“It was because of Saab” – Rob and Leah

A weekly feature where we invite you the SU readers to tell us your stories.

A story about how you met your partner or lifelong friend– was it because of Saab? If you can think of anything that happened in your life because of Saab, we want to hear about it.

If you have a story you would like to tell, email it to the SU crew for publication. Send a few pictures along and we will publish it so the whole SaabsUnited community can have a read.

This weeks story comes from Rob and Leah.

The story starts with a divorce and me looking for a new car after loosing the ride I had and so I started a car search and with fond memories of my father’s 9000 Turbo I was pulled toward Saab and the 9-3 SS Anniversary edition. After trying the usual German contingent I settled on my current (and beloved) Anniversary 9-3 SS in Titan Grey!! At the time of signing my lease, I was also fortunate enough to have met a wonderful and gorgeous woman and we were both happy and in love (even though she had just been forced to get rid of her ’06 9-3 Convertible and cancel her order for a 9-3 SC, again the result of a divorce)

In any event, I took delivery of my ’07 9-3 SS with my then 8 year son (oldest of 3) and drove it home. He and I were thrilled with the car and it took its place in the family home driveway quite nicely. So a few months had gone by, and Leah and I were introducing our kids to each other and were on the path to making our families one (her two boys and my three [2 boys and 1 girl).

So to my great surprise in November of ’07 an envelope arrived from Saab that contained a form letter stating I was one of the lucky  winners of the Fly it Home contest!! At first I thought this was a generic “you may be a winner” notice but, as it turned out, a phone call later confirmed that I was a grand prize winner (1st class flight for two, and driving trip through Sweden!!).  Leah and I got thinking and we decided we would try and have a Saab wedding. We reached out to Saab with our story and request to make our Fly it Home trip the beginning of our new life together!! In usual Saab style, the response was a resounding YES and they immediately got us in contact with a
wedding planner and adjusted the route to accomodate our marriage in Sweden for the summer of 2008!! So we , along with 5 other lucky pairs of winners enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Sweden, the wonderful food and fantastic people!!

Needless to day, our wedding was fantastic on the grounds of Haringe Castle outside of Stockholm!! We drove off in our 93 SC with the JUST MARRIED sign for the remainder of the trip……for this we will always drive Saab in our family!!! Thank you Saab for surviving the last few years…..we will always be a loyal Saab family!!! Link to the travel company who now offer our wedding as a
package for those looking to marry in Sweden in the summer!!

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  1. Owning Saab is much the same way as with motorcycles. All are one big family. This message, I think it is important to communicate to friends. Additionally use social media like Facebook and Twitter 🙂

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