Saab at the Mille Miglia 2011

Yes, it is a year since the Mullers (father and son) and the Jonssons (father and son) terrorized the Italian roads between Brescia and Rome. Last year Victor Muller was driving a Saab 93 from the Museum and Jan Åke Jonsson was driving another 93 (the grey one in the picture), but this time the car did not belong to Saab but to a friend.

But the grey 93 tried to be stronger than an Italian house and failed. So I wonder if we will see this grey car once again at the Mille Miglia.

Now its time for the 2011 Mille Miglia starting on the 11th of May. Will Saab attend once again, and if, who will run the cars this time?

Yes, Italy will be once again allowed to hear the music that comes from the exhaust of one Saab two-stroker, well in fact there will be three of them. 🙂

While I’m still trying too get some Saab official information on their cars and the teams, you can find a list of the entries at the official site from the 1000Miglia race.

In the entry list you will find three Saab cars.

  • 331 Mats Fägerhag/Peter Bäckström in a 1956 Saab 93
  • 332 Victor Muller/TBA in a 1957 Saab 93
  • 333 Jacques Beherman/Umberto Stefani in a 1957 Saab 93

This is car 331 that will be driven by Mats Fägerhag, Vice President Vehicle Product Development and having Peter Bäckström, the one from the Saab Museum, as the co-driver. So whatever happens in the race, this team will manage to keep going.

Victor Muller will be driving the same car as last year, the co-driver is still unknown, but maybe having two V in a car is not that bad. 😉

And this is the third car. I hope that the supplier liabilities can be paid soon. Joke

The driver is Jacques Beherman, I suppose that he or his family gives the name to the BeNeLux Saab importer Beherman. the CEO of the Beherman Group, the Saab importer for the BeNeLux. The co-driver Umberto Stefani is the director of external affairs at Beherman’s Saab, so it will be a Belgian team.

UPDATE on the 3rd car: Djup Strupe has confirmed that the car is almost finished. I’ll try to get some newer photos. (Done !! =) )

As soon as I have more information I will let you know, but I can say that we will try to cover the race with the help of the guys from the Saabway club in Italy.

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Eye candy is always welcome…. Maybe I’ll hear a 2 stroker at Carlisle in a few weeks???


You will.


I’d love to have the first foto as my new desktop picture. Would that be possible?


Great to see that they do attend again in this race 🙂

Luca S.

Glad to welcome the Saab Team again this year!!

We’re working to cover the race as we do last year…!

Stay Tuned -)

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