25 thoughts on “PhoeniX Takes New York”

  1. Hm, interesting. I think that the Phoenix looks much better in the ‘wild’ than it does on the showroom floor. Must have to do with the paint job, too bling-bling with all those overhead lights.

  2. It is certainly a powerful looking machine. However, it doesn’t have the elegance or grace of the Aero X concept in my humble opinion. Which of the 2 designs do you think will stand the test of time?

    • It does look much better ‘in the wild’. This car will get Saab some much needed attention here in North America. I wasnt that keen on the AeroX concept and thought the rear end was kind of ugly but I do think overall it is much more representative of Saab design. It is nice to see hits of it in the 9-5 which truly is a beautifulcar. I do like the front view of PhoeniX which bodes well for the next 9-3.

      • Really? I didn’t like the headlights too much. Or the side view mirrors. Both looked old and not forward-thinking, like concepts should be.

    • I agree with you, Chicago. I don’t dislike the PhoeniX, and I love that Saab is still reaching for the stars regarding innovation, but there’s much less on this concept that ignites my entusiasm as there was on Aero X. The true test, however, will come when the next 9-3 is revealed. Castriota is clearly very talented, and I have faith in him and Saab.

    • it is obvious the Aero-X has classic elegance of design above the PhoeniX-for me it is plain to see evolution of Saab into Aero-X.

      There is revolution in te PhoeniX but no continuity no elegance-it is just another sports car for me. its nice its a saab-but it is not superior to the Aero-X which still is a better design.

    • I honestly think the PhoeniX will hold up just as well if not better, as crazy as that sounds. Jason and I had a discussion about how small cars are easier to understand in person because of scale, and in person the car just makes a lot more sense. He really understands proportion better than anyone in the industry right now. You just have to see this car.

  3. I also think the Aero X as more “production ready” – but this car is very bold an agressive. If SAAB can put the right elements into the next 9-3, they could have a winner.

    BTW i think the paint work looks a lot better than the photos i have seen before – its almost as if it the car is made of liquid silver..

    • Actually, there was an article here on SU (I think) that described how the PhoeniX is actually more production ready than the Aero X was. The Aero X was not built on an actual production platform (like the PhoeniX is) but on extensively modified “one-off” platform. Essentially the PhoeniX is more of a “show car skin” on a real platform whereas the Aero X was more of a show car skin on a show car plaform. I certainly understand why some people prefer the look of the Aero X, but it would have taken a ton of engineering to build the Aero X on the Epsilon platform.

      • Thats very true, what i meant was in tems of design. The wings for example – will never work in real life.

        By the way – the danish sales data for march – 21 new saabs sold, 13 9-3 (3 of them were 9-3x) and 8 9-5 – Last year sold: 8 in total.

        • I think the wings will be something that could work -it is a very clever way of changing longitudinal drag (low drag on a car) into lateral down force -without having a lateral drag (normally very high drag on a car’s traditional rear wing) giving so this gives a very low drag coeficcient for the spoiler-it is very clever-but It just looks odd.
          Function over form I guess.

  4. I’m not a huge fan of the Aero X, I like the name, but that’s about it. If you look at the Phoenix, you definately see more parts that will make it into production. That hood line is awesome and the front bumper area. I actually really like the wheels too, very Saaby.

  5. I’m sure Jeff will provide more later after he finishes work. Jeff and Swade did their coverage of this “preview” event for the press in NYC at Chelsea Piers, down the road from the Javits Center where it will be displayed next. It was an opportunity for invited press to see the PhoeniX and talk to Jason Castriota. The weather wasn’t the best (50 degrees F and light on-and-off showers) but it wasn’t a washout.

    I did have a chance to look underneath the rear and there is a real electric drive back there as advertized. Here’s another giveaway, the “tailpipe” ends about 3 feet before the back of the car and doesn’t feed the two tailpipe openings in the center of the lower rear fascia. And, if you stayed to the end, you did get the hear the BMW engine start and idle. The person driving it back to the transport didn’t do any revving but it can go in reverse. Yes, it looks good in motion – looks fast standing still or going slow!

    As discussed here at SU, the PhoeniX is a functioning concept, not just a design concept like the Aero X. The platform basis for the new 9-3.

    • Steve C.
      You are all so lucky to have seen this car up close, don’t think I’ll ever have a chance living in Canada. Was there a good turnout to the event?

      • The weather made for a smaller turnout than I would have otherwise exected. The SCNA Communications person was satisfied. About a third of the folks were my colleagues who are members of the International Motor Press Association (IMPA). For media folks who couldn’t take in this sneak-peek event, they will have a chance on Thursday after the official North American reveal of the PhoeniX (at the Saab stand inside the Javits Center).

        I plan to be there to lobby my media colleagues to provide good coverage and to do my usual media and industry networking.

        • Good job Steve, thanks for the update. I wonder what kind of reception the Phoenix will get in NY? I tend to think there will be some fan fare.

  6. Just seen swade’s latest “inside”.
    it’s a beautiful stand but I’m not sure this is a “fortunate” arrangement of the saab-palette: as accessed by the visitor, the convertible is in front and hiding the phoenix. the very important (for US-market) 9-4x stands somewhere at the back. Aren’t they supposed to act as attractors to the visitors as they pass by or approach the stand?
    However, the stand’s great let’s hope for a big success ๐Ÿ˜‰

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