Updated: Ready for summer in Finland?

Our good friend Petteri, sent word that he recently received an offer from Saab in Finland.

They offer a small spring inspection for only 30 euro. It includes a check of tires,
wipers, lights, etc.

But that is not all!

AND they also replace any worn out Griffin hood/trunk emblems!

Having replaced the emblems both on my 9000 as well as my dad’s 9-5, I have come to regard those things as if they are made out of gold. Expensive buggers. €30 is close to what I paid for one emblem alone. Add to that a spring inspection and you have good value for money. It is an offer you cannot refuse. (unless you, like Petteri and I, already have new emblems installed)

We are unable to find any information about this on saab.fi, but hopefully something will show up there soon.

In the meantime, here are two photographs of the information received so far.

Note: There is some confusion about whom this applies to. OG9-5 only or also 9-3 owners?

Sauli Naski, the aftersales manager of Saab Automobile Finland got in touch with us and provided some clarifications.

The Spring check offer is valid for all Saab 9-3 and 9-5 MY98-08 (so Classic 9-5, Classic 9-3 and 9-3). This direct mail was also sent to all private Saab owners of such cars.

24 thoughts on “Updated: Ready for summer in Finland?”

  1. In Germany there was/is a similar offer where you get new emblems for free.

    It seems like Saab is addressing the worn out Griffin issue. 🙂

  2. Here in Sweden last autumn we got an offer from our Saab dealer to change to winter tires, get a “safety inspection” and the Griffin badges replaced for, if I recall correctly, 199 SEK.

    • I was searching with Google for prices for emblems the evening before getting that offer in the mailbox, so I really appreciated it and I think that it is a good deal for Saab too. A relatively cheap and simple way to buld some additional pride ans visibility into the Saab fleet already out there. =)

  3. Oh I wish there could be an offer where you enhance the signature light (9-3 & NG9-5) so it could be used as DRL (Daytime Running Light = new european legislation).
    Today its too weak to be used alone without the “half light” (what´s it called in english?).
    I´ve asked my Saab service center on how to perhaps switch the LED bulb into a stronger one, but they had no clue.

    • Stefan,
      it is quite strange what you are saying!!
      Since last month every new sold car has to have DRL. Either are the signature lights bright enough, or the LED bulbs from newer Saabs are brighter than the old ones.

      But, do you make this question because you are not allowed to drive the car in Sweden only with the signature lights, or because you think they are not bright enough?

      Just, curious, sorry.

      • Hi
        They are´nt bright enough, I think. Compared to the competion Audi etc.
        Audi as an example have a built up the DRL with a line consisting of several LEDs, so their signature lights are real bright. On the other hand they look like something you buy at the after market like BILTEMA (www.biltema.se). No clouds over Biltema, they are a big help in getting parts for cars.
        Saabs seems to just have one or two LED light sources in the end of a glass stave(?).

        I wonder in what way the new Griffins are delivered? Do they have a brighter signature light?
        That´s how I see it. 😉

          • Speaking as the kind of lazy motorist that I am… What do you do when the evening sets in? In both my Saabs, I just leave the knob where it is.

            I agree a leds only mode would be cool, but I do not see the value. Nor am I too happy meeting someone driving with only leds. It does not look right to me somehow, with just a thin stripe of light coming at you. (maybe that is just a force of habit though)

            But choice is always good. Saab should keep this in mind if they have the time to play with such things.

          • Rune, I agree with you. I have a 9-3 -09 and you are not allowed to drive in Sweden with only the Saab LED-light. LED has a longer lifetime than most other types of light such as halogen. I have xenonlights which have longer lifetime than halogen but cost a lot more to change. Since we in Sweden must have daylight or ‘half light’ during 24 hours it had been fine to have the LED-lights stronger and allowed to use during daytime without the ‘half-light’. If you buy an extra LED it will be difficult to find a place on the car who satiesfied the regulation.

  4. My 900 S from 1995 still have intact emblems! never changed.. but i see this problem alot with Saabs, how does this occur? the wash street or? dont see it very often on other brands..

    • The final straw for mine was when I directed the hose directly at the back of the car. The decal was flapping in the stream from the water and finally tore itself off.

      My 9000 is from 1997 and lost its decals a year ago. I think yours are due now. 😉

      • Both my SAAB’s emblems lost their colour at about 350.000 Km. I proudly refer to them as the “Silver Edition”, the way I see it, they’ve been awarded a silver medal of honour for their outstanding achievement. I’ve pledged to have them gold plated if ever one of them reaches the 500.000 mark (the 9-5 as seen in my avatar is well on it’s way, 90.000 left to the half million). My dealer knows this, and he is not allowed to change them…

        • Mine has 260.000 KM now, unbelievable how many KM they can handle, still can go to max speed that is set from factory, tried it last week on the autobahn, just had to pass by a audi A4 that was showing off. even with that speed if feel perfectly safe in my Saab. Actually this was the first time i tried the max speed.

    • I think it happens because water finds its way underneath the laminate and the laminate gets pushed off by corrosion or because the water freezes. All in all it’s just a stupid and bad design, Saab should just have a mail service to replace all worn out badges, especially because a new badge has a good chance of falling apart within a couple of years again.
      I just lost the last original emblem on our Saabs, all the others have been replaced with 3D decals already. My Viggen emblems on the fenders also look like crap, they are just way too expensive to replace and I haven’t found a good source for 3D decals to replace them yet.

  5. I have always said they should be replaced free of charge. The worn out ones give the brand a bad image. Specially on a recent SAAB.
    Griffen up!

  6. In all my 3 million miles of driving I have never had the Saab emblem problem. Maybe they wear out when parked!

    However last September I was driving down through Florida in my Viggen which has a custom made badge that I bough on e-bay. I was driving for 2 hours in a storm that I can only describe as a free car-wash.

    The next day I noticed the whole badge looked like a giant cataract, that the badge looked solid beige. I thought the resin finish had been completely washed off. When I later visited my cousin, who is a stickler for detail, he buffed out the cloud with detail polish. Now it looks new again.

  7. Thanks for the update! I have to wonder, did you contact Saab Automobile Finland for a clarification, or is SU a part of their daily routine?

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