EIB and Saab still talking

If we are to believe the last Post from Inside Saab, Saab delivered a counterproposal yesterday to the EIB which their management board will now consider.

Mr. Carlstrom said yesterday that they weren’t talking to the EIB any more as it was a waste of time, sorry but I do believe Mr. Wade more.

23 thoughts on “EIB and Saab still talking”

  1. I see no disagreement between VA and the statements made by Swade. Swade said “the discussions between Saab’s representatives and officials from the European Investment Bank, EIB, continued.” VA is not a SAAB representative and therefore there is reason to believe that both are right;)

  2. From what I think is that the short term option with the EIB is needed and that Saab is now trying to find a solution to pay back the EIB within 90 days (or under better conditions).
    So then production can start up again with the sell and lease back option and the long term money can be found in selling technology and have an extra owner/shareholder found. This of course will has influences on the bonds (shares) that are now on the market and that’s somethin VM always tried to avoid – as he mentioned in earlier statements-.

  3. Maybe it’s time for us to focus on one outlet for information about the future of SAAB and that would be the horses mouth. I’m no longer interested in what the press have to say, what motoring blogs have to say or what spokes people have to say. I’m just interested in what Saab have to say when it is time for them to say it. To you guys as Saabsunited maybe a certain amount of filtration needs to be implemented for a period of time. Let’s get SU back on track which is about the cars and people and less about companies and blogs who just care and often don’t have a good word to say about our beloved brand.

    • I’m with you that we shouldn’t take everything we hear in the media as 100% truth, it’s clear that various players are trying to play their cards a certain way to achieve their desired result by leaking information or controlling the dialogue. That said, I think it’s valuable to at least know what’s happening on a macro level (EIB discussions, official meetings between the state, banks, etc.) so that once this all shakes out we’re not left scratching our heads how we got there. We’re working on stories about the cars constantly behind the scenes too. It’s just a matter of balance.

    • It seems like they’ve already taken a decision about VA!!

      Its 13:36, almost one hour till then, and I’m not anxious !!!!

    • What I think is that hey will be talking about “the government has done anything they could” and “in case SAAB goes down we have resources ready to help the affected people at SAAB and sub-contractors”. Unfortunately that would be it.
      But I hope that I am wrong!

      • I’m sure you’re wrong !
        For the bad message you suggest, it wouldn’t be NDO but Maud !
        Hope I’m right!
        Crossed fingers & F5!

        • True, I didn’t think that way. And as we could see below (comment from WD78) it seems that it will be about VA. I hope that is true!

      • Iggy,
        I’m not an expert, but since now the NDO and the government where two different institutions.
        As it is the NDO who is inviting to the press conference, and they reviewed VA on Tuesday, I expect that today they will tell the press what is their recommendation to the government, as they did it last week with the buy and lease-back financing.

        • in Swedish public administration a negative decision like this rarely comes from public administrators. In this case the NDO would be silent and forward it’s report for a political decision. It would be Maud saying we cannot allow this! But VA/Carlström already said that the EIB wouldn’t allow him in before the next ice age anyway… but that was maybe just a power game for putting pressure on the EIB to allow Antonov in!

    • I think he is still writing from an enthusiast perspective. It’s like his body is at SAAB but his mind is still seeing things from an outsiders point of view. It comes across really well and I’m loving it.

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