22 thoughts on “Saabs Vårsalong”

        • I watched the video several times and even paused it at that location trying to figure out what I was seeing. I was hoping it was on the rear panel of one of the cars but I guess that has to be red for safety reasons.

          That’s also the first time I’ve seen the wheels up close on the Independence Day convertible. I wonder if they will be available as a standalone option for other Saabs.

  1. Great video!
    Next after buying the cars, I think spreading this kind of videos and information on YouTube and around the web is the best we can do to spread positive news about Saab. It is probably not unusual for people perhaps considering to buy one to search for info on Google, and finding many videos and photos of new cars and Phoenix, IQon etc should help spreading the right message, and help taking attention away from, say, finding some informatiion in June, saying that that the production was temporarily down one week in early April, but then problems were solved and things looking more bright since then. =)

  2. Wow, seeing this video makes me want the 9-5SC even more. I’ll try to get a personal look at the Autorai in Amsterdam as soon as i can.

  3. This where 40-old middle managers go to play 🙂 Just make me realize how badly Saab needs a smaller car, like a 9-2, to expand their customer base. Me I’d take a 9-4x thank you.

  4. Absolutely fantastic video of what seems like a great event. Good things come to those who wait – so let´s let the dust settle and wait for great things to come 🙂

    • Yes, it really looks good, and Saab is using the same surface material for the Griffin Aero.

      The Linear and Vector trim levels will have a piano black surface material as standard.

  5. Back from Nacka Strand in Stockholm where I and my BMW-friend saw VM in discussions with, as it looked liked to us, some people from the government or alike. Interesting. There were a limo outside for the prominent guests.

    Ps. My BMW-pal liked the 9-5. Got ourselves a test drive in an AT V6. But he reacted on the price on that fully equipped 9-5. 600.000:- SEK. His opinion was that he could get a lot of BMW for that kind of money. Its a matter of taste I think. Ds 🙂

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