Saab small markets sales data – February 2011

If you have the figures from the other “small” markets, please post them here.


In February Saab sold 44 cars up from 6 in 2011

The YTD value is 97, up from 31 in 2010


74 cars have been sold in Spain in February 2011.
I don’t have the figures but if my math is right, an increase of 57.4% means that they sold 47 cars in February 2011.


Still to be confirmed when the stats come out, but it’s understood that Swiss sales have come in at 65 units for the month of February.

Will confirm when the official numbers come out, but that’s from chatting with Saab staffers here at the booth.

Saab has sold 53 cars in Switzerland, up from 27 last year.

The YTD values are 88 2011 up from 49 in 2010.


9-3: 42 (feb 10: 28) / YTD 175 (’10: 85)
9-5: 25 (feb 10: 6) / YTD 106 (’10: 14)

Total: 67 (feb. 10: 34) / YTD 281 (’10: 99)


29 (4 in 2010)
YTD 58 which is more than 50% of the total in 2010 (102 units) in Austria.


37 car have been sold in Ireland in Feb. 2011 (10 in Feb. 2010)

9-3: 22 (9 in Feb. 2010 )
9-5: 15 (1 in Feb. 2010)

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  1. NL:

    9-3: 42 (feb 10: 28) / YTD 175 (’10: 85)
    9-5: 25 (feb 10: 6) / YTD 106 (’10: 14)

    Total: 67 (feb. 10: 34) / YTD 281 (’10: 99)

  2. it seems that little by little, all markets are showing a good growth, the trend is right, the numbers I guess will grow ….

    I think today’s prototype will also help to restore faith in the future of the brand … bright sunshine ahead

    • Nicke, the reasons for the January figures may be various, but the point is that they are still selling more cars than in 2010.

      • No worries about the difference between jan and feb figures: there are traditionally a lot of registrations int he Netherlands in January since most of the lease companies (and new-car buyers) do not register new cars in november or december. The January figures are basically compensating these ‘slow’ months.

        • No worries? Marketshare went from 0,29% to 0,16%. So there must be a problem.
          0,29% is too low, but 0,16% is only a fifth of the normal potential.
          Saab-dealers in the NL: you have to do better!

  3. Ok ok 🙂 i dont understand all the figures.. Thats great then! 🙂
    Thnx for the answer!!

  4. I think that Saab Will sell over 1,200 units a month here in Sweden when Both 9-5sc and 9-3 sub 120 is here..
    Im starting to see more and more 9-5 ss in gothenburg at least..

  5. A fast estimate gives us with the figures we have already at hand the following:
    In Sweden we are up about 50 %
    In world total so far up with about 70 % incl Sweden
    In world total so far up with 140 % not incl Sweden

    Should be interesting to see where it lands, but these are good figures as we have yet to see how the 9-3 SC Eco TTID and 9-5 SC makes a difference later this year.

  6. How come we never see numbers for Belgium? Sofie from Beherman, where are you when we need you? 😉

    • Because there can be a delay when every country present the numbers. GB is always about one week into the new month, some others faster, some slower. The Belgium numbers for January 2011 were sold 168 cars for Saab.

  7. Ouch! Only 2 were sold in Canada. Work needs to be done. They can start with a working website, some basic advertising, and leasing will surely help. Also, there are only 2 dealers in the Montreal area, both in terrible locations. This is a city of 4 million with plenty of Saabs on the road. I’m still optimistic things will get better by mid-year but they need to move more quickly.

    • Kirk,
      As far as the website goes, I’ve been told it’s about a month out which is good. A website alone doesn’t cut it though. We have what I think is the best website in Canada for the Saab brand at and a twitter page SpringmansSaab as well as a facebook group and there are still struggles with getting people in the door. We have 13 dealers across Canada and well spaced out so pooling together for a country-wide ad campaign is difficult and as stand alone dealers its even more difficult to market the brand alone. I here you about some basic advertising being needed but I also know as a dealer the cost in doing such advertising on our own. We are starting a TV campaign shortly on the morning news hour and have done 2 mall shows so far ourselves. I try to write on the boards here at saabsunited to keep our name out there as a dealer in Canada and to share what is happening in Canada with everyone. February in BC was a tough month for all brands from what I understand. I have heard about some ads hitting the TV in the US, but I have yet to see them. Canada or the US, it doesn’t matter, I think we need to just keep on pushing and make sure that everyone we as Saab fans come in contact with, know our Saab stories and we make it a mission to at least open their eyes to Saab.

  8. From swedish newspaper SvD about the february sales (my translation).

    Jan Åke Jonsson:

    -We are increasing (sales) with more than double the market in general and that is from numbers showing vehicle registrations in february which is cars ordered in december and january. In february we’ve seen that the inflow of orders has increased dramatically.

    Sounds good don’t you think folks? =)

  9. New Saab car registrations in Norway, February 2011:

    Saab 9-3: 46 (19 in Feb 2010)
    Saab 9-5: 12 (4 in Feb 2010)

    Total: 58 (23 in Feb 2010)

    In other words an increase of 152 per cent compared to February 2010.

    I have also gotten word that there have been many new Saabs ordered during February. Those sales will probably be present the April/May statistics.


    FEB 2011 = 86 – (64 in Feb 2010)

    YTD = 254 – (179 in 2010)

    Normally March will be a better month for Saab in Belgium, as then the cars will be deliverd which were bought during the Brussels Autoshow

  11. Looks like many markets are growing nicely! Good stuff!

    I see that some markets are not developing as one could hope for. Any ideas to why France is not looking better? Portugal is also a disappointment. Canada looks like they also need a major push.

  12. I will update this tomorrow when the UK numbers come out.

    Thank You to every one that has posted national numbers here.

    Red J

    • Gerhard, do you know the sales data for all brands in Greece?

      Guess its falling on all fronts…

        • While the general sales figure in Greece have dropped by 50% Saab is being able to mantain the figures.
          Jan 30 (2011); 39 (2010)
          Feb: 16(2011); 17 (2010)

          Which means that Saab has increased its market share (YTD) from 0.1% (2010) to 0.3%(2011).

          Audi has maintained its market share of 2%; BMW has dropped a bit form 1.8% to 1.7%, like Mercedes (1.2% –> 1.1%).

          Volvo has doubled its share from 0.7% to 1.4% and Subaru has fallen from 0.5% to 0.2%.

          So compared to the general market performance Saab is really doing well in Greece.

  13. Sales data for Germany (preliminary):

    Feb 11: 59
    Feb 10: 51 (+15,7%)

    Jan 11: 78
    Jan 10: 40

    2011 YTD: 137
    2010 YTD: 91 (+50,5%)
    Market is up by 15,81%

    Saab sales are slightly up, but in the biggest market in Europe, Saab should perform much better. 10 Years ago, they managed up to 1.000 sales a month. I hope, with the new managing director, Saab can reconstruct their dealer network in Germany.

    • Thanks for the numbers. It will be really interesting to follow how Saab sales develop during the year. As you said, prior it was a VERY important market, and it still is.

  14. Just read that ex Honda exec James Sweeting is to North America sales director. So its not just me that deserting Honda!

  15. New cars may not be the first thing you think of in Japan. Here is Saab’s figures before the tsunami
    Sales data for Japan

    Feb: 3 (8)
    YTD :9 (9)

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