Vladimir Antonov officially files to invest in Saab

According to ttela.se:

Vladimir Antonov has filed an application to become a shareholder in Saab.

The Debt Office and Antonov himself confirm this for TTELA.

Vladimir Antonov has filed a formal application to the Debt Office.

“We can confirm that we received an application from Vladimir Antonov last night, but, because of commercial confidentiality, we can’t say what it contains,”said Daniel Barr, who is project manager for Saab at the Debt Office.

Even Vladimir Antonov confirmed briefly that he had submitted an application. Previously, he said that he wanted to go in with capital of between 440-620 million (kronor), so that Saab and its parent company Spyker Cars NV might have a better capital buffer. Money thus can be used when you have problems with liquidity.

Furthermore, the Antonov indicated its willingness to enter the corresponding 1.7 billion to finance the development of small Saab, often referred to as 9-2. It requires that the Debt Office and the Bank approves him as owner.

As many will note in comments, Vladimir has taken a liking to twitter overnight. He’s actually got a pretty good sense of humor. At moments like these, it’s nice to remind ourselves that Saab has believers.

Some of the more interesting tweets include:

vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov

@SwadeAero thnx a LOT:))
vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov 

Sweden is very open society and to avoid any rumors:) yes we officially submitted the forms to NDO for change of control approval.
vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov 

So many rumors:) around small SAAB:) guys everything will be fine:) honestly nothing to add:) cozz all fine
vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov 

And pls stop this hysteria now! I will get it done anyway:)
vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov 

Cool:) so many twitter users interesting in:) SAAB:)))
vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov 

Ok:) I see now a lot of saabs news makers following me:) means that my message will be delivered to the media:) Saab is totally ok!Trust me!
vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov 

2 all Saab community: everything sort out. Saab had a technical issue nothing more then that. Now everything fixed. I can guaranty that;) VA
And the one that probably gathered the most attention, apparently Victor and Richard Branson are on good terms.
vladantonov1975 Vladimir Antonov 

@richardbranson @virgin have a lot of 2 discuss then. Saab/Spyker/and a lot another issues. Will be glad 2 talk! Best! VA
As you may or may not remember, Branson was the first owner of a Saab 9-5 2.3t BioPower in the UK, and he made a timely statement that relates to a subject Tim and RedJ have been talking about I lately, biofuels:
I am convinced that biofuels are the way forward, both for the car and aviation industries, which is a vision we share with Saab. Now we need to extend that vision to others. At the moment, bioethanol is made from a variety of agricultural sources, whilst in the future, we will see it made from cellulosic waste matter, such as wood chippings, which really will make it the ultimate green fuel.
So in addition to having CPP as a cousin with Spyker and Bowler among their brands, might Saab some day be related to the ultimate flying innovation? It’s fun to dream.
All in all, I hope the Swedish Debt Office can get around to allowing Vladimir in as an investor. He clearly cares a lot about Saab.
Also, thanks for following SaabsUnited on twitter, Vladimir 😉

108 thoughts on “Vladimir Antonov officially files to invest in Saab”

  1. Invest money in car for Russians: F class limo and our roads: full size SUV (something between Merc GL, Navigator, Escalade, RR vogue, Hummer H1, Ford Raptor(Great suspension)

  2. If VA comes on board with Richard Branson, it would be incredibly great………!!!!!!!!!
    I would understand why JAJ told SAAB was on the good track !
    Hope it will me annonce soon.
    I’ve seen very bad coments since yesterday at nights, and this king of news would definitly stop bad rumors.
    SAAB up!

  3. 1) Thanks to VA the Russians become more sympathetic to me every day
    2) Richard Branson get’s into the game! Very interesting times for SAAB (as he was one of the first driving a 9-5 BioPower)
    3) I’m going to order my brand new 9-5 Aero SportCombi BioPower with Hirsch Tuning this week. Can’t wait the delivery 😀

  4. With all this negative attention towards SAAB in Sweden, I almost hope that Antonov cancels all deliveries of cars to Sweden and starts to focus on gaining market shares around the world. Sweden can’t handle what is happening right now and therefor shouldn’t split the cake in the future.
    We need a SAAB that is not depending on the domestic market.

    So, welcome aboard Vladimir! I’ll be happy to work for you.

    • I can understand that you are upset, especially since the TT wire about the production disruption was quoted by other News Agencies world wide. I am also happy to hear about the possibility that international investors may come on-board. VM is a good guy, but it would help SAAB if someone with deeper pockets would come along.

