43 thoughts on “New Saab 9-5 Estate in the UK.”

  1. Wow, looks good! Maybe the printed 1 under the windshield means it is actually the first car delivered in the UK ?

      • My comment was intended as a reply to Jos but I missed to hit the reply button ūüôā .
        Anyway It is really great that they have at least one 9-5 sportcombi running around in the UK. Are they showing this car for the dealers or is it only for test purposes ?


  2. Swedish plates. Maybe they’re testing the SC on the British roads so it will be really to take on the local press.

    This car just looks so good in ‘too many’ colors ūüôā Can’t make up my mind.

    • Now THAT would be a good idea, given the previous experience. Someone should call Graeme Lambert, maybe? It would be a nice scoop for a friend, the first UK driving impression of the 9-5 SC.


      • No need to call – Auto Express have been asked to drive this (or another SC) tomorrow at Saab GB’s cranfield base and give opinion and suggestions about our thoughts on the car, its competitors and its position in the market place.
        Sadly it won’t be me behind the wheel, but my boss will be there instead.

  3. Sök uppgifter om annat fordon

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    Förklaring fordonsuppgifter
    Registreringsnummer: LGC777
    Fabrikat: SAAB
    Färg: BRUN Fordonsslag: PB
    Fordonsår: 2011 Fordonsslagsklass: I
    Chassinummer: YS3GR5NK6C4000036
    Senaste EU-regbevis del 1: 2011-03-30
    Senaste EU-regbevis del 2: 2011-03-30
    Postnr: 461 80 Förvärvsdatum: 2011-03-29
    Försäkringsbolag: ZURICH IRELAND LTD
    Försäkringsdatum: 2011-03-29
    Fordonsstatus: I trafik (2011-04-04)
    Tillfällig registrering: Nej Privatimport: Nej
    Antal ägare: 1 Yrkesmässig trafik: Nej
    Fordonet tillverkat:
    Producentansvarig: 556258-8912
    I trafik första gången i Sverige: 2011-04-04
    I trafik första gången i utlandet:
    √Ągarbunden dispens: Ja
    √Ągarbunden dispens upph√∂r: Nej
    Besiktningstermin: 2014-07-01 – 2014-11-30
    Senast godkända besiktning:
    Fordonsskattepliktigt: Ja Användningsförbud: Nej
    √Örsskatt, kr: 5860
    Återbetalning vid avställning, kr: 2245
    Debiterad fordonsskatt, kr: 2617
    Debiterad avgift, kr: 0
    Betalningsmånad/er: december, april, augusti
    Förfallen fordonsskatt/avgift, kr: 0
    Vägtrafikregisteravgift: 65 kr ska betalas samtidigt med årsskatten. Har fordonet delad uppbörd ska vägtrafikregisteravgiften betalas i huvuduppbördsmånaden.
    Tekniska data
    Kaross: Kombi (03)
    Karosserikod särskilda ändamål:
    Slagvolym, cm3:
    Växellåda: MANUELL
    Antal passagerare, max: 4
    Antal sittande passagerare, max:
    Antal bältade passagerare, max:
    Antal passagerare i rullstol, max:
    Antal stående passagerare, max:
    Skattevikt, kg: 2010
    Tjänstevikt, kg: 2010
    Totalvikt, kg: 2450
    Sänkt totaltvikt, kg:
    Max släpvagnsvikt, kg:
    Max släpvagnsvikt kg, obromsad:
    Släpvagns maximala totalvikt vid B-behörighet, kg: 1050
    Max sammanlagd bruttovikt, kg:
    Max lastvikt, kg: 440
    Kopplingsavstånd, mm:
    Kopplingsavstånd EU, mm:
    Effektiv bromsanordning: Nej
    Lastutrymmets längd, mm:
    Främre överhäng, mm:
    Bakre överhäng, mm:
    Drivande axlar fram:
    Drivande axlar bak:
    Antal hjul:
    D√§ckdimension axel 1: 225/55 R17 F√§lgdimension axel 1: 7 J x 17″
    D√§ckdimension axel 2: 225/55 R17 F√§lgdimension axel 2: 7 J x 17″
    Bandbredd, mm:
    Längd, mm: 5010 Bredd, mm: 1868
    Höjd, mm:
    Drivmedel 1: DIESEL
    Motoreffekt, kw: 139,0
    Effektnorm: EG

  4. I believe Saab are intending to bring across some early right hand drive estates for chassis testing by journalists on UK roads so they can get the ride/handling right, and avoid the criticism the saloon took. This must be one of them.

