The real value of the mighty 9-5

In Norway, cars are not like other cars. The newest 9-5 is hit by a plethora of various government taxes. As a result, you have to fork out roughly $200,000 US Dollars for the V6 Aero.

One of our readers, Håkon, observed that one of these babies have recently been sold. Sola is located in the west part of Norway. Someone who have struck oil recently? In any case, we wish to congratulate the new owner on his/her excellent choice. I would not hesitate a minute myself given the opportunity.

Apologies to TedY for not posting his link earlier, but Vi Bilägare’s previous issue recently picked the best winter car there is. Check out the front page.

17 thoughts on “The real value of the mighty 9-5”

  1. I’m glad it’s finally sold, but it took some time. I think I’ve seen that listing at least 30 times, daydreaming. I hope the new owner is a happy driver now 😉

  2. Hi Rune!
    Here is another “crazy” norwegian man. I have just ordered a 9-5 TTid Aero combi with xwd and with a lot of extras. I have to wait until August/September but I think it is worth while. Realy looking forward to receive that car.

    • Congratulations Oistein!

      It took me a while before I realized you said ‘combi’. At first I did not realize why it would take so long time! 🙂

      Did you take any other cars out for a test drive before pulling the trigger on the 9-5?

      • Ja! Kjører daglig Nydalen – Asker T/R og har hittill sett EN NG 9-5, men til gjengjeld tre ganger…samme bil. 🙂 Vil ha fler på veiene! Kjører dessverre en V70 grunnet firmabilordning….Saab var intet alternativ sommeren 2010.

        • I live at Majorstuen along Kirkeveien, so I sometimes just look out of the window, and I haven’t really seen that many new 9-5s. I saw one yesterday, one the week before and another one two weeks ago at Nordby shopping centre in Sweden (with Norwegian plates). I sat in my car for a while and in ten minutes time, I saw several people turning their heads and one guy went up to the window and looked through. But in total, I don’t think I’ve seen In total I haven’t seen more then a handful of NG 9-5s. I do think that will change once the combi arrives. I don’t think I’ve seen more then 6 or 7 of the new 5-series sedan either,

      • Oh yeah. I have tested Subary, Nissan, Opel 4×4 and BMW x3, I hesitated a bit of the bimmer, but with their red lights, the decision was easy, and I always have been
        in love with SAAB, This is my eigth SAAB, most has been second handed cars, but this
        time I could go for my ultimate dream, a Aero with XWD.

  3. Off-topic but nice:
    Saab in the top of Swedish brand sustainability perception survey:

    Saab is the second best car brand (after Volvo) and the 7th best brand in total:

    1. Coop
    2. ICA
    3. Volvo
    4. Arla
    5. IKEA
    6. Lantmännen
    7. Saab
    8. Skånemejerier
    9. Systembolaget
    10. Bilprovningen
    11. SJ
    12. Scan
    13. Scandic
    14. Norrmejerier
    15. Max
    16. Hemköp
    17. H&M
    18. Toyota
    19. GodEl
    20. Milko
    21. Husqvarna
    22. Posten
    23. Electrolux
    24. Volkswagen
    25. Willys
    26. Sony Ericsson
    27. Hästens
    28. Åhléns
    29. BMW
    30. Audi

      • Audi 3.0 TFSI Quatro 1,352.000 nok
        Bmw 535 xD 1,229.000 nok
        Saab Aero 6 1,134.000 nok

        I trayed to choose similiar equipment. Your can discus the equipment details. But Saab have a higer basic-price, but are cheeper when compared with the others, similar equipment choosen.

    • I’m working on the translation as we speak, it’s a long (but great) article! It’ll be up on the front page soon.

    • Googletrans of the conclusion…excellent!

      “The Saab 9-5 surprised and convinced. That Saab can make cars that pallets for the Swedish winter is certainly not unknown. But that 9-5 would be fun-organizing faultlessly throughout the test, we had not imagined. Whatever it is for a virus that creeps around in the computer system, they kept it in check throughout the week.

      The operative part was unusually united: the Saab 9-5 is by far the most competent winter car of our five new models. Too bad so few will notice it. “

  4. Congratulations Øistein, impeccable taste!

    About the car that was sold in Sola – an absolutely gourgeous monster! Whoever bought it is a very lucky man/woman.

    About Sola, seems as if almost all new 9-5s recently sold have been sold in Sola…. What’s going on over there?

    • The dealer in Sola has sold a lot of Saabs the last decades, if you are located in the south part of Norway you will see at lot of Saabs with the same dealername under the number plate. I don`t know if he still sells a lot of cars to the large companys around Stavanger.

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