      However, what upsets me about your comment is that you state that “I almost hope that Antonov cancels all deliveries of cars to Sweden and starts to focus on gaining market shares around the world. Sweden can’t handle what is happening right now and therefor shouldn’t split the cake in the future.”

      I think that statement about Sweden remind me too much about what is being written by Håkan Matson about SAAB. It is far to simplified. I am Swedish and I love SAAB. It worried me to hear that Schenker and Lowe Brindfors did not get paid properly for their work. I can understand that media focuses on that, especially in the light of tax payers money is being involved. I believe in a bright future for SAAB, but we have to understand that they face some big challenges. Saab Automobile needs to prepare the answers to media better for the next time that the it unwillingly has to pose in the limelight.

      • What worries me most is not that SAAB have issues getting money out the the sub contractors. The thing that worries me is that the sub contractors say one thing, the PR-department says nothing, VM talks to some journalists and then the PR-department says something slightly different.

        For instance;
        1. Media says production is stopped due to missing material.
        2. VM says that the transportation company is breaking the contract and want more money.
        3. PR says it is a problem with their financial systems and all sub contractors is affected by late payments.
        4. Schenker says that SAAB owns them a couple of million SEK.
        5. VM says that Schenker is talking bull shit and that they got the money.

        Something is not as it should be! I just hope it is major miscommunication between the parties…

      • I understand SAAB has big problems but I am tired of all this. SAAB is doing everything they can to survive here. Victor may have a hidden agenda but I have met him and he is a good guy.

        It’s just so typical Sweden.
        Always being quiet when someone gets bullied. Always standing by. And the bullies shout louder and louder.

  5. Guys, calm down about Richard Branson/Virgin. That’s just a reply to a public tweet, nothing more:

    Supporting entrepreneurs is a real passion of mine & the @Virgin Group is always keen to support exciting new schemes. http://ow.ly/4oHIP

    • During the first months following the announcement that GM would sell SAAB, a lot of names and companies were discussed at this forum. One name that came up (sorry, I do not remember the name right now, but I can look it up), was one guy from UK who have had a lot of connections with the car industry, including SAAB, on the sales side. When doing some internet research, he was connected to Richard Branson and one suggestion that came up was that Richard Branson was working in the background and had someone who fronted him.
      Richard has huge amount of resources and is interested in everything that moves (trains, air, rocket shuttels, balloons) and also cars (sponsor of some motor sport activities).
      It can very well be so that VA and RB has got connected with respect to the Spyker and / or the Rallye series and VA is trying to bring RB on-board the SAAB adventure. This would of course be extremelly good news for SAAB if this is true, but again, this is a long-shoot and might very well not happen.

  6. Hopefully this good news will overshadow all the “bad news” we’ve been receiving lately. Good luck Vladimir!

  7. Some details revealed about Saab returning to Russia, by the way:
    – homologation process to be completed and first orders are expected to happen in May
    – 12 dealers initially (the existing ones) and a new flagship dealership/showroom in the center of Moscow, near the Kremlin and Red Square
    – models offered – 9-3 Griffin range, 9-3x, 9-5 sedan, 9-4x, all models to come with additional “Russian Pack” options
    – supported by Investbank

  8. I don’t know Vlad’s creds personally, but anyone who is interested in investing further for Saab’s bright future gets my vote. His interest in Saab seems genuine, so does his historic racing activity.
    So welcome aboard!
    Now, I have said it before, maybe it is time Saab concentrate on developing “new” markets – be it any of the BRIC countries or down under… US looks tough and hard to make a buck, possibly the new markets will give abetter ROI….

      • Rune — I hope I haven’t mis-read your delicious sense of humour but I just fell off my chair in laughter at that post (in combination with some others this morning!).

        [Am I out of place to wish that Jon Stewart would seize on this situation and let me have one final, cathartic moment 🙂 ].

        • It was indeed written a bit tongue in cheek. Not sure it was quite the same cheek you may have thought it was, so the long explanation is as follows:

          My Anna, as you may know, is a native Russian speaker. She felt TurboLover got one of the words wrong and gave me the translation I posted.

          To TurboLover: Good effort and very thoughtful! I hope VA will see this thread.

    • Вы оба права.

      Это очень хорошо что я знаю как читать и говорить русский язык.

      I can speak, read, and type Russian, and I can confirm that you’re both correct.

