A fun Saab quiz

Saturday morning, what better way to start than a little Saab quiz?

Niklas G noted in comments that dn.se features a 10 question test about Saab lore. It is a multiple choice thing, so it is not too difficult.

The quiz is in Swedish, so a rough translation follows here:

  1. Who designed the first Saab (ursaab)?
  2. Erik Carlsson received his nickname where?
  3. SAAB is an abbreviation for …?
  4. Which rally will VM participate in later this year?
  5. Name the TV show that does NOT have a Saab 900 in it (sometimes the directors can screw up very badly)
  6. Kurt Vonnegut, an ex-Saab dealer, states the reason for him never receiving the Nobel literary prize is …?
  7. The most significant feature of the Saab 92?
  8. Famous female rally driver who drove Saabs in the 50s and 60s?
  9. James Bond drove a Saab — which one?
  10. Both petrol and ethanol — when did Saab launch their first environmentally friendly car?

I managed ten out of ten, but I had to guess at #2, #4 and #5. Two of those questions were basically 50/50. Since Viktor never tells me anything, I had no clue about #4, but a little logical deduction did the trick. (Best of luck in the rally VM!)

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Philipp Bohr

Must admit I only managed 6 out of 10… flunked on the Carlsson, Vonnegut, TV-Show and the environmentally friendly question. But I think I can live with that…


Actually, in my opinion,, none of the alternatives for #10 was correct. Ignoring for example the original Trionic system (1993) can’t be right. The actuallly ran a test with that in London and measured emission, and the exhaust gases where cleaner than the London air in the air intake! But even before that, they had the Ecotech engines.

DN’s year is only the first year they sold cars with swedish tax rebate for being environmantally friendly.


Haha, funny and very interesting and deep questions, not even I got 100%.
Good with some positive media exposure….



meg haviland

7 out of 10 right. Pretty good considering I was looking at the answers in Swedish:)
1,7,10 wrong.


Dear meg, Google Translate is an acceptable and appropriate tool to use in this sort of a quiz.

Besides, names are not translated and neither are numbers, so #1 and #10 should have been within reach of even the most devout anglophile! 😀

I think SU will have to do more to dive into the history of Saab in the not so distant future. And yes, there will be homework assignments.


eight out of ten right

Red J

5 out of ten but question #4 is wrong !!!
The only rally Victor Muller participated in 2010 was the Mille Miglia. It was Vladimir Antonov the one that run the Midnattssolsrallyt.

Interesting enough, I got question 8 right, although I never heard about her.


Question #4 states:

Victor Muller has been the chairman of the board in Saab Automobile since 2010. Which rally will he drive in later this year?

I think you got tricked by how they posed the question. Note my original translation where I left out the confusing part. 😉

But I do not remember VM announcing any plans for a rally participation this year?

(An extra point awarded to mailr for discovering the real oversight in the quiz)

Red J

That’s why I don’t trust google any more 🙁


9/10! (thanks google)
Got #6 wrong – picked the Volvo one (which I thought was highly likely, given the polarity in Sweden between Volvo & Saab lovers!)


Sorry, I’ve given away a clue – perhaps you better scrub comment #11 X)


I think we will survive. 😀


Yeah – we’re a resilient lot, us Saab drivers!
*I meant Google Translate – I wasn’t cheating but there were some luck guesses! 😀


9 out of 10 without Google for me. I feel good. I only missed #10 which I thought was 2008.

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