Saab Swedish sales data – March 2011

The sales data for Saab in the Swedish market are out.

Saab sold in March 888 cars (388 in March 2010)

Those can be splited in 708 9-3 (6th this month, 7th YTD) up from 224 in March. 2010 and 180 9-5 up from 164 in March 2010.

The 9-3 is going strong, and when the first SC < 119g hit the market it will be able to reach the 1000 units. The 9-5 is doing well, but it needs the SC to really be able to sell more units. The 9-3 TTiD SS sub 120g was sold 222 times in March, which means the 12th most sold "green" car in Sweden. Saab was able to sell more TTiD SS sub 120g than E85 models this month.

3 thoughts on “Saab Swedish sales data – March 2011”

  1. 180 Saab 95SS x 10=SC sales=1800
    That is about the proportions between the SC and SS in Sweden. Perhaps even a bigger advantage than that for the SC.
    I`m not saying that those will be the sales numbers for the SC straight off, but it gives you a hint.
    Anyone else that feels just a tad bi polar right now? 🙂

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