Saab PhoeniX video from Geneva

I need something to make me a little bit happier……

A quick rotational video from Geneva will do. This is from the public days at the show, and it’s good to see a decent number of people looking around the Saab stand, touching the iceblocks πŸ™‚ and just generally checking out the new Saabs.

Thanks to SaabClubNL via Twitter.


8 thoughts on “Saab PhoeniX video from Geneva”

  1. After a week of pondering I think it’s awful, I believe Saab has made a mistake by not focusing on its current and near future line up, if the Phoenix has design clues for the future then the new 9-3 could well be an ugly beggar.

    23 seconds into the video I saw the front and this image sprang into my mind (Warning SFW but you may not be able to look at the front of the Phoenix again and not see it).×1024.jpg

    • Absolutely not. It’s an exaggeration of the U-shape first shown in the 2008 Saab 9-3.

      And what’s wrong with the tongue anyway? If you’d shown me a picture of ‘Predator’ I’d have been concerned.

      No problems here.

  2. I think that’s a little harsh-I am still on the fence…although it did not look like evolution-progression to me in terms of design.Same as the jaguar XJ was not evolutions of a design either it was just bang-“now we do this” its a good car but everyone is saying its not so pretty at the back- Bertone have a much better idea about how that should look and it tells to story of the car with the B99 design.

    Saab should tweak the design to do roughly the same in my view so continuity is established, it was not what I expected. Things will be toned back down for the next generation so I am not so worried.

  3. Well, JC did say the 9-3 will have a more Sason-like rear treatment, so I don’t think we have cause for concern. The concept did grab considerable attention, mainly positive, and that’s what Saab needs right now. I’m quite optimistic about future models!

    Happy Saabing-


  4. First I didn’t like the wings on the concept but the more I see them, the cooler they look ! I would love to see them come available as an accessoire (like a spoiler).

    For me the wings are a 21st century spoiler.

  5. What an amazing colour!
    Much has been said about the buttresses, but few have mentioned the colour. It really looks like flowing mercury, or silver or something similar.

    I somehow got the Cyberdyne T-1000 in my mind πŸ˜‰

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