      No Google translate needed. 😀

      • @ Jake I think you did translated with google , translation is veryy baaad sorry :))))) Russian grammar is little bit difficult :)))

        and about TurboLover instead of *на * you had to write *в* you wrote Welcome *IN* Saab instead of *To* 🙂

      • Well…

        There wasn’t any google translate, but some improper grammar, yes… Russian is my second language and Russian grammar has never been my forte.

  9. I pray for the soul of the Griff…I hope everything will be ok but I have doubts. These controversial posts are strengthening the mess around the firm. First Ecclestone, then Branson…I don’t think they are really interested, they are serious businessmen, wanting extra profit as soon as possible. They are not the romantic ones in the role of the rescuer.

    Go on Vladimir. Then we’ll see…

  10. Victor has responded to all chaos of the past day, this is from Dow Jones news service

    – a deal has been made with Schenker and production is normal again
    – Lowe Brindfors has been fired last week so Muller calls their accusations ‘lachwekkend’, a direct translation wouldn’t fit: ridiculous fits better I think
    – Victor and Vladimir formally requested a change of ownership approval because of the recent unrest

    • Google Translate indicates that “laughable” is a more accurate translation for “lachwekkend”.

      • yes yes I know, Dutch is one of my many native languages, but laughable doesn’t completely fit the bill so I found ridiculous to be a better trans

  11. Guys, can someone please explain to me why it is so hard to invest €50MIO in a swedish carmake? Why does mr. Antonov has to apply to invest, while the company he wants to invest is, obviously has some difficulties with its cash flow?

    • Saab has a 400 million EUR loan from the European Investment Bank which is guaranteed by the Swedish government. Therefore EIB and the government (including the Swedish National Debt Office) has to allow any big ownership changes. It seems like EIB is the only instance left for Mr. Antonov to convince, the others have given him a green light already.

  12. Glad to see that something seems to happen with VA and his connection to Saab. VA – I think that Saab really need you.

  13. I think it’s only a question of time before Antonov is allowed in. They don’t really have any reason not to let him in do they? And this is obviously a very good thing. As for the Branson/Virgin rumours. Let’s not get too excited but we must be allowed to dream right? It would be so cool if that could happen. Hasn’t Branson made some pretty risky investments in the past? Virgin Galactic for examle. Sure Saab is a safer investment than Virgin Galactic?

    • Regarding a dream of a Virgin Galactic connection…

      How about Virgin ‘Aero’ Space for a name 😀

  14. This is a PR-disaster of catastrophic proportions. People don’t seem to buy Saab’s explanation that their new payment system has caused the problems. I think that that is the case, but Saab should have went with that story from the beginning. VM claiming in Swedish media that there is no problems with payments at the same time doesn’t add credibility.

    And a big concern, that hasn’t been noted enough here, is yesterday’s news that Volvo is recruiting new engineers. 900 of them. We could also read in the comments on this site, during the weekend, that the dissatisfaction in Saab’s engineering department is really at the bottom since the reorganization in January this year. Now a really string CEO would be needed to keep the workers at Saab. VM doesn’t have that credibility in Sweden. He stands for wild future-fantasies and not present stability (no harm meant, but this is just the case).

    Further it seems strangely convenient that VA has waited with his filing for investment in Saab until yesterday evening when the troubles started. Still he could have done it earlier, since he’s been eager to steop in for quite some time. And Riksgälden hadn’t got any such “filing” earlier. If this is VM & VA way to reduce the Spyker share price for VA to step in, then they’ve caused more harm to Saab than they could have imagined. The present crisis is the worst PR/credibility hit since GM’s decision to close Saab and ditch Spyker’s offer. And this time Saab’s PR-department and leaders are to be primarily blamed.

    It would take the likes of VA teaming up with Richard Branson to restore even a part of this disaster. And even that was only speculations and VA’s replay to a general message for all by RB/Virgin. There are no discussions ATM…

    Saab needs to come out in the open, completely. It won’t be sufficient with only VM, he’s got little credibility in Sweden. We need several Saab insiders to step forward and tell the truth, and reassure the workers, dealers, suppliers and customers that Saab can handle the situation, play a fair game and that they are here to stay!

    • That´s a ton of speculation in one post! I am more curious about the results of the future reality check…this post may turn out to seem a bit exaggerated in the light of that…

    • The event from the last couple of days have even got my doubting SAABs future and the credibility of VM.


