Site Statistics – February 2011

It’s my final full month in charge of SU, so a final month’s worth of site statistics seems to be in order.

February 2011 saw Saab’s Independence Day celebrations as well as the build up to the Geneva Motor Show so it was a great month for Saabs United in the stats department. One of the best ever, actually.

Saabs United served up 641,483 page views in February. Considering that a normal 30- or 31-day month usually sees around 540,000 pages, this is exceptionally good for a 28-day month (and as an aside, the last 30 days from today – which includes both Geneva and Independence Day – has seen over 780,000 pages served).

Those pages were served to 85,551 unique visitors during the month.


The 5 most popular articles read during February reflect the Independence Day (Edition) effect:


39% of visitors need a seeing eye dog are using Internet Explorer, which means that 39% could have had a much more pleasant visual experience like the 25% using Firefox, the 19% using Safari or the 13% using Chrome (like me 🙂 )


Three of the top four native languages spoken by visitors are languages other than English (those being Swedish, German and Dutch). Some would say the #1 language spoken by visitors also falls into that category, being “En-US”

Just jokes, Americanos.


That language stat is a bit bizarre, actually. It would appear that some poeple outside the US have their language setting on En-US because for the first time in a long time, the US didn’t lead the visitation stats.

Here are the top 10 countries for February 2011…. there’s plenty of interest from Germany. If only that would translate into sales.


Some of the more unusual search terms that led people to Saabs United during February:

  • 103 searches looking for “Swade Viggen Crash” (yikes!)
  • 76 searches were looking for “ctm” (I wish he was back, too)
  • 47 searches look to confirm that “fuel economy is the devil” (I knew I wasn’t alone)
  • 40 searches for “at least you’re in the ultimate driving machine as i zoom off in my saab”
  • 6 searches for “sofie from saab” (Stalkers! Leave our Sofie alone)


It’s nice to finish up with a big month. I’m sure March is actually going to be even bigger.

Thanks for your continued interest in SU and participation in a great Saab community.

15 thoughts on “Site Statistics – February 2011”

  1. “Swade Viggen Crash”, LoL.
    You’re a celebrity, Swade!

    Btw, your Viggen crash is what led me to Trolhattan Saab in 2007. Your sacrifice was not for nothing.

  2. Thank you Swade for all you’ve done for us and for Saab! The automotive world would be a much less interesting place without the imprint you put on it.

  3. I think many Linux users (no matter the flavour) like to use a non translated distribution, me included, maybe this is a reason why so many people seem to be native American English speaker.

  4. I admit…I’m using IE….since noone has yet to be able to persuade me to use a browser that works on fewer sites….if there was one that worked better than IE I would try it….but…?

    I just dont get it….what’s so great about the others?

    • every website now optimises for at least IE, ffx, chrome and Safari, so it’s not true the other browsers works on fewer sites. They addopted faster HTML5 (f.e. which offer on Google Webstore really great stuff) and they are quicker and smaller. Maybe more secure. If you are used to IE, use it, the heroic wars dividing people according to browser use are imho over.

      btw. I am running a website with cca 30k unique visitors a month and the major browser is Firefox.

  5. Swade – great to read this month-end stats. I was also wondering what has happened to ‘ctm’.

    How I got to TS – well I took my 9-5 to Bryanston, Johannesburg, South Africa to then then Sandton Saab and one of the sales people, whilst awaiting them valet my pride and joy, said: “Danni, you got to check this site, it could be interesting for you as it has a left approach to anything having to do with Saab. It is a non-conventional, straight forward blog on anything to do with Saab but with a very concise and clear cut take on what it means to own a Saab. You may just end up living and breathing Saab.” That was 05 November 2005 and I am still here. Yes, the mantle may have been passed on, but I believe the same standard will continue. 6 years – it felt like yesterday.

  6. Another interesting deduction from the stats: Belgians are fast readers (1.14 minutes per page), most others read pages at a rate of one per 1.50-1.80 minutes, but Norwegians? What’s up with them, needing on average 2.84 minutes per page. Perhaps we should start requiring that all skiers read aloud a short text before hitting the tracks, looks like that would do wonders for breaking the Norwegian skiing dominance.

  7. I’ve come across a few pictures of Swade’s Saabs searching for generic Saab pictures. I still remembering being blown away by that iconic picture of the ol’ ’85 900 Aero. But I don’t search to get to this site–it’s already on my “Most viewed” home page in Chrome 😉

    As usual: best of luck, Swade–and don’t be a stranger! (And thank you.)

  8. Well I´m dyslectic (light) so maybee I pulling up the average 0,1 sec or so. Actually all second language wiewers doesn´t read as fast, just look at the figures. Only the Belgiums read fast or could it be something els? I think that Arild is the guy that is responsible for atleast 1 minute in Norway (not saying that he is dyslectic but pretty frequent and stays long).

  9. It is nice that the numbers of German visitors at Saabs United are so high. Audi, BMW and Mercedes are the prestige brands that Saab most is compared with. If you want to be transported in high speed on German autobahn then some of these German brands can be the best choice. There is not any other country that has so many kilometers of autobahn as Germany. But if you really like to drive on curving alp roads, winding and icy small roads then I believe the choice becomes entirely other. Saab are outstanding here and the only brand that can compete and to last as an icon like Saab is Alfa Romeo. So perhaps, we will not care so much about these German brands as competitor to Saab but ensuring that Saab withdraws its status as an icon for the lovers to DRIVE a car.

  10. I am glad to be part of such a great community. The coverage of Geneva has been almost overwhelming, but very enjoyable to read! Thanks so much for the hard work!

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