Before things get too heavy in here, a fun little game for everyone. Guess what we have in the photo?

It’s amazing what a few body panels can do to a car. If you want the answer, click past the break to find out.


As Will guessed in comments 30 seconds after I posted, it’s the T60 from BAIC. Incredibly, the car doesn’t resemble the Saab 9-3 it’s based off as much as I had ever anticipated. China Car Times has some images and crowd reaction from the Shanghai Auto Show. I’m shocked to say from some angles I even like it a little, even if I find its styling incredibly derivative.

That grill however, is unfortunate.

As a quick aside, I have a wrap up of the NYIAS coming shortly, but I’m trying to enjoy the rest of my Easter holiday. I came away with more questions than answers, but I’m getting to the bottom of them as we speak.

23 thoughts on “Guess…That…Car!”

  1. The styling is all over the place, althought not really UGLY per se.

    I think they tried to be the Bez C class and doodled around enough so it;s a mish mash of everything.

    They will learn eventually (I hope!)

  2. This is a little confusing as I thought the C60F was the 9-3SS based car. Does BAIC now have two cars based on the 9-3SS platform? It’s probably good that T60 doesn’t look like a Saab the way the C60F does. It’s not totally bad except for that grille. The T60 is being called BAIC’s flagship which is odd, as you’d thing that that the larger C70G based on the OG9-5 would take on that role. It’ll be really interesting to see what BAIC comes with for the C50 which is the car based on the OG9-3. Will it keep the OG9-3’s hatch?

  3. I am very much relieved, if not told, we wouldn’t know it’s built around the 9-3 internals. It’s not outright ugly, perhaps a bit over-the-top in the Chinese way, but there are a great many other Chinese cars that are far worse and totally imbalanced.

    It is nose-heavy, but so are the new Volvos, and I guess this one is a bit better in terms of balance.

    In terms of branding, perhaps BAIC could purchase the rights to the “Eagle” brand from their other partner, Chrysler, if they still hold the trademark that is.

  4. Woww, i see a lot of volvo and merc lines in that design.. they have looked at all the popular brands and made it there own..
    But the grill and hood is a lot volvo..

  5. First impression of the tail lens was that of the Lexus and the front grill is a mistake, to say the least. As someone mentioned, its look more a Volvo but side view and rims look like the new 95!

    • You mean:
      To boldly go where no man has gone before?

      Thought that would be more suitable for Saab at the moment.
      And on that thought I feel some Star Wars quote coming up:

      “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

      “[Luke:] I can’t believe it. [Yoda:] That is why you fail.”

      and the final one:

      “Do or do not… there is no try.”

      Sorry…. 😉

      • Or as in the final ending of, “Blade Runner”…..”It’s too bad she won’t live” as Harrison Ford seeks desperately to save his beloved “Rachel”, (Sean Young) somehow comes to mind as an appropriate quote during all of this. (Rachel = SAAB, Harrison Ford = VM and the Chinese Inspector = the Chinese auto world).

  6. So, this is what they get in China….?
    My sister is on her way to Shanghai (possibly), at least I can tell her what car to get?
    Not ugly, most of the proportions remain, but agree that rear is Lexus, nose Volvo/MB (which the chinese love), very asian eyes and some over the top (ott) bulges and creases….
    Now, how much of the safety features remain intact and at what price can they produce and sell this locally?
    A few years back in Canton I saw the chinese MG and was not very impressed, seem very crudely screwed together with huge tolerances, while almost intact from the british presses…
    Anyways, many thanks for these interesting and somewhat amusing pics….

  7. I have noticed in previous photos of of these BAIC Saabs that the wheels looks really well designed. In fact these photos show a wheel that is similar to those on a KIA Optima, because the style of the spokes extends to the outer edge of the rim.

  8. That is the T60 from BAIC based on the old saab 9-3 platform.It is longer than 9-3 .The front grill is not as good as the back .I went to the shanghai autoshow at the first media day and were looking around the T60 and other cars that BAIC made.I really got a shock they made the T60 and other new cars so quickly .

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