a winter “review” of the 9-5 on my blog a couple of weeks ago and my conclusion is that the new Saab 9-5 lives up to Saab’s reputation as a winter car!

      • My 9/5 Vector TiD4 (160) Aut is now 1 month old and Yes, it is a very good winter car.
        One thing that is not good is the extremely small buttons for the seat heaters. It is impossible to wear gloves and try to turn on, or adjust the heating. This is just design before function and not very saabish.
        Last week I borrowed a Chevrolet Cruze and it was sad to see that this car had a perfect solution for operating the seat heating and other heating related functions.
        Picture here (seat heating etc is operated in the 2 big knobs beside the shifter):

        This is how it looks in my 9/5:

        • There’s no auto seat heater setting? I keep mine on auto all the time, works beautifully. No hands needed! (Well ok.. one is needed, for the occasional adjusting of the steering wheel angle).

          • Emil, there is no auto setting (that I have found at least) in the new 9/5. You have to turn the heat on everytime you start the car and then adjust it down after a while. In my previous SAAB:s I think the setting was memorized so if the heating was set to level 2 when I turned of the car it started up with the same setting when I started the car next time.
            This is of course not a big issue but if SAAB want’s to be positioned as an excelent winter car it is important also with these small details. Form AND function is still importanst in SAAB design if you ask me.

    • I agree that this car looks better without that liquid metal paint, and these two with the updated wheels look even better! Slap some paint and wheels on this thing before New York.

      I appreciate what JC was doing, but my guess is if you show this to 1,000 people, a huge majority of them will prefer the painted car with more traditional rims. It is easier to digest for the average person. Maybe that was not the end goal, but it does help from a publicity perspective. Either way, nice job with the car JC and great job with Photoshop guys!

      I will take the white one with the updated wheels please!

  6. Did any of you guys who went to Geneva actually sit in the PhoeniX? I’m a bit curious about the visibility. The cabin is so low that the windows seem like narrow slits. When looking forward, do you see anything other than the hood? Is the view to the sides limited beyond what would be practical in a production car?

    • Unfortunately you are not allowed to sit in it. It’s standing on a turning plate with a fence around it. Of course you can sit in all the other SAAB.

  7. I’m wondering if the marketing folks at Saab can get hold of the producers of Iron Man 3 and get a product placement spot in that movie. This car just looks like it fits.

  8. I understand the color choice (titanium/gun metal) as it goes with the liquid metal theme, but they really should have released it in white.

    White goes along more with what they currently have going, but more importantly, it is much less severe and easier to digest. Throw a coat of white on it for NYC 🙂

    Actually I think it looks better in ANY of these colors over the titanium it was shown in.

  9. Very nice pictures! I think that the PhoeniX looks much better in red or blue than in grey. 😀

    By the way, has anyone else noticed that from a side view the wings gives the car the proverbial Saab hockey stick?

  10. Well, now that the color choices are taken care of, how about “washing” those wheels? Peter’s rim swaps look so much better, but I’d like to see the original wheels in silver.

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