  5. Sorry, but is quite boring at the office right now.
    The car is on the Wavendon Rd., the crossing road is the Broughton Rd. in Salford, near by Milton Keynes.

  6. I think that SAAB decided that the ultimate test for the new 9-5SC would be if it survives 100 miles of UK roads which are now 3rd world status.

    Our family with 4 cars and only 1 has survived unscathed in the past 2 months (mine) from potholes that would make the Grand Canyon look like a minor road depression.

    The car does look good though!

  7. There’re only 2 reason possible regarding this car:
    – homologation for the UK market, wich make no sence because of EU homologation
    – Test drives for journos and dealers/ VIPs

    or maybe a third reason: Test drives for chassis adjustments and feedback from test customers.

    • Yeah, it is, Jos. Too bad you and I and a few others here will have to be patient for a number of years… This may well end up to be the one Saab to get me out of my good old 9000. How about you?


  8. I say two of them at Nacka strand last weekend and I am really surprised how tall and chunky it looks on the images if you compare it to the IRL impression. At the spring saloon it looked really sleak, low and sporty.

    Maybe the camera adds 500 pounds?

  9. Im a dealer and can say that we have not seen sight of this car, so must be some sort of test car! Lets hope Saab get through there recent issues and get this car out to market ASAP!

  10. My dealer here in Germany (near Frankfurt) told me, that the first 9-5 Estate will come to Germany till Summer (July)

  11. I just went to the nearest Volvo dealer to scout a Volvo V60 1.6T (110kW/240Nm) and got approval today from my finance house to finance the thing. Oh how my heart hurts that I can’t spend that money on Saab now (I got a Volvo S40 1.6D Drive in January 2011 new and have clocked 30,000km already trouble free apart from the aircon and the ludicrous 10,000km oil service which is killing my sanity).

    Some of you guys are very lucky to be able to buy a new Saab, in this part of the pond (Southern Africa) Saab is not even on the horizon and with the doomsayers and naysayers heaven forbid what I a about to think. I guess it is Keep calm and continue to trust in the abiity of those tasked with the responsibilities to make this entity viable again so that I can place my order without raping my conscience. (I placed my order today and will take delivery of the V60 around June 2011).

    But to suave my conscience, I took out my valet set and gave my MY01 9-5 Aero a good clean up. I have emailed the pictures to the SU crew with the S40 alongside.

  12. I was in Stoke Goldington (a few miles north of Milton Keynes on Monday and there was a convoy of 5 9-5s car two of which were SC estates heading north. Typical, I had not seen a new 9-5 on the road then I see 5 in one go. They all Swedish registered and right hand drive.

  13. I have been quite horrified what is happening @ saab recently.

    Only just over a year ago, we were all banging their drum [worldwide].
    How on earth has the Co, got into so much supplier debt in this time.

    Does the management @ skyper not realise how much damage this is/will do to the brand.

    We were all there for Victorr, but someone needs to stop this now, & I mean NOW, otherwise the rot will just put buyers off, perminately.

    After seeing this beautiful estate, I wonder why Saab are allowing all this bad publicity to get so out of hand. Showing the estate around the Uk, won’t save the brand.

    I have driven Saab’s for over 25 years & sadly, [whilst wanting too] would not invest my ¬£000’s when the whole company seems so unstable and has been rocking back & forth towards this situation for sometime.

    Come on @ saab & the swedish goverment sort this out, otherwise there will be nothing to sort out…..

  14. She does look great. I think I’m gonna see if the wife will sell her Volvo (I said VOLVO) then I can afford my 5th Saab-it would be this 9-5 S/C AWD-black/black

  15. if you click on the picture and download it, them blowit up in windows picture gallery, you will see it is a RHD version

  16. Now this pic of this beautiful car is as my wallpaper on my MBP.

    I noticed that this car was taken into use on April 4th (I trafik f√∂rsta g√•ngen i Sverige: 2011-04-04). This was after the factory was halted. My thoughts are that things are still moving forward despite of the production being in a standstill. Marketing and product development probably work “as usual”…

    These are encouraging pictures to see when the financial news are dominating the Saab-scene…

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