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For all of you who might be interested in a 9-4x but haven’t checked in with your dealer to find out pricing information, we have two resources you’ll be interested in checking out. Until can get retooled, which should be happening soon, this is your best bet.

First up, has a configurator for the 9-4x up, which allows you to select every possible configuration, from FWD to XWD, Base 3.0L, Premium 3.0L, and Aero 2.8XWD. (Also, for non-US Saabers who want to play with it but don’t know a zip code, try mine- 10011). Unfortunately at the end of the process, they make you submit your name and email to get a pricing analysis. Which leads us to the next site which doesn’t do that… has an even more in depth configurator, which shows invoice and dealer cost. One interesting note I took from playing around with them is that the Aero gives you a lot for your money when it comes to options– if you want the most for your money and you care about a sunroof and navigation, it’s best to just opt for the Aero rather than optioning out an XWD 3.0 Premium. I don’t expect the FWD versions to sell well in the Northeast, but in warmer climates they should certainly make a dent.

As a reminder, here are the specs and options for  the 9-4x:

Given that every other fourth or fifth car I see on roads around the suburbs in New York are Lexus RX350s , I think Saab is off to a good start with the 9-4x. I’ll have a competitive analysis update comparing the 9-4x with BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, and even the new Ford Explorer up by the weekend, so hold your comments on that for a little bit please :).

19 thoughts on “Build Your 9-4x”

  1. I realy dislike the fact that there is no diesel engine, for all european countries this would
    greatly increase the sales, its such beautiful car. thanks alot for the information!

  2. to Viggen

    you’re right. When fuel prices are so high, you must consider diesel car, couse in this case 3 (or 2.8 aero) liters is fun to drive, but not a eco friendly for your pocket. I believe that this car will be in same segment with audi q5, volvo xc60, vw tiguan. If they are looking to European market, they will have to make a diesel. Lets take German’s biggest used car selling facility. There is (2011/ 04/06) 2’267 used Audi q5 for sale, 2’042 is powered by diesel engines. Same story with Volvo XC60 761 for sale, 685 diesel, same with others.
    I think that they must make diesel engine.

    What would you say if they made this car with 1,9 TTiD 177hp, 400Nm saab’s – fiat’s engine?

    • Just to give you some perspective on your numbers, Audi sold 2,083 Q5s in the US in March alone, 5,206 YTD. While I feel for you Europeans who want a diesel 9-4x, the cost to retool, certify, train workers, etc. to finance a diesel, is totally not worth it unless GM is picking up the tab and doing it for the SRX too, that’s just a fact. What motivation do they have to do that in the near term? Diesel in the US vs. Hybrid is a non-starter, people just don’t want diesels (in my area, there aren’t even very many diesel stations vs. petrol/gas only. So Cadilalc (GM) would need a solid dealer network in Europe, something they just don’t have in place yet, and by the time they do, they’ll either have a diesel solution or more likely, roll out the new plugin hybrid that is rumored to come with the mid life refresh in 2-3 years. Finally, they’d have to be desperate to increase sales, but guess how many SRXs Cadillac sold in March this year? You may want to sit down…they sold 4,221. Saab is selling the EXACT SAME CAR, except with more European details. If they could get their marketing message on point and convince buyers the brand has staying power, they shouldn’t have trouble splitting that number down the middle. If they can do that in the US, they’re looking at 30K+ 9-4x sales alone per year. Remember, Saab sold 888 cars total in the US in March. Now do you see why I’m so incredibly optimistic about the 9-4x? It’s priced identically to the SRX. If sales don’t take off on it, then it’s clear right off the bat what Saab’s biggest issue is, trust.

      • Agree with your post 100%! If SAAB cannot prove that they are a viable company it is dead for good this time. At the moment they are on thin ice and still barely coming in from the cold and the GM split. People will take a wait and see attitude towards SAAB as they should and the numbers prove it, unfortunately SAAB cannot wait to see.

        • I think some customers will take a wait and see approach, while most would be very willing to take a risk if they had guaranteed assurances as to warranty, service, and most importantly– good prices. If you were very seriously looking at an SRX priced at $39K, but knew you could get a discounted 9-4x for $37.5K with the exact same equipment, which would you buy?

