Saab searching for an architect

Some of you may remember the grand Opening of Saab of North Olmsted. I got the impression that many liked the architecture used for the building, interior and exterior. This new dealership building is based on the new concept from Saab named Saab Unlimited.

Now Saab is searching for an architect to help establish Saab Unlimited on other dealerships.

We are now looking for an architect to a temporary strengthening of our marketing department.
You will be working with Saab’s current architectural and your task is to supporters of our markets in connection with new construction and remodelling of our retail stores, interior and exterior. The responsibility is global and involves daily contact with the markets, our dealers and suppliers so excellent English is a requirement.
We also work with local architects, which may involve travel within and outside Europe and we therefore places great emphasis on communications skills, we shall be able to convincingly explain the Saab brand and our design and concept.
We are facing a modernization of our interior concept, Saab Unlimited, which is also an exciting challenge. Some administrative elements are also present and you should be proficient in Microsoft Office software package.

If you are an architect and would love to work at SAAB, this is your opportunity. The job is only for a period of 6 months, and the next 6 months are the best to stay in Sweden ;-).


Hedis has spotted today a new Swedish police car.

The car has been spotted in Trollhättan, so this may be a real police car or a demo from Saab to sell them to the Swedish police.

31 thoughts on “Saab searching for an architect”

  1. The police will use the 9-5 sportscombi when it arrives, along with the Volvo V70. They are not keen on using sedans so I don’t think they’re going to order alot of these. What I’ve heard is that they prefer the 9-5 (the older one that is) over V70.

    • Also it doesn’t have the department-sticker behind the police-sign, so its probably a demo… But still smoking hot!

  2. I’d be all over this if the scheme hadn’t already been developed, it seems like this is less on the creative side and more dealing with implementing an existing prototype. Don’t get me wrong, I think Saab Unlimited is generally fresh and attractive, I just think it could have been developed a tad further, played up some sustainable features (Building Integrated Photovoltaics, Passive solar heating, green roof, LED lighting, etc. etc.), and had a more engaging customer waiting area that broke the mold of your typical car dealership. Just sayin 😛

    • “Some administrative elements are also present and you should be proficient in Microsoft Office software package”

      This is what would worry me most if I would be a creative engineer. As a scientist I know that whenever these kind of phrases pop up that you will be spending 80% of your time making presentations and appeasing the bean counters. Ugh, double Ugh!

    • Yep. You know it’s bad when they want you to know Office more than Autodesk programs.

      Just for the record so everyone knows who is responsible for Saab’s architecture for the past 15 years, it’s Wilhelmson Arkitekter. Anders is also on Saab’s design team, and generally I’m a huge fan of his work (he’s head of the team responsible for the auto show displays we all know and love). He’s done a great job for Saab, I mean no disrespect 🙂

      I do think it’d be interesting to see some other architect’s takes on where Saab should go in the future, both in regards to exhibit and dealer design. I can smell future SaabsUnited posts and competitions… 😛

      • Jeff,
        here is the last paragraph of the job offer

        Vi söker dig som har goda språkkunskaper, ordningssinne och verbal förmåga. Dessutom ser vi att du har AutoCad kompetens (gärna också 3-d) och intresse och förståelse för modern Skandinavisk kommersiell arkitektur.


      • that would be great – an SU architectural competition 🙂 if it´s possible and i there is some time near the bread and butter job i would be a fix starter. 🙂

        would be nice to see our architects on SU – and get some new contacts.

    • Jeff was the first person I thought of when I read this post and I was hoping to see him chime in!

      Jeff, you should pull a Swade and apply for the job. At worst you can pre-interview and find out what they really want and take it from there. And who says the architectural concepts won’t expand creatively with your participation.

      Architectural work with Saab for a Saab enthusiast who is an architect? And it looks like you’d be a member of the marketing department (along with Swade).

      Nuff said…

  3. For me as an architect the unlimited concept is a pragmatic – industry building. cheap – fast to built
    ideal for the us dealer network. it´s nothing special, but an massive improvement compared to existing dealerships.

    i had some ideas for a saabdealership in my country. but that´s another story

    • I second that. This is just a bland box, nothing special, routine work. Saab deserves something else.

      • of course something special would be nice – but on the other hand it´s a cheap routine building you can copy. but it would be really nice to make some real “FLAGSHIP STORES “with ambitious architects in some markets. architecture is a good ad and they could really be lighthouses for the brand

  4. What a lovely police car, and what a delight it must be for the police to drive a NG-95-5 when the bad guys are driving ordinary cars. =)

  5. The building might be cheap and be “routine work”, but that in my opinion is the best they can do now. If you look at it from a dealer perspective, most of them won’t be willing to spend million of $ for a new building now when Saabs future still remains a little bit unclear and sales are on a very low level.So this seems to be the right thing to do.
    In addition, I think that the simplicity corresponds very well with the SAAB design.

    • @ Jeff-
      I think you should take the job, but instead of working on showrooms, you should push your concept of the new (92/9-2). After all, I’d rather see new SAABs under a foot of snow than no SAABs in a fancy showroom.

  6. My wife is reading the ordinary paper with the sad world news bla bla and I have a blast at SU. Great comments, great fun and good humor!

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