    • I patiallly agree with your analysis. The international press is taking up the story and write in the sense: “Saab is close to bankruptcy, cannot pay the bills any more, has to stop production. and so on.” These are the headlines in the Frankfurt Rundschau, Handelsblatt, Wallstreet Journal and so on. What do you think sales will be in H2?

      What a marketing disaster, and this within a few weeks. About Geneva, there was highlife, huge buzz, and now this. I think Saab needs to strengthen their management team asap, currently it is simply too weak to steer processes in difficult times and under restrictions

      The good thing is that Mr. Antonov has apparently sold his participation in his bank in Russia, and has deep enough pockets to strengthen the capital base. I agree, if the investor base would be broadened the whole thing could be more credible.

  15. i believe the credability of VM is on the line, Saab is an engineering company and the engineers need to be in charge to ensure Saab survival.

    • I disagree somewhat. The person in charge should be an Economic person, like JÅJ, not one with engineering background. Before JÅJ there were always persons with engineering background in charge and the spendings were astronomic. This has been stated in books about Saab too. JÅJ understood to cut the costs and do things efficiently.

  16. Am I the only one who is cautious and not believe everything I read on Twitter (and the internet in general). How do we know for sure vladantonov1975 is really Mr. Antonov himself?

  17. Best possible outcome in my opinion would be if they let some Swedish VP with a long history within the company step up to the CEO position and that it’s communicated ASAP, so that market see reliable management. And that is Antonov is let in to resolve any financial worries. Then back to business as usual.

  18. Unfortunately a major damage to the SAAB’s image has been done here in Sweden in past few days, with JÅJ quitting and then the production stop. We SAAB nerds can sit here and discuss how bad Swedish media is, and how good SAAB cars are, but SAAB need to sell more car. And they will not do that if people are wondering what will happen with the company in few years. Timing of the events was bad, very bad!
    SAAB need to appoint new CEO ASAP, and he/she must be good, very very good!

    • I agree that the handling of JÅJ’s retirement (he’s not quitting, he just publicly announced his already planned retirement!) and the production hiccups were not handled very smoothly by the Saab PR department. But then again, would it have really mattered? The Swedish press seems to extremely ready to do a hatchet job on Saab whenever something happens that can be overblown in a big negative way. Is the Swedish press determined to destroy Saabs credibility or do they just don’t care what the impact of their writings are as long as it sells more newspapers? In both cases this is despicable behavior. Did the Swedish press ever do an in depth piece on Saab showing what has been achieved, that the Trollhattan plant is one of the most efficient in the world, etc., etc.? I don’t think so!
      Since vicious attacks like this by the media are very difficult for company to counter (except when there are very plain lies) the only way to mitigate these kind of situations is by having a very active PR department that is taking preemptive action whenever something that can be perceived as negative publicity threatens to surface. Maybe that’s seen as a waste of resources right now, but I think that the money would be well spent considering the negative attitude towards Saab in Sweden.
      Another solution would be to move the whole production to Russia in the near future.

  19. Saab of course needs Antonov’s money. But even though he seems to be a big Saab aficionado, there’s no way that he will just inject a bucketload of cash into the company, and then sit back and watch what happens. He undoubtedly has lots of ideas and opinions of his own, and putting in the big rubels buys him a great deal of influence in deciding where Saab goes next. Where is that, exactly? Is what Antonov wants compatible with what the people working in Trollhättan want, or with what the global Saab community would like? For that matter, is it compatible with what the Swedish government wants, who have a say in if Antonov will be allowed in or not?

    There are more questions than answers here, and it’s making me quite uncomfortable…

    • You could on the other hand argue that VA has a great belief in SAAB – as an investor – because it is what it is and has great potential according to him. So why would the investor disturb the operations in the company he believes will be worth 16-17 billion SEK in three years time from now (if I remember it correctly)? What could he hope to accomplish in that time besides supporting the present business plan?

      • I think he said it could be 1,5-2 billion euros in 5 years from now. And I think he includes a 9-2 in those plans too, but that’s my speculations…

          • But how about a 9-2 built entirely in Russia? Or a 9-2 designed personally by Antonov himself? Or a 9-2 built for only flashiness and speed, without any regard to traditional Saab values like safety or practicality? I’m not saying this is the case, or even that I’m particularly worried about that. But we just don’t know, and that worries me!

