Saab Phoenix @ Chelsea Piers

Here’s some detail video from Chelsea Piers of the Saab PhoeniX traveling exhibition. It’s but one of many videos to come in the next few days from SaabsUnited.

Saab has some great shots coming of the PhoeniX rolling around the West Village that and Meatpacking District that will be online soon. Germans may not be able to watch the video because I used a Swedish band as background music, rest assured I’ll post a muted version for you guys later. Next year we’re buying an image stabilizer mount so we can get some more pro-style shots πŸ˜‰


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Ohh..what did the Germans do wrong? πŸ˜€


Wwoww impressive quality of production !


Who are they? The band.


IMovie (in macs iLife) has had image stabilization built in since a couple of years…
Works great!
Otherwise Nice clip!

Toby K

Nice production. Thanks


Very nice ! Just two questions: Who is the band ? And do I really want to know what that dog is sniffing at the 0:44 sec mark ?


I imagine most of you have already seen Swade’s video of the PhoeniX crawling along (forgive me if it’s already been posted somewhere else here), but I figured I’d share it just in case.

I LOVE the way those turbofan wheels look when they’re spinning. It seemes the NYC show is going better than expected. This is welcome news.

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