Saab Swedish sales data – February 2011

The sales data for Saab in the Swedish market are out.

Saab sold in February 707 cars (525 in Feb. 2010)

Those can be splited in 570 9-3 (6th this month, 9th YTD) up from 337 in Feb. 2010 and 137 9-5 down from 188 in Feb.2010 (in February 2010 Saab was selling the last Dame Ednas SC).

It looks good for the 9-3, but the 9-5 still needs the sales figures from the SC.

The 9-3 TTiD SS sub 120g was sold 130 times in February, which means the 11th most sold “green” car in Sweden

15 thoughts on “Saab Swedish sales data – February 2011”

  1. Sales for austria. 29 cars. Thats up from four cars in 2010. With 58 cars this year saab austria sold more than 50 % of 2010 (102 total 2010)

  2. That’s a 50 per cent increase compared to January when they sold 471 cars in Sweden. Hope other markets also can report an increase!

    • they will, because January is a week month for business in general, sleepy after New Years Day, skiing vacations, fighting with snowstorms etc…

  3. Is the 9-3 TTiD SS sub 120g was a good seller, I can´t wait to see what will happen when the 9-3 TTiD SC Griffin sub 120g comes out!

    • The numbers for the 9-3 with the SC sub 120g will increase. So far Volvo has sold 1200 of their V50 with sub 120g diesel engine in 2011 (Jan + Feb). That’s the main competitor in Sweden as in regard of the combi-model.

        • Yes, all Volvo V-models are competitors, but for the 9-3 in size I would say more the V50/V60 than the V70 (which is more competing with the 9-5 SC).

          • Yes, you are absolutly right in terms of size. But for those size is more important than perfomance V70 is a competitor. I think there are many (perhaps I´m wrong!).
            9-3 Griffin TTID SC 278.400kr
            V70 1,6D DRIVEe 277.000kr
            But, as you write “all Volvo V-models are competitors”.

          • Never looked up the price-level of the cars, but in that way of course the 9-3 SC will fight the V70. Then people will have to make a choice between a larger car for less money with a weak engine.. or a bit smaller car with a stronger engine.. 😉 Think the 180 hp can help there..

    • My analysis tell me that Sweden is waiting for the 120g Combis and that means that we shouldn´t expect more than this. Swedish companies waiting a few month till they arrive but I´m sure the ordering books are pretty full. We heard the 2000 orders a few weeks ago. It will explode in may I think (9-3 SC 120g).

  4. I think the numbers will increase and this is a good start!

    One thing though…according to BILSweden 935 out of 945 XC60 where diesels!
    But I hope and think that the 9-4x with it’s magnificent design should beat those numbers 🙂

  5. 707 cars is quite ok – february is still a short and slow month. The 9-5 should sell more but both the 9-3SC TTiD and 9-5SC are needed for a bigger impact. Still nice steady growth!

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