Tack Jan Åke


On behalf of the entire SaabsUnited crew and community, we want to thank you for your incredible and tireless work ethic in keeping Saab alive. As CEO, you steered Saab through some dangerous storms but now it’s finally coming through into clearer seas. We couldn’t be more appreciative of your leadership, your strength, but most of all your sincerity.

We wish you the best as you embark on your retirement, and will always remember you as the CEO who saved Saab.


48 thoughts on “Tack Jan Åke”

  1. Tack ska du ha Jan-Åke för det arbetet som du har lagt ner på Saab. Det känns nästan som att mista en kompis!
    Thank You Jan-Åke for all your hard work you have done with Saab. It almost feels like loosing a friend!

    • It does indeed feels like losing a friend. Jan drove SAAB out of the storm like only seasoned ship captains are able to. All the best to you Jan-Ake and thanks for having kept the faith and flame alive during the darkest days!

  2. Thank You! Tack ska du ha!

    We are all greatful for your excellent work done for our beloved car company.

    You have for sure earned your own time.



  3. It is sad that Jan Åke is leaving but understandable after this years of trouble and hard work. I will miss you but hope to see you also in the future in one way or another involved in Saab. Thank you for your hard work.

  4. As sad as his resignment is 🙁 and really impacts hard emotionally, it can be read as “good news” as well, understanding that the hardest times are finally over and the best to come, because I’m sure Jan Åke would never have left a sinking ship or SAAB in trouble.
    The direction is set, the future is bright, a huge amount of “positive work” to be done, I’d say “Mission accomplished” !!
    Jan Åke, thank you thank you thank you !!! COOOLEST CEO EVER !!

    • Jan Åke, thank you thank you thank you !!! COOOLEST CEO EVER !!
      Yes, and please make sure your successor is as close as possible to a full clone of yourself !

  5. Tack Jan Åke för allt du gjort för Saab genom åren och speciellt ditt outtröttliga arbete med att rädda Saab under de sista åren! Du är en inspirationskälla för många!

    Stort tack och lycka till i framtiden!

    Tobias i Växjö

  6. Can Saabsunited start a Paypal account where readers here can donate some money for a retire/farewell gift to Jan-Åke?

  7. Jan-Åke, we can’t believe it, you will no longer lead our beloved brand.
    You really gave everything and for that you will always be inside our hearts. Without you in charge we’d never ever have come so far.
    You kept on fighting when it seemed that there was no way out.
    Jan-Åke, thank you for this time and for your future all the best.

  8. Jan-Ake. Sincerely thank you. You will remain the most emblematic director of SAAB!

  9. Thank you, thank you and enjoy a healthy and well earned retirement. You have have made us all believe in Saab. Thank you again

  10. Tusen takk Jan Åke for ditt imponerende pågangsmot. Da mange av oss hadde gitt opp kjempet du videre, og lyktes med å berge saab. Tusen takk for innsatsen. Det er nesten ufattelig at du klarte det.

  11. Jan Åke is one of key SAAB savers and since a huge number of positive news for last couple of month he turned SAAB to the right direction, he done everything needed. Good time for deserved rest. He just has to stay as unofficial SAAB advisor with his huge experience. I mean if something goes indefinitely or even wrong just call Jan Åke!

  12. Stort tack Jan-Åke för dina fantastiska insatser. Jag önskar dig all lycka i framtiden och njut nu av din välförtjänta pension.

  13. This is really odd but the last scene of the classic movie Blazing Saddles popped into my mind. You know the one. Clevon Little and Gean Wilder ride off into the sunset after pulling together a small rag tag group of citizen to save Rock Ridge from what appeared to be it’s certain demise. At least Victor won’t be getting off that horse and getting in the limo with you!

    Have a great retirement. If anybod deserves it, it’s you. Thank you my friend for all you have done.

  14. i fully understand JÂJ’s decision to retire: after 40 years, it’s enough. further more, he is in good health and i think we all grant him a good and healthy retirement, in which he can do what was neglected or ignored, because of his work. and i think he will somehow remain involved with Saab. he is too much a Saabist to leave the company from one day to the other.

    to Saab and the Saabisti he is worth his weight in gold. he will not be forgotten, i’m sure. can someone medal him, please?

  15. Jan Åke Jonsson nows join the long line of Swedish heroes whose efforts made this nation great, and whose memory lives on forever. (I know he’s not dead, but it almost feels like it. Have a long and happy retirement, Jan Åke!)

    So praise the light! It is spread by you
    in the native realm, the precious land
    where childhood friends dwell and fathers rest.
    Peace upon their remains! A land of memory,
    a grand lineage is the high North.
    Wherever we gaze, a memory stands before us.
    In the ashes of heroes grow the Swedish woods,
    adventures of yore fill the song of the wave,
    and the sky of the North is written full each night
    with golden runes about the glorious dead.

    (By Swedish poet Esaias Tegnér, imperfectly translated by me.)

  16. From aftonbladet.se:

    “För en gångs skull finns det faktiskt anledning att tro en chef som säger att han slutar för att få tid för annat i livet”

    “For once, there is actually reason to believe a manager who says he will resign to allow time for other things in life”

  17. Thank you, Jan-Åke, from this US Saab owner for all you have done in helping Saab survive and chart the new course for success as an independent company! I greatly enjoyed meeting you and hearing you speak at the Saab Owners Convention last summer in Ohio. You are a true gentleman! Enjoy your retirement.

  18. Tack för din tid Jan-Åke!
    Du kommer ha en lika viktig plats i Saabs historia som Carlsson, Blomvist och Sason.

    Thank you for your time Jan-Åke!
    You will have a just as important place in Saab history as Carlson, Blomqvist and Sason.

  19. Thank you Jan Ake. We wouldnt be here today without your passion.

    Regarding a clone to replace him he has a son doesnt he……….? 😉

  20. JAJ – I hope you transition from the best CEO in Sweden to the best Grandfather in Sweden!

  21. Amazing. Saab couldn’t have had a better CEO. He just seems so approachable and understanding–and obviously worked incredibly hard. You will be missed, but it’s been a long time coming. Best wishes and good luck!

  22. Tack Jan Åke för din kämparglöd!

    Det finns många företagsledare som borde lära sig av dig och kämpa för det man tror på och inte bara för sin egen bonus och kortsiktiga kvartalsrapporter.

    Lycka till med vad du än väljer att göra!

  23. Thank you very very much Jan for your dedication to save our brand !!

    PS Victor, if you are looking for a saabnut willing to help, I’m your man

  24. I had to take a couple of days of from SU and come back to hear that Jan-Åke is retiring, shocking! But I do understand, the last 2 years must have taken their toll.

    Thanks Jan-Åke! Through all the ups and downs you have been a rock, standing with Saab and its workers. We can’t say it enough, without you Saab would not have survived. We know you don’t like the limelight, but I think a statue or, even better, a special edition Saab would be appropriate.

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