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Every three-to-six months, I invite people to show some support for the site by making a Paypal donation. It’s in no way a compulsory exercise, but it’s always nice if people want to show their appreciation for the work that’s been done here over the last weeks/months/years.

I want to do a similar exercise one more time before leaving Saabs United – but with a twist. Previous donations have been used to offset the costs of the site and keep my dog happy with various treats πŸ™‚ . This one last time, all donations will be passed on to a very special cause, inspired by a good mate of mine.


I met Jim C in August 2010 at the Swedish Car Day hosted by Charles River Saab in Boston. Just a few months later, Jim had surgery for testicular cancer, but still made it to another Saab event four days later!

Jim owns a couple of Saabs (and a few other modes of transport, as well). My personal favourite from his collection is his 1973 Saab Sonett III. It’s painted in a deep red reminiscent of Cardinal Red Metallic and sports a warmed up V4 tuned to around 120hp.

Jim once joked that I could have first refusal on his Sonett if the cancer treatment didn’t work out. I’m pleased to say I’ll be waiting a lot longer thanks to early detection and the excellent treatment he received at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

Jim also has a 2001 Saab 9-5 SportCombi. He bought it in 2007, the same year he bought the bike shown next to him in the photo below. The Saab cost $2,000 less than the bike, and has been cheaper to maintain, too πŸ™‚

Jim is now in early training for a 200 mile fundraising bike ride called the Pan Massachusetts Challenge. There will be over 5,000 people participating and the goal of the event is to raise $35million for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

This is why he’s doing it:

A lot of my Saab friends offered words of encouragment during my battle which were helpful on a personal level. But all the verbal sentiment in the world will not cure a single cancer sufferer. It takes research and reaserch takes money. Consider that 40 years ago somebody with my form of cancer had a 5 year survival rate of just 20%. Today, thanks to research at places like the Dana Farber it’s over 98%. I want everybody to have a similar chance of recovery but that is still not the case with many forms of the disease.

I don’t think there’s a person on this earth who hasn’t been touched by cancer. I lost my father to the disease back in 1985, when I was 15 years old. The Saab community lost Bob Sinclair to the disease a few years ago. I’m sure you’ve got your own personal story to tell, too.

Thankfully we didn’t lose Jim. And when he came to me with this event I was more than happy to offer my help.

  • If you’d normally contribute to a support-a-saab-blogger campaign…..
  • If you’ve in any way enjoyed the coverage of Saab news and ownership culture that this site has brought to you over the last months and years…..
  • If you want to say a final thankyou as I take leave from SaabsUnited….
  • If you just want to help a brother out…..

….then please consider making a donation to help Jim on his way and keep his Saab Sonett out of my garage πŸ™‚

PLEASE READ JIM’S STORY IN HIS OWN WORDS at the Pan Massachusetts Challenge website.

You can also make a donation at that page. As I write this, Jim is around $1,325 short of his $6,000 goal. I’m going to knock a chunk off that now and I’d encourage you to do the same. Using Jim’s own words….

Look, I gave up my left nut already. It’s the least you can do. πŸ™‚

Consider this the final support-a-saab-blogger campaign under my watch. Thanks for all of your support in the past, and I invite you to show the same support for Jim today.



24 thoughts on “Support a Saab <strike>Blogger</strike> Cyclist”

  1. To everyone out there who already knew about Jim’s ride, and like me kept saying, “Oh, yeah, I have to make that contribution…” Take the 90 seconds and get it done.
    Thanks, Jim, for taking on the PMC! And thanks Swade, for giving us all a poignant reminder.

    [thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the Pacific affected by the earthquake / tsunami]

  2. I met Jim on a drive up Mt. Washington this summer, and again at a later Saab rally. Great guy and I’m glad to hear his treatment is going/has gone well. It’s good to have someone like Jim around!

    And Jim, that bike looks so fast in the red/white/black colors! Good luck!

  3. >>Jim once joked that I could have first refusal on his Sonett if the cancer treatment didn’t work out.<

    That was no joke Swade and the offer still stands! After this kind gesture I may just will it to you outright. But like you said, thanks the the folks at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute (and the thousands of people who support them) don’t get your hopes up.

    Thanks so much for those of you who have contirubuted already this morning. Each donation puts a smile on my face. My wife is afraid I’m going to be stuck with this silly grin forever. Not to worry. Riding a bicycle 200 miles will cure that.

  4. Done. Go get them too πŸ™‚ See you at Carlisle.

    Thanks Swade for helping Jim’s cause.

  5. Good Luck Jim! Sent something your way. I love my Saab and my bike too, I’m driving down in my 9-5 at the end of the month to the Great Smokey Mountains to ride for a few days and do about 160 miles…its only for pleasure, no great cause as you are participating in!

  6. In a few short hours you folks have already donated an amount equal to what it costs two parents to spend a weekend at Dana Farber visiting their child undergoing treatment at their inpatient pediatric cancer center, or to buy a couple of IPads for chemo patients to use while undergoing treatment. Amazing!

    Swade – You done good to share my story. I’m going to lift a pint to all the SU community, yourself, and your Dad tonight!

  7. Done. Thanks for your committed work, Swade. DonΒ΄t export the Sonett to Tasmania, Jim, and all the best for your future !

  8. Done.
    Come on guys! It’s Swades going away present and for a good cause. Jim is almost there.

    • Jeff, you’re the guy who designed the current top banner of SU. So what’s the process like, is the banner made out of one picture with an exact pixel width and length? In this case, 958 x 112 pixels.

      This supports my thesis.

      Just curious. πŸ˜‰

  9. By the way people. An acquaintance’s acquaintance has unfortunately had his car stolen a few weeks ago, it was a Citroen C5, insured, so no big deal. The interesting thing is what car he chose to get through the company this time!

    A Saab 9-5 Sedan… πŸ™‚
    The thing is, he had an insecure approach to Saab before but apparently something changed his mind. Maybe the car grew on him, great nevertheless to see people support Saab.

  10. Another reason, if one were needed, that this is just the best blog site/community on the interwebs. Awesome!

  11. Swade, you are a really classy guy (people at Volkswagen might disagree πŸ˜‰ )
    I wish you all the best and sure hope you come on here to share some of that wit, diplomacy and humor as often as possible.

    SU 2.0 UP!

  12. Great post for an outstanding guy!

    Jim’s been one of the many New England saab’rs who welcomed myself and my wife to the saab community around here. Not mention he’s been a fantastic and patient cross country skiing teacher to us. We looking forward to cheering him across the finish line!

    Hope to see ya on the Rhode Island cruise tomorrow, Jim!

    Ryan & Caroline

  13. Great Idea Swade
    I didn’t want to donate directly so I sent it to you, I’m sure you’ll pass it on ;-).
    Let me thank you again for your great work in the last couple years with SU and saving SAAB in a way. I enjoyed the read mostly every time and your passion and commitment to Saab are admirable. Enjoy your “new” life with lots of spare time for your family, dog and driving around in your Saab and what ever you have time for now.

    Best wishes
    JΓΌrg U

  14. SU Community:
    It may sound like one of those SU Saab Sales Figure updates but I just wanted to tell you that you have shown your appreciation of Swade’s work, and the desire to help the Dana Farber Cancer Institute to the tune of just under $1,000 USD in just 24 hours. We have had contributions from nearly 50 people from six different countries. If there is any doubt to the level of community spirit and dedication among Saabers that outpouring of generousity should put that feeling to rest. I join Swade in thanking you on behalf of all fellow cancer sufferers and survivors.

    It’s not too late to join the cause. Donations can be made for several more months. Just visit:

    Hope to meet many of you at Carlisle, SCD, SIS, Mt. Washington, etc. FYI – I’ll also be hosting an epic Saab back road tour called “Six Gaps and a Gulf” this summer thru Vermont’s Green Mountains this June. More on that to follow.
    Jim C.

  15. So I was planning on getting a few things for my self in up coming months how ever I decided that with everything that is going on that is being selfish lol. I donated $200 to the japan relief and $50 to this cause. I met you last fall and for I would have known you were in a normal great spirit when we talked about your sonnet.

    Good Luck, Lord knows my tubby but cant ride a bike that far!

  16. Done! Jim, I don’t know you but any friend of Swade and Meg H is indeed a friend of mine. Best Wishes!

    Jim M

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