SAAB of the week – Ben

We all love a Saab convertible, don’t we? I sure would like one for summer of 2011..!

It’s time once again for SAAB of the week:

Hi, I’m Ben and last year I bough my first Saab, a 1997 900 SE Talladega convertible. It has Saabs 2.0 Turbo engine and the 5 speed manual, Wood grain dash, alloy wheels and leather seats (electric and heated).ย  Being a 14 year old car there is a list of things that I would like to fix to hopefully restore it to near new condition in the future and have started by replacing the faded badges and decals. I love the details you just done get in many other cars, I can spend hours looking at the little details that make it a Saab, almost as long as I do obsessively cleaning it on the weekends. I love the ignition between the seats and being able to recline the seats back by the press of a button; and then there’s the roof that transforms it into a everyday car, into a weekend sports car. After 6 months of ownership I have no regrets and look forward to many more years of open top driving.

I wish you good luck with restoring your convertible ๐Ÿ™‚

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10 thoughts on “SAAB of the week – Ben”

  1. Very nice. I hope to have a convertible this summer too. That’s why I threw caution to the wind and put that metalic orange baby shown on the banner at the top of this page on order a week ago. The last Saab I bought was purchased on the day GM filed for chapter 11. Maybe others are not as confident as I, but I’m going to echo what a lot of other people have said. The best and likely only way to assure Saab is around for the long haul is to buy a car from a dealer and then talk it up with everyone you know.

  2. Hi Ben. Your Saab Cab looks so nice. In fact I think that the Mk II Cab is the most beautiful Cab Saab has produced. I have two Cabs myself and when you have been used to drive a Cab you will never change to a sedan or other type.

  3. Nice looking car Ben. I once owned a ’97 Talledega, but it was a 900S 2.3 coupe. The most problematic things were cables. Stiff heater cables and that dreaded clutch cable that Saab used on the NG900. I was going to update the clutch to the hydraulic type used on the OG9-3, but I ended up buying a ’99 OG9-3 Monte Carlo coupe instead. The clutch pedal feels smoother and a bit lighter on the 9-3.

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