Spyker Cars will be Swedish Automobile NV

Some documents (english version) on the Spyker’s site do also talk about Swedish Automobile NV as the new name for Spyker Cars NV.

Thanks to Tim

If we have to believe the Dutch newspaper deVolkskrant, Spyker cars will be renamed to Swedish Automobile NV.

As we know, Spyker has sold the Spyker sportscar part of the company to the coach-builder CPP earlier this year, so it made no sense to use the name Spyker any more. Furthermore it is unknown if they are fully free to use the name SAAB, or if they have to always ask Saab technology AB if they want to use it differently.

I personally like the name, it denotes that they want to concentrate in their Swedishness and it is better than all those new artificially created company names.

Original in Dutch


Thanks to Ralph for the hint

31 thoughts on “Spyker Cars will be Swedish Automobile NV”

  1. It sounds good, even though I had thought name would be something like “Saab Automobile Holding NV”.

  2. Presently no company of that name has been registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, but there’s a company called “Swedish Automobile Holding II B.V.”. The parent company is “Saab Automobile Holding I S.à.” registered in Luxemburg.

  3. I am not a tax expert, but being based in Holland apparently is great from a tax management perspecttive; Holland is said to have a very interesting tax regime for holding companies 😉

  4. Why haven’t Antonov taken over Saab already? I’m reading that he have gathered enough capital through a group of investors to repay EIB loan, and in addition, has the working capital that Saab needs to pay daily bills. GM is OK with him as far as I know so there are no major obstacles left?

      • As an intermediary / proxy for the EIB loans right? So they have no relevance if the EIB are to be repaid anyways, right?

          • I really don’t get why future ownership/composition of shareholders could be any of government’s business once they are repaid and out of the picture. Swedish government have the power to control ownership in private corporations (except for competition issues). Saab/VA ought to be able to repay EIB/national debt office and tell them to back off.

          • Yes, and VA can’t repay the loans before he is accepted as an owner. So it’s kind of a stand-off.. (or what you call it? “Moment 22” in Swedish). There is no fast solution for the VA case, but Saab might be able to get cash elsewhere..

    • Valdemar Lönnroth of ttela suggests that

      – Saab may be able draw upon a credit facility of up to one milliard (US: one billion) kronor that contractually exists for Spyker Holding with GEM, a US capital fund and

      – money from China may be forthcoming as well.

      They also say that Vladimir Antonov has half a milliard kronor available to invest as soon as he is admitted as co-owner of Spyker/Swedish Automobile Holding.

      ‘More about this in Thursday’s newspaper’. Someone bought the print edition yet?


    • …Yet… according to Muller. Whichever way it is (Saab AB doesn’t want to, or not yet agreed), I think Spyker wants to change the name to something else ASAP, which is great

        • Thanks for getting to that point. Keeping the SAAB acronym was what occurred to me after I read this earlier today. I was coming back to see if anyone made the acronym connection and see it did appear.

          • You guys are way better than me, I haven’t seen the disguised acronym.

            On my opinion the company is now listed in Amsterdam stock exchange, thus the company form has to be NL, but if they move from Amsterdam to Stockholm stock exchange, shouldn’t the company change the form from a NL to a AB?

            A real cunning plan 😉

      • I think that is the thinking behind the new name. But isn’t the Sa.. in ‘old’ Saab not short for Svenska Automobil? Which is the same as Swedish Automobile, isn’t it? Enough stuff for a brand name dispute here. It’s, perhaps, a good thing that VM is a lawyer himself.



  5. Considering that SAAB is short for “Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget”=”Swedish Aