Heading for Nacka Strand

As many of you others in Sweden,  I also got a VIP invitation to  Saab’s spring exhibition April 7.
I live in Vänersborg, the town next to Trollhattan, and I see the new 9-5 each day, has also seen the 9-5 SportCombi on the road. And last weekend I took some photos of concept car PhoeniX when it visited the Saab Museum.

So, why should I go all the way to Stockholm ?

Well.. My girlfriends birthday is today, so Saab’s spring exhibition fits quite appropriate since we are going to spend a night at a hotel in Nacka 😉

So my question for You: What photos and info do You miss from other medias that already visited Nacka Strand?

Som många av er andra i sverige, så fick även jag en VIP inbjudan till SAAB’s vårsalong den 7:e april. Jag bor i Vänersborg, staden intill Trollhättan, och jag ser nya 9-5 varje dag, har även sett 9-5 sportcombi ute på vägarna. Och förra helgen tog jag några bilder på concept bilen PhoeniX när den besökte saabmuseet.

Så, varför ska jag ända till stockholm och göra?

Min flickvän fyller nämligen år idag, så då passar ju saabs vårsalong ganska lämpligt när vi ändå ska sova över på hotell i Nacka 😉

Så min fråga till Er läsare: Vilka foton och info saknar Ni från andra medier som besökte Nacka Strand?



None…. since I gonna be at Nacka myself 🙂


9-5 updated interior materials, 9-3 griffin updated interior materials (dash and seats). We’ve had some of those, but more would be appreciated. And some more photos of the production ready 9-4X. It has been a bit forgotten since the LA show. You can’t go wrong by taking lots of pictures and putting them on SU’s flicker account 😉


I also would like to see some more pictures of the new 9-5 interior materials.


I’d love to see more pics of the 9-4 interior and engine..


I just did my part to help Saab get through these times and ordered a 9-3 Indy Convertible last night. I joke the production line closed down because their records show an American seemed to actually want a maunual transmission and they have to make sure there is not a glitch in the order entry process. You took a few shots at the museum the other day but I’d love a few more pictures of that car if it’s on display.


I have a few from the Indepence day celebrations at the museum: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157625998016745/

Congratulations on your new car and I hope it will arrive soon! (I know the wait can be tough)


Nice pictures! Hope they get their house in order and I have it in time to do at least some top down driving this summer. But it’s hard to cross your fingers when you are biting your nails.


Congrats to your order, we’ve just ordered a 9-5 SC Aero BioPower with some Hirsch Tuning 😀 last Saturday! SAAB will survive I’m sure.


I would like to know more about the new features of the MY2012 and when they will be ready to order. Beside the new interior updates, what about the rearview camera, electric tailgate, adaptive tempomat with start/stop feature, etc we heard some months ago from Swade ?


As I mentioned above, we ordered a 9-5 SC. It comes with electric tailgate, rearview camera, adaptive tempomat (I didn’t order). I don’t know about start/stop feature.

Hi Juerg_U, The start/stop system should come together with the adaptive tempomat, so when you approach another car that stops in front of you with the tempomat on, your car will stop and then reset on the given pace. It is not to confuse with the start / stop system where the engine stops when the car is not rolling !! Can I ask you in what country you ordered your SC ? Because I was last thursday at my dealer in Luxembourg and he could not tell me if the electric tailgate, rear view camera would be available for… Read more »

I’m from Switzerland. I even know the price 😉 CHF 650 for the camera and CHF 750 for the tailgate. The adaptive tempomat I only saw on a inofficial pricelist about CHF 2’000 but I’m not sure. See here a very good introduction: http://www.saab.com/global/en/start#/Cars/9-5sport-combi/intro/

And black solid is the color with the edge rims 😀 great looking!!


Hej Rikard, enjoy the hotel….
Pictures and feed back of dash materials (films?) of all new Saabs and details of 9-4x interiors requested (saw it in LA autoshow, but it was locked up and well guarded)…..
Coggs, you are the man, I wish I myself was in a situation able to order a brand new Saab again. The first one was a scarabeus green 1996 900 SE coupe, l & brother picked it up in Trollhättan, loved that car!
Congrats to your decision, surely you will enjoy it…


Id like to see how the 9-5 sw looks in different colours. I gona order one as soon as possible.
Is it any new colours on the MY2012?


You can check colors and rims on the Swedish website.

click “Färger & Fälgar” and take a look at the different configurations.


heres 41 pics from Nacka Strand, for the impatient ones..

w3c validator

Some really nice photos you have there. I like the one of the 9-5 SS Police car. 🙂
A bit sad it’s just a “show car” (as it is still owned by Saab). I think the Swedish Police will buy Saab 9-5 SC when they are available, as all police cars in Sweden I’ve seen are combis.

Niklas G

Nice photos and what a lovely police car! =)


I was there today, and what a beauty the 9-4x is! I want one now!


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