          • Börjeson: Are you worried about the way 9-2 is probably planned now? Do you know what it is planned to be like? It is not good for anybodies health to worry so much 😉

          • Börjesson, stop worrying so much, period 😛 If anyone is deigning the 92, it’s Jason. Calm down, things are really looking better

  20. I’m quite surprised of all negative coments since yesterday.
    Is there really one person thinking that everything would be solved just like that ?
    Is there really one person thinking that VM would solve all problems?
    Where’s the enthousiast community ?
    Everything is not perfect – OK.
    The stop of yesterday has been a PR disaster – OK.
    Do we have to stop beleiving in the project and on people who drive the company? I don’t think so.
    There’s still a lot to do. I think VM knows very well were are his limits and were are his talents. I ‘m personnaly convinced that he will find the right person to replace JAJ.
    Who can believe that JAJ could say one day he was leaving the company confident for the future of SAAB knowing there were problems with unpaid bills and treasury?
    In france there’s a saying “do not throw the baby out with the bathwater”. Please don’t throw it.

    And don’t forget………Keep Calm and carry on !!!!!!

    • The concern is not about if Saab is about to go bankrupt (I think most of us here know enough about Saab to know that it won’t happen in the near future). But the PR-damage in Sweden, Saab’s most important market that stands for, what, 1/4-1/3 of all Saab sales is really catastrophic. Saab is too dependent on the Swedish market ATM and this will severely impact on the sales in the coming months. That is, if they don’t go public with honest and believable explanations and hire a believable CEO ASAP. Saab is very very fragile ATM…

    • “Where’s the enthousiast community ?”

      Were still here and worrying about what could have been “a storm in a glass of water” but has become a full blown negative publicity tempest. Saab isn’t exactly selling a huge amount of cars, the profit margins are not enormous, so any bad publicity will immediately hurt Saab percentage wise much more than it would hurt a much bigger car company.
      But I agree that some of the comment here were a bit of the variety “We’re doomed, dooooooomed. Luckily it also swings the other way like Richard Branson riding in on a white horse to save our beloved brand.

        • Or as I call him The Grinning Cheshire Cat. No further comment as I have a taste of bile in my mouth any time someone mentions its name.

      • You seem sure of this and yet you post your ideas in a public forum. How do you expect that this will affect SAAB, then? I try to figure out possible effects and the only thing I can arrive at is that anybody reading your statements risk hesitating more about buying a new SAAB. How does this help SAAB? Surely a SAAB enthusiast would rather work for than against SAAB?

        Now, contrary to what you think, the market expect hickups during the SAAB evolution. This has been stated millions of times by a whole world since the first day of SAAB:s independence. Hiccups have been and will continue to be tolerated and there will be nice increases in SAAB sales in 2011 🙂

  21. I’m with VA if he agrees that Saab should have a strong, preferably Swedish CEO and CFO, drops any Russian Saab manufacturing nonsense until Trollhättan is fully booked (2015-) and that he will let Saab employees and enthusiasts in on the action as shareholders in Stockholm/NYC.

    This way we could have a really great future and an Independent (Swedish) Saab Automobile AB with owners from all over the world, just like it should be.
    I’m hoping all this it not just a naive dream of mine…

  22. RS and all:

    Saab new CEO who can lead and gain the support of management and employees, who understands the company and the brand, its markets, and how to operate in a turnaround. He/she must be able to “tell it like it is”.

    Where the person comes from is unimportant compared to the critical skills to execute the above, the plan, and fix the company.

    Saab has problems. The problems are growing. Time is of the essence.

    • CJ, I agree that the person should be the best one available, BUT for a very long time JÅJ held literally Saab together and in the public eye was the one who people could trust -pretty much due to his nationality.
      We must remember that all those GM years with so many foreign managers coming in with all kind of promises, has put the confidence in anyone else than a Swede pretty close to zero. This is certainly one of the reasons why VM is getting such a harsch treatment.

      Saabs home country is by far the most important market at least for the next few years and a non-Swede CEO IMHO would be a slap in the face to customer confidence and the perception that Saab is still a Swedish company.

      • Well, JAJ may officially step down in May but he will stay on as an advisor to VM until September, so I guess no overly crazy stuff will happen until then. It should give Saab plenty of time to find the best possible and available CEO.


