Meeting with Antonov Shows Progress

In a quick update from TTela, Bo Lundgren who runs the Debt Office said that his meeting with Vladimir Antonov went well, and that a decision should be reached within days.

The meeting of the National Debt Office and Vladimir Antonov is just finished.

According to sources TTELA the meeting have been completed with positive impressions.

“We have asked questions and we have received answers,” said Bo Lundgren at the Debt Office.

Today’s meeting focused on the ownership process.

“We have discussed the background and what Antonov’s ambitions are if he becomes an owner of Saab,” said Lundgren.

“Now we have had this meeting, though we wished to meet sooner. Next, we will sit down and evaluate what we take for their own decisions and also provide a support to the Government for their decision.”

According to the National Debt Office Bo Lundgren should hopefully be able to decide within days.


Keep in mind, we’re trying to report as much good news as possible, wherever we see it. These are not easy decisions to reach, though conceptually they might seem so. There are numerous details to be worked out, and any one of them can delay the process. We’ve seen this already many times in the last few weeks. Victor, Vladimir, and their teams are working feverishly on parallel tracks to ensure that production is started as soon as possible. Once the meeting is held tomorrow (in 11 hours or so) we’ll try to wrap up and report on what has been discussed, so we can continue to keep everyone in the loop. If there’s any more news tonight, we’ll update this post. Keep it nice in comments, everyone 😉

Saab will make it through this, and this meeting between Lundgren and Antonov reconfirms this. Patience is something the Saab community is short on, no wonder why we love turbos so much.

24 thoughts on “Meeting with Antonov Shows Progress”

  1. “Now that we have had this meeting, though we wished to meet sooner.”

    You are not the only one, Mr. Lundgren. We ALL wish these meetings could have happened sooner. 🙂

  2. I’m having problems following the news from sweden. Earlier today this was a news:
    “Maud Olofsson claims that the government is ready and are making further preparations for education and financial support to Trollhättan if Saab would declare bankrupcy”. Wired.
    Now Bo Lundgren had a good conversation with VA and seems to look positive forward.
    Than there’s the EIB with announcements which party haven’t signed the deal. All parties say they’ve signed off the deal.
    What’s up?

    • All of the above. Maud is preparing for a worst case scenario, even though it probably won’t happen. Bo and Vladimir hashed out ownership details in their first ever face to face meeting. All indications are that Vladimir made a good impression and has shown how serious he is about keeping Saab a Swedish company, and has nothing but the right intentions. A decision from the NDO will be reached soon about his larger long term involvement within days. Finally, the EIB is waiting to hear back from GM (even though they already have, it just wasn’t formal enough for them). Basically, to make an American football analogy, it’s first and goal for Saab– so, so close to solving the financing crunch.

      • Good summary.These things develop hour by hour (though not fast enough). I think this statement from the NDO shows that an important step towards mutual understanding has been taken. Let’s be patient, I have faith that something really good will come out of this.

    Clean up the mess, let us know the brightness of the future. We are with all of you, who are working as saviours.

  4. So this meeting was about VA as a future owner of Saab and that is a good thing. But what about the current cash issue and payments to subcontractors and production start – any news on that?

  5. Looks like there’s a least some communication on progress. But a few days wait, please! Let the production start again and have our 9-5 delivered.

  6. I breath a bit easier now 🙂

    Swade´s soothing words did magic too. Thank you all the good people having worked your asses off to keep Saab alive and kicking. Hopefully you´ll soon be able to enjoy the results.

  7. I am still optimistic, but I also think we should send our best wishes to all the SAAB employees. I can only guess what they are going through these days.

    Keep up your great spirit, dear friends at SAAB. We stand behind you, ready to pick up new SAABs in the years to come!

    Cheers from Norway
    Always on the longest road home when out there with my SAAB. Always!

  8. Hi guys,
    calm down and buy saabs! We sold on Thursday last week our volvo xc 90 and changed it into a beautiful 2007 9.3 convertible TID automatic, black with beige leather. My wife tells me now every day how she loves the car. Mission completed: we have in our garage a 2010 9.5 2.8T XWD Hirsch 330 PS black/black (for some readers known as the “black mamba HUD 271 km/h”) and the 9.3 convertible. It’s my sixth Saab since 1999 and my wifes third 9.3 convertible since we met in 2001. So we did our job. I have to apologize for the volvo.
    The party goes on, keep the faith.

    • You’re so right. Things are tough right now, but it had to be expected that not everything would be smooth. We’ve had much harder situations during the sales process… I still believe we would have been better off now if VA had been allowed to be part of the deal right away. But no use complaining now.
      It takes a time to sort out things right now and hopefully the solution will last until sales recover.
      The best way to help Saab now is to buy/order cars. It’sa pity that I still have to wait to place an order for a 9-4x but I will do on the very first day I can.
      Keep the faith, we’ll get through this.

  9. “Patience is something the Saab community is short on, no wonder why we love turbos so much.”

    Thanks for the updated news and for making me smile with that line!

    Steve 😉

  10. It was reported in Automotive News that EIB said Saab cash deal needs GM’s approval! Isn’t this mad when Saab has already delinked itself from the previous owner? EIB is really a pain in the neck, to say the least.

  11. You know what, guys ? We need not worry at all about the fate of SAAB. You know why ? Because we all know SAAB has NINE lives ……. [grin]

    Griffin UP !

    • I’ve had a few beers (Warsteiner) and I am going to bed. I am however feeling very upbeat about the news I’ll read when I wake up.

      Its 2334 EST…. My thoughts and prayers are for everyone involved. The hopes and dreams of the Saab workers are on heavy in my heart . I wish you all the very best. I wish I would have found Saab sooner and that I could have contributed more so that this uneasy situation may never have occurred.

      Good night everyone, see you on the flip side of the moon.


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