Safe to buy a Saab in Sweden

Vi Bilägare today posted a summary of the potential pitfalls of buying a Saab in case the sky is falling.

First up they cover the warranties:

The warranty is a contract between the buyer and the resaler. This is entirely independent on whether Saab continues its existance or not.

Second issue is spare parts:

Among the most important assets that will befall the government should Saab not be able to repay the EIB loan is the spare parts business supplying parts to the 1.5 million Saabs rolling around all over the world. It will remain a profitable business for at least ten years, which translates to good availiability of parts for the consumer

The third issue discussed is the second hand value:

For Swedish business customers, this has been solved by the dealers who now guarantee the residual values. For private buyers there exists no such guarantee. But we must keep in mind that it was the OG 9-5, a completely outdated model that was struck the hardest during last years residual value turbulence. The residual values of the new 9-5, especially the new combi shipping this summer, will most likely stand more firm in a worst case scenario.

So, in conclusion: If you really want to make sure you have everything covered, then just buy an extra Saab.

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OK…Is SAAB in business or NOT??? I want the new 2012 SAAB 9.3 XWD Griffin (220hp)….USA….Please advise…..I do NOT want to buy a rear drive BMW German BMW…..They get horrible gas mileage and cannot handle snow or ice unless they are a BMW 328xi…..




Are you going to ask for advice in literally every entry?

Good to see some Swedish media support for saab. Did they finally realise that bankruptcy is more expensive for Sweden?


@ lala… I would have to think …um… YES.

If you want gas mileage, keep the Insight….
If you want style… well you should have kept your ’09 Saab.

Chicago Swede

I would suggest that you go to your local SAAB dealer and place your order. I am sure they would be happy to answer any specific questions you may have. It is also a great time to take advantage of many generous discounts or low APR finance rates. Many dealers are offering up to $10,000 off any remaining 2010 models. Truly a great deal!


I’m sorry to say I like the ‘completely outdated model’ 9-5 better than the new 9-5, but I DO look forward to buying a 9-4X, or maybe the brand-new 9-3…


you are esthetically challenged.

Chris Carrier

Well, I like the classic 900 better than the gm900. Eventually, history may support your preference. For now, the new 9-5 feels like a rocketship!!!!




Chicago Swede

Ok, I think you know which 9-5 I like best…………..———>


My favourite Saab is the 96 Bullnose, the 99 CC and the OG9-3
Bullnose coming up soon I hope, OG9-3 daily driver, and the 99T CC will be my eternal desire for a White Elephant thingy 🙂
I lost interest in Saab when they introduced OG900 and left even more when they introduced 9000. The old 9-5 I never looked at. NG9-3 misses the hatch. etc et al…

I really like the New 9-5.


As a motor trade professional, I’m not sure this is entirely true.

The new car warranty is underwritten ultimately by the manufacturer. Extended warranties are insurance policies with some pretty extensive small print exclusions. Will your Saab dealer still be there if Saab close ? Where is your nearest Rover dealer ?

The used car business will continue. Many parts are generic parts from GM, Bosch, etc. and could be obtained from alternative sources.

Residual values already reflect concerns about the future of the brand. It is inevitable that closure would accelerate that.



The original article from which I quoted agreed with you and adviced people to buy from well established dealers and preferably dealers involved with multiple brands. As for residual values… Well, IMO it is a bit like the stock market, isn’t it? The current value reflects which direction most people think the company will take. The loss is already weighted in. Keep in mind that there are quite many nuts who will want “the last Saab” in case the sky really falls. The dealers noticed a surge in sales when GM announced the closure of Saab December 2009. Provided you… Read more »

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