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“It was because of Saab”.

A story about how you met your partner, was it because of Saab? or met a life long friend, or anything that you can think off that may come
within the title.

If you have a story you would like to tell, please email it to the crew for publication. Send a few pictures along if you have them and we will publish it so the whole of SaabsUnited can have a read.

This weeks story comes from our friend 74stingray.

It was January of 2009 when my love of Saab began.

I have always been an avid car enthusiast since my early teens. At 15 I had already rebuilt a few V6 and V8 engines and did all sorts of odd ball car work with friends and family. For my family, it was always GM products, no questions asked. But one moment in time changed everything.

My wife’s 2000 Blazer ZR2 had just got out of its yearly inspection and it had required about $1,000 worth of repairs. Frustrated with the repair cost and lack of fuel economy we began the talk of options. Out of nowhere my wife said to me “I want a station wagon”. The next day I began looking around on the internet to see what manufacturer made a sporty little wagon. I stumbled on a CPO 2006 SportCombi that really caught my eye. It was the first Saab ever that said to me “I’m what you’re looking for”. After a few days of looking we realized there were not too many “wagons” out there that we liked the looks of. It has now come down to the Sport Combi or a Pontiac G6 for our general transportation needs.

I’ll admit I was nervous of the Saab and all of the unknowns. I grew up in a GM family. I knew the GM engines and characteristics of almost all of their cars. One comforting thought came in the fact Saab at this time was still owned and run by GM. Only later would I learn just how bad GM treated the Trollhättan stepchild.

We were deep into the deal when Saab filed for bankruptcy protections and yet still we proceeded with the purchase. Quite simply, I wanted that Saab. Sure this was to be for my wife, but I think I wanted it more than she did. I had already begun to lurk around at SaabsUnited along with other Saab sites quite a bit. I became more and more interested in this little company from Sweden who made this turbocharged car that I felt so at home in. With each drive and with each article on SaabsUnited, I became more and more attached to Saab.

I began to post comments on SU and really felt as if I was becoming a part of a unique community. I saw that SU had different commentary and moderated in a different way. I liked the regimented postings, enforced community standards and found myself checking SU many times a day for updates on Saab’s future.

The happiness our Combi made us inspired me to write an “open letter to the workers of Saab”. This “Thank you” to the dedicated workers of Saab was published on SU. It was also printed and hung at the factory in Trollhättan by a worker there. During this turbulent time it was nice to feel as if my words really mattered to some of the folks at Saab.

Some of the commenter’s on SU have become good “Internet friends” whom I appreciate very much. I always enjoy our little comments and friendly chatter. I must thank Swade for all his hard work and for being the prime source for Saab information. He has not only educated me in Saabs but with some great Aussie Rock which I enjoy very much.

Fast forward to today. Well the Combi was mine for a time (long story) but now it is back in the hands of my wife. While the push button dash intimidated her a little bit with its sea of buttons, she loves her sporty little wagon. Myself, I am in the process of selling my 1974 Stingray (that I fell out of love with) and now looking for a 9-3SS Aero. My dealer just needs to find the right one with the right color.

Looking back to that January day…. If someone would have said “Jim, you’re going to end up buying a Saab”, I would have just laughed and said “no way will I ever buy a dorky little Saab”. Today I can only laugh at myself as I am on my way to buying my second Saab, thanks to Saab and SaabsUnited.


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Great story !
I like this part: the push button dash intimidated her a little bit with its sea of buttons
I always liked the old push button dash; it provides a sort of ‘aircraft ambiance’ that the generic GM dash just doesn’t have…


+1 with the dash, although I have the newer one and love my Saab, the older dash gives a feeling “there is happening a lot behind it which you can influence”


Great read, Jim.

I’d love to hear more about the long story how that SC became yours and now hers again… 😉


Good read, Jim! Regarding all of the aviation like buttons, you haven’t by any means also installed ejection seats in your SAAB? 🙂

Cheers from Norway
Always on the longest road home when out there with my SAAB. Always!


No ejection seats installed…. they were never comfortable anyway 😉


Brilliant! 🙂


Love your story!

meg haviland

James love your story too 🙂




Nice story!


Thank`s for your story Jim. Heartwarming to read. Slightly of topic, but at the same time the mother of all topics: I put in an order for my 9 th Saab yesterday! How about a white 95 SC TTiD 190 hp M6 with shark grey interior, tainted rear windows and 18″ 5 spoke Carve wheels! 🙂 🙂 🙂 As the production has not yet started and, according to my dealer, the petrol/E85 engines will come out of the factory first, I have to wait until september for my car. Well worth the wait of course, and I do have my… Read more »


That is quite close to my dreamcar. I would choose java with parchment/cocoa though but otherwise – spot on (including those gorgeous Carve-wheels)!!

Happy waiting!!


(“Mums” is swedish for the english “Yummy”)


Jim – great story, Two things – elaborate on how it became yours for a while and then reverted to the rightful owner. Second, that “Warning” – can you elaborate – does it mean you could not enter the area to scout the car or was that warning for you not to purchase the dorky little turbo mermaid?


Its a warning sign I “acquired” from the fence line at a airbase YEARS ago…. as I joke I placed it in front of the Combi when it was parked in our garage as a warning to the wife… that the car was now “mine”……


Fantastic story! See you at Carlisle. I will have my 2009 9-3 SC Aero XWD.


Always nice to read stories like this.


Welcome, newbie!


Great story, Jim! That “Warning” picture at the end fits really well, haha.

I remember that open letter to the Saab employees during that uncertain time. It rightfully received a lot of positive attention.

What other cars (I’m assuming GM since it sounds like Saab is the furthest you’ve strayed) have you had or worked on?


So Jim, which colour are you looking for?


Nice story stingray- I would have guessed you were an old- time saaber judging from your comments.


@900_s Well, my first car love was a 1980 Monza Spyder that I built a stout little Buick V6 for… she was painted a very sexy Red. Sadly and stupidly I sold it when I got orders to an assignment in Alaska. Over the years have worked on older Corvettes, Chevelles, all sorts of rides….. even a AMC Gremlin that we installed a Chevy 350 into. I am looking to sell the Corvette since I decided it’s not really “me”. I want to just concentrate on slowly restoring my other fun car, a 1988 Monte Carlo SS. Perhaps Ill add… Read more »


Also.. and some will get a hoot out of this…

Tonight over dinner my wife informed me that “her” wagon is “too powerful”. Then she proceeded to tell me she has”squealed tires” twice this week.

Guess going from the 180HP heavy hulk of a 4×4 Blazer to the 250 turbocharged ponies would require some foot pressure adjustment.


Well, that might be the first argument for a 9-3x… 😉

Nate 9-3

Great read, Sting!

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