Government Press Conference at 17:30 on Saab

Before you start spamming all the posts with this piece of news….

Mrs. Maud Olofsson herself will talk about Saab at 17:30 CEST


Go-ahead to borrow money

Maud Olofsson came with information on Saab’s future at a press briefing at Rosenbad. The bottom line is that the government gives the go-ahead for Saab to borrow money. However, it has not yet taken a position in the question of ownership.



Saab will sell its properties to Vladimir Antonov. The EIB loan will be reduced from 400 million Euros to 280 million Euros.

34 thoughts on “Government Press Conference at 17:30 on Saab”

  1. Yes, but she wouldn’t be calling a press conference this early if it was going to be ‘non’. Toes, fingers and everything else crossed!

  2. If not for the background and the kidney-shaped podium, I’d say the room has a 1960s TV detective story appeal. Will Maud Olofsson appear as Miss Marple or perhaps Perry Mason’s assistant (whatever her name was)?

  3. The government has approved the selling of the TrollhΓ€ttan factories to Vladimir Antonov for a initial payment of 30 million euros.

  4. Wow, that ‘s very good to hear. Now wire the money and get production Rolling Again ASAP
    I m opening a can of beer now

  5. ublished: 18:16 CEST 15-04-2011 /Thomson Reuters /Source: Spyker Cars N.V. /XAMS: SPYKR /ISIN: NL0000380830


    Zeewolde, The Netherlands, 15 April 2011 – Spyker Cars N.V. (Spyker) confirms the announcement of the Swedish Government approving the release of the pledge of the Swedish National Debt Office (NDO) in the shares of Saab Automobile Property AB (Saab Property), subject to certain conditions.

    Saab Automobile AB continues its discussions with respect to the sale of its property, based on the additional conditions of the Swedish Government. The outcome of the discussions is still not certain and subject to the approval of the European Investment Bank.

    – Ends –

    So, nothing has been sold and there are still a few “issues” that have to be resolved before the property can be sold.

  6. Report in English here:

    There is, again, a sourpuss saying that it’s too little too late and that Saab is doomed anyway, this time the -Swedish- CEO of the European automotive suppliers club. Don’t these people ever learn how to avoid shooting themselves in their own feet?

    And I think that the final sentence is downright insulting for Vladimir Antonov. But, other than that, it is good news for now, even if it’s going to take the Swedes some more time to consider whether to allow VA to become a shareholder.


    • I think that the translation is a little inaccurate.
      She said that the clause used to demand another bank is normally used to avoid money laundry.
      No matter what, the Government is very nervous for several reasons, most of them political.
      So there are very good reasons for Saab to try to get completely out of the EIB loans asap.
      They may have been instrumental in the initial buying, but by now they are blocking most manouverability for Saab

    • Oh my God……do you have the competence or inside information to make these type of statements ?

      Let the Swedish officials finalise this in a lawful way, which they are aiming to do very fast according to “international” standards.

      Ivo, I guess you better stick to Putin and his methods, and please provide evidence how Putin’s system ever managed to safeguard any “foreign investment”, apart from those made by friends like Berluscione.

      SAAB now has a Russian investor, who has been treated like shit in media.

      No dirt has been found on him, so kindly allow the officials to finalise this deal in a typical Swedish, transparent and legal way.

      Please assume your role as a supporter of SAAB by ordering a car……otherwise please refrain from non-sense comments.

      • I don’t have inside info on anything.
        On the other hand I am a bit involved in politics and the minefields of public opinion they operate in, which was actually what I was referring to.
        I have also been studying economics for a couple of years or more, but that doesen’t matter in this case.
        It is publicly known that Saab needs liquidity now and that the normal possibilities for using their normal assets as collateral for loans is restricted by the fact that the assets are used as collateral for the EIB loans.
        These loans are controlled by institutions that are not operating by the normal standards of Banks and impose restrictions on how the loans can be used.

        That was just about what I said (or meant to say)

        Regarding Antonov, I will personally just await his clearance.
        When everybody has finished checking him and he is let in, he will probably be the most investigated and cleaned person in World banking

      • Kent with beard, you must be either lacking some of your marbles or unable to read. Otherwise you would have understood that I’m saying exactly the same as you do.


  7. What happens if everyone that loves SAAB buyes maybe 50 or 100 or 200 stocks of Spyker monday ? It will rase the stock so Spyker can get new stocks on the market at a higher prise and with the money SAAB has the time to grow….. Is it to simple ?

  8. Yes the circle would be round: after the DAF 66 (Volvo 66) ,Volvo 340/360 (DAF 77), Volvo 440/460/480 and Volvo S40/V40 in Born/The Netherlands the new SAAB 92 is Born in Born The Netherlands πŸ™‚ The SAAB 95/95SC, and the (new) SAAB 93/93SC ofcourse MADE IN SWEDEN !

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