          • I would by the 9-4X for sure considering even if SAAB flops it is essentially a Cadillac and GM should stay afloat for quite a while and parts etc should still be readily available.

          • most would be very willing to take a risk if they had guaranteed assurances as to warranty, service,

            Jeff, as I understand things in North America, this is a given. New vehicles sold in North America have that assurance through manufacturers having to have insurance for such things as warranties being honored even if a manufacturer is to go away.

      • Only 2 problems that I see and they are big. 1. there is a limit on how many 9-4Xs Saab can sell due to the GM agreement and 2. for the US market, there better be aggressive leasing deals from the start, or else this car is going nowhere fast. Very few vehicles in this league are purchased in the US. That would include SRX, Audi Q5 and Volvo XC 60-90. I would even suggest the Saab leases have to undercut those vehicles. With the latest news, right or wrong, residuals are likely going to take a hit from the banks. Unless, that is, VA’s funds can help prop up residuals or somehow else lower lease payments.

  3. I think the 3.0 XWD with power package is a quite a good deal if you can live without the navigation system. I may talk my wife into one when this car appears. I would really like to get her to agree to a 9-5 wagon, but she is one of those ” i like sitting up high” types….i know, i know it annoys me too….but thankfully, SAAB will now have a SUV to offer for people like her! (US perspective)

  4. Jeff, I, like you, keep and eye on the cars on the roads around NY and there are certainly a lot of RX350s along with Bimmers, Accura RDX/MDX, etc. On the other hand, I’ve yet to see a single 2010/11 9-5 on the roads. Have you?

    • I live in Greater Boston area and I haven’t seen a single new 9-5 yet. There are plenty of other older Saabs, but no NG9-5. Charles River Saab dealership has a lot on stock…

    • I have seen one NEW SAAB 9-5 on the roads in Madison, WI a liberal town that has tons of older SAABs everywhere! I wouldn’t buy a new SAAB and apparently not too many other people either. The quality is so-so and the long term viability of the company as a whole is on shaky ground to say the least. BMW, Lexus, Acura, Audi, Infinity or a SAAB which is barely treading water?

  5. I’m afraid the poor selection of engines will make it hard to sell… in Europe it’s definitely a big disadvantage.
    I’m not sure, what is the situation in US, I live in Boston just 2 months ago and I still have my European preferences… 🙂

    Can that 3.0 engine compete with the engines of the other brands in the category at least?

  6. I was sooooo close to buying a Lexus RX450h a couple of months ago, but backed off after closer look at the new NHTSA safety ratings. It also seemed big to me. I felt much more at home driving the new 9-5 while my current 9-5 was in for service. I’ve also looked closely at the Volvo XC60 (great safety ratings), but have been put off by the 17/22 mpg for the turbo model. I’d definitely like to stay with Saab, but the XWD 9-4x mpg isn’t any better. Tons of Lexus RX around here and a lot Volvo XC90’s (and Porsche Cayennes), but also no new Saab sightings (although I know the local dealership has sold a bunch). I wonder how they’ll handle the fact that they’ll be selling both the Cadillac SRX AND the Saab 9-4x.

    • I have a friend who bought a 2010 RX450h, and complains to me despite his best attempts he averages around 21mpg city. He lives in Buffalo where there’s not much traffic, so it loses it’s advantages of start/stop, regen braking abilities. If you sit in 30 minutes of gridlock a day, I could see how that would help, but if you have a smooth sail to work, it’s not going to make that enormous of a deal, especially if you do a lot of highway driving.

  7. Saab needs the 9-4x in the showrooms and on the roads *yesterday*; that’s my thought after looking at it in person yesterday in NJ (the NY Auto Show pre-production display car is currently at Reinertsen Saab in New Jersey). It’s a very impressive cross-over! If the pricing’s anything like was told, more marketing needs to be happening right now, as this could well be a hit for Saab in North America.

  8. My wife has an RX350. I am trying to get her to look at the 94x next time. She likes the SRX. I have seen 2 95s on the street. One in the Chicago area and one in the Tampa Fl. area.

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