19 thoughts on “Victor Muller interview on the BBC from Geneva”

    • Heard it to and liked it a lot. 4wd that gives better traction AND better milage than fwd. That is extraordinary, just like you would expect from Saab.

    • I also recognized that, and I didn’t expect eXWD to be standard equipment! Maybe it is a misunderstanding, but I wouldn’t mind if it was true. 🙂

    • Enjoyed the exchange.
      Castriota’s sarcastic, “Thank you sir! I appreciate that.”
      Also enjoyed the “butt’ reference by JC.
      Say what you will about either, those two are incredibly talented.

    • It’s like being in design school all over for Jason! Aaarghhh!! I feel for you man. Saw Bangle give some crits at the Harvard GSD, he’s incredibly thoughtful and insightful. Glad to see he approves.

    • Is it me, or does Chris Bangle come off as a conceited DB. What is that saying again about people who live in glass houses?

      • They are the only people who should throw stones.
        (People who know Demetri Martin will get that…)

    • Chris Bangle took BMW in a really bad direction for several years, IMO, so I’m not sure he deserves the right to be so righteous regarding brand design language and heritage…still an interesting meet-up, but Chris should also be thankful that he probably had much MUCH deeper pockets to dig into for his designs.

  1. Here’s one thing I noticed if you watch it back…

    Is it just me or is Victor speaking more in a British conversational tone than his more standard Dutch/American voice? I actually start to talk more like the people I’m around, but I love how he tailors on demand even his accent to accommodate the interview. Class act.

  2. JeremyP +1 – CB sounds like a complete a**. CB is sitting in one of the biggest glass houses in the car design industry. Maybe there is even a hint of jealousy in his comments? Wouldn’t it be great to be in JC’s clothes, in a small and independent SAAB and all that comes with it? I think JC and team have done a great job in a short time. The design itself will be dissected for sure, but tasty bits placed in future products, for sure….
    The interest the Phoenix and Saab seem to have stirred up today, just shows the world is looking with interest, maybe even hoping for some new insights in both tech and design…
    Now, I actually feel the future is Saab and Saab’s…

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