Unofficial: Saab PhoeniX concept to appear at the New York Auto Show

From MegH in comments:

Here’s my question. Since the Auto show will be in New York in April, will Saab be bringing the phoeniX to New York given the market demographic Saab has in the greater Tri-State area? I would love to see it in person along with the new SC’s and the Independence Edition of the convertible.

I can, albeit unofficially, confirm that the Saab PhoeniX concept will indeed make an appearance at the New York Auto Show, which begins on April 22 and runs through to May 1.

I emailed Victor Muller about this when I was still in Geneva and he confirmed to me via return email that Saab had plans to bring the car to The Big Apple.

There’s always a chance the car could fall off the back of a boat or something, but I’d take that as reasonable confirmation that the car will indeed be there. I’d encourage as many of you as possible to make plans to see the Saab stand in Gotham. You’ll love it.

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    • Very cool I was planning on going like last year so if you get the opportunity I’d love to meet up!

    • That sounds to me like “Ops.. I’m in New York… and ops.. it’s a car show going on… and hey.. ops.. I did it again.. the PhoeniX is there… ” 😉

  1. Funny that some of the swedish press refers to the PhoeniX as a batmobile and the exhibition is in Gotham. =)

  2. I hope the PhoeniX goes to NY as SAAB needs an image boost in the brand visibility/recognition department in the US.

  3. Who in their right mind would miss this if they were anywhere near New York? Not me!

  4. I am a nitpicker by nature. I love to comment on the little things; those small annoyances that I often let ruin perfectly fine days. The PhoeniX leaves me confused. I like it. Judging by the photos, I think it is evident that it has the soul of a Saab. Yet it still looks a bit alien.

    Visiting the Aero-X at the museum on Friday was also a bit odd. The Aero-X is a big favorite of mine. Currently, the Aero-X’s door is slightly ajar, one of its motors had fried and will be replaced soon. I wanted to go back to my car, fetch my tools and see if there was anything I could have done for the little fella. Fortunately, what little common sense I had left stopped me from doing that. I’m no mechanic and should of course not be let anywhere near the Aero-X. But I’d still love to help it. The Aero-X is family.

    I am also a sucker for those details that look a bit outlandish yet serve a purpose. The flying buttresses looked funny to me, but the video where JC explained that they serve a purpose made me relax. Saabs are supposed to have at least one feature that other cars don’t. We have the ignition mechanism (key or button) in the right place (between the seats). And others “don’t get it”. There is always a danger that some other brand will catch on to the pure genious of such features, so it is important that Saab continue to innovate.

    In any case, I think the PhoeniX is just what the doctor ordered. I look forward to seeing this design language being transferred to the new 9-3 next year. And as soon as the PhoeniX arrives in the museum, I’ll be there with bells on: Swade wrote last week about the importance of seeing it in the metal and just like that was true with the 9-5 the same is probably true about the PhoeniX. Hate it or love it… It will be well worth a visit.

      • Hehe, I see I am not alone in enjoying the original logo in red! 😀

        I wish they will keep it this time.

        • It is the perfect central break light !!!!

          Maybe you can try to copy it with four rings, but the male symbol of Volvo is not adequate, nor is the Merc star or the BMW symbol.

          SAAB is is unique in evey single way 😉

    • Geneva was the right place to launch, but I’m really sorry it wasn’t at the Chicago Show last month. From what I saw here on SU, though, PhoeniX was a slam dunk at Geneva. Getting mentioned w/ other concept cars everywhere, at a time when there are still too many who are unaware that Saab has survived and is looking at a great future, Phoenix was a necessary statement … and I’m sure VM and JAJ will push for max publicity around the world. Looking forward to seeing the new 9-3, there is a promise here that when the company becomes self sustaining, a 21st Century Sonnett is on the horizon. Kudos to Saabs new design Chief hitting a grandslam here and leaving SAAB World waiting for Mr. Costriota’s next effort.

  5. Just wondering….

    Will the new 9-5 SportCombi appear at the NYC auto show as well?

    I’m quite sure it will be shown there – SW

    • “om man slutgiltigt spikar det namnet.”, that is “if they actually settle for it”.
      We discussed this recently in another thread. I hope they don’t go with 900, as it will soud old 80’s style, and it will be hard to name rest of the model range. As I said in the other thread 9000 would really not work anymore. I, for one, hope they go with 93 and 95, if they don’t continue with 9-3 and 9-5.

      • I agree that it would be confusing, i.e, 900, 9000 – where do they go from there?

        BUT. Could you imagine the marketing hype that VM would create? I could easily imagine VM talking about the how ‘the 900 has returned, because Saab has returned… It is time for Saab to reclaim its iconic name! etc.’

        Also, I always thought that the new 9-5 looked like a ‘9000’.

        Obviously 9-1, 9-3, 9-4, 9-5, etc. is a much easier to understand and work with.

  6. I was already planning on going this year as part of my annual NY Auto Show trip, now all the more reason to be excited!

    FYI I will be going on April 30th if there is some sort of meet up at the Saab Booth. Maybe we can get a SU Group Booth Pic in front of the Phoenix!

    • Yes, I’ve noticed that as well.. (the one shown in Swedish commercial). Why not use a Rafael? Well.. the Draken is just a very beautiful fighter.

      • Draken is the quirky, extreme, interceptor from hell. Known as one of the most beautiful planes of the cold war and they put that up against the clio?!?!? What were they thinking and what’s the point?

  7. Swade,
    Thanks 🙂 You know I will be there! May have to be on Sunday cause of work, unless I can work out other arrangements…..

  8. Any chance it will be shown at the auto show in Amsterdam? It’s April 13-23 and I’ll be going. Sure would be nice to see the PhoeniX in person and for Victor to show the Dutch naysaying press what he accomplished. 🙂

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