    • Agree with you CJ 100 times over (and I don’t think our New World take on the situation is that different from, say, a ‘Swedish’ one):

      If Jan Ake’s retirement was so imminent –and so long known — ( I’m actually one who thinks it’s a good thing….for him and the company…there’s a time for fresh blood…without necessitating bad blood…) why was it so miserably handled i.e. why wasn’t a Successor found BEFORE his (pre-meditated) announcement? Then we might have had a less problematic Changing of the Guard along the lines that Greg Abbott outlined several days ago…Walk About the Factory with the Heir Apparent….

      I hope we don’t have to wait til JAJ’s AutoBio to figure this one out (and maybe not even then ..).

  23. This article in pretty respectable and serious Dagens Nyheter shows how bag things are here in Sweden:


    Shortly the article is a conspiracy theory speculating that the events past few days were staged by VM and Antonov in order to get the Swedish government approve Antonov as an owner of SAAB. I have to admit that the theory crossed my mind, so no rocket science in this speculation, but it can seriously affect the decision of the Swedish government.

    Regarding the comments on the non-enthusiastic spirit in this post, I can only say that I must be realistic and think with my own head. The SAAB position in Sweden is really low in media today, and the timing is, as mentioned bad, bad, bad! Sales during spring time should normally be increasing, and SAAB didn’t need this bad press right now on one of the most important markets. I love SAAB since I was a child, I drive an old 9-5 today, I am thinking of getting a new 9-5 in few years time. I think that most of you are like me, but SAAB can not rely on people like us, SAAB cars must find new buyers, non-enthusiasts and a gaffe like this (not only the production stop, but JAJ leaving and the new CFO not even showing up, all in two weeks) is the last thing SAAB needs.

    • +1. IMHO the only thing that can save this situation is the fast appointment of a credible CEO! All major news sites, tv-news and tv-economy news are really really negative and speculative.

      • I did not find tonights news that bad and there were extremely beautiful SAAB:s all over them (finally – all the news programs used film clips with old SAAB:s until now). It may be worthwhile remembering that SAAB:s journey IS SUPPOSED TO BE A TURBULENT ONE – this has been and is a general concensus! Why not take a minute and try to discern what kind of hickups YOU expected? Or did you not expect any hickups? There will be tolerance for hickups. I believe that the recent delivery problems have been grossly exaggerated, more in this forum than elsewhere!

  24. It´s like a wasp´s nest in here today, with negative speculations buzzing all over the place. I find it difficult to understand all of this negativism. Is the idea that it will acheive something, for someone? My 2 cents is that this too will blow over very soon and sales will go swell. I am actually sure of it 🙂 SAAB is in for a great 2011-2012 and the business plan is going to hold!

    There will probably be additional bumps down the road. IMHO it´s best not to lose ones head over them.

    • @JL 1+
      there will be up and downs – and swedish media is hyper hyper hysteric.
      But only -2,5 % for the shares isn´t bad for a real doomsday 🙂 most people would say it was a good day at the stock exchange.

  25. Saab and the Saab community can’t just lay down and die immidiately when some problems occur. That’s not the spirit that has shaped Saab to what it is today, a brand that most (all?) of you reading this love. And it is definately not the spirit that saved Saab in the crisis and sale process from GM. This is obviously what made Saab superior to Pontiac and Saturn.
    We cannot afford to lose the Saab spirit, and we are not going to do so either!

    • It’s easy enough to rally the Saab Spirit when there is a common external enemy to face up to, like GM or the Swedish government or the media. But when the problem appears to be an incompetent – or worse, immoral – Saab management, then it’s a lot harder to produce that cheerful optimism and stiff upper lip.

      • Ok, the management probably could have done some things better. Still, I think this has taken on excessive proportions. We should give Saab a proper chance to sort this mess out, wich i personally am convinced that they will do.
        I don’t know if I’m some kind of an idiot (never occured to me before) but I’m still as optimistic as ever.

        • Well, there’s at least one good thing about the ongoing chaos: If they just hurry up and get the stock listed at the Stockholm Exchange before car sales start to pick up in earnest, then those who still believe in Saab enough to risk their money could make a killing! 🙂

      • of course the PR department had to react quickly with ONE voice. But we didn´t know the full story. is there a possibility that the fired ad agency had something to do with this ?
        contacts to all major newspapers ??

        after the releasing of the 2010 results (hey we all know that 32000 cars were sold 2010 since january) and retiring of JAJ the swedish media was hot on getting bad news. So some suppliers get cold feet and the domino effect started. if we all keep calm and carry on we should see that there is money for losing money until 2012. GM and the EIB never agreed to the sale if it would be unlike to achieve the goals.

        and for our swedish friends. the swedish taxpayer haven´t funded the business plan. the EIB did. the swedish taxpayer only has to pay if SAAB can´t reach their goals in 2012-2013 and repay the EIB. so swedish media and their hysteric publishing makes it hard to keep sales goals.
        and THEN the swedish taxpayer has to pay. … thank you swedish press.

        • Actually, even then the Svenska taxpayer doesn’t have to pay up. It has been said time and over again: Sweden’s guarantee of the EIB loan is more than amply covered by the assets of Saab.


  26. I really dont like saying this but no amount of money thrown at Saab is going to help Joe Public see anything positive out of what we have seen this last week. JAJ retiring then all of a sudden a Russian whiz-kid shows up with a bag of money saying everything is fine? I think we all know who the new CEO of Saab will be but we dont want to admit it. 🙁

    • Do you really see Him as a potential CEO? If we’re thinking of the same guy here then I’m actually getting more enthusiastic.

      • VA as CEO? Please no! He hasn’t gor any experience in running large scale industries or car companies for that matter. Neither has VM. We need a convincing professional! Running and MANAGING the daily operations of a big(-ish) car manufacturer is something else than daydreaming about the future, playing with sportscars or attempting banking business in easter Europe. Both VA and VM have strong aspects that they bring to Saab, but neither fits as CEO. Not one bit!

        • Sorry for sounding a bit harsh… VM is a leader, not a manager. VA is a financier, not a manager either

  27. I said it before Swade belives in the management and thats good enough for me. The past week has been badly handled though, I read a lot of press reports and most of them were negative. At the same time I dont think anyone can complain about it, good news does not sell newspapers – never has, never will. Saab and the SU community must accept theta the press will not go looking for good news or give them a break just becuse it’s Saab. The sole purpose of the media is to make money – we may not like it but it ain’t called show friends…

    Remember if the media aren’t knocking Saab rival dealers will certainly be, making 9-3 and 9-5 customers aware. Thats the REAL danger – buy a XXXXX I’e heard Saab are in trouble again.

  28. I have to say that all those things happening – and the timing off the events – creates confusion and mistrust.
    What do we like so much about the Saab cars and the Saab brand:
    – Integrity
    – Honesty in design and solutions
    – Stability and confidence
    – the care shown to the details – as being part of the wholeness
    – Clarity

    Those attitudes, this philosophy have to be consistent on all levels to survive. Including the leadership and their communication to the outer world.
    Please VM and others: Be aware off those basic- Saab-values! Or Saab wont be Saab and surely not Saab-Saab…

  29. Richard Branson… that sure is someone you want on your side. If I recall correctly he owned a fleet of old Saabs in the early days of Virgin records too.

  30. It seems like everyone is looking for the arrival of Superman. We were all in love with VM. Now people think he’s only a dealmaker but he can’t run a company. That;’s probably true; he’s said so himself. But I have great confidence that he’ll find the right person as CEO. Next, VA is anointed as the new white knight, at least until we remember that he’s Russian and we’re all a little (unfairly) scared of Russian mobsters and the Mafia. Now, some of us are getting all excited because Branson’s name came up in a Twitter feed. My guess is that even if he’s interested in Saab, he’s a visionary, not a manager, and we already have a visionary in VM. So I think, if Swade was still around, he would stick the big red poster up on the site and tell all of us boys and girls to Keep Calm and Carry On.

    • +1

      Did anybody mention that SAAB isn´t running without a head- JAJ is leaving in may and he has an consulting agreement until september. VM also only will be CEO temporarliy.

      Don´t blame VM for everything. Without him there would be no SAAB today. of course also VA did his part
      And VM is doomed for success with SAAB. he gave up spyker ….. has always a good press

  31. Howdy Jeff! Myself have put 40K EUR in a saab 9-5 Aero today withe the dealer in Romania! hope for the best with Saab! I certainly hope the car will stand the expectations (i know from now)! Wish you guys all the best with SU!

    • There already is a Virgin F1 team, you know, those white cars with ‘Virgin’ written all over the body. Gets more exposure, I guess.

      As long as we are daydreaming: If Richard Branson really is interested to some degree, maybe Saab could contribute to that effort? I mean, Virgin F1 isn’t exactly doing great, technically speaking, so I guess they could do worse than getting injected with some of the engineering expertise available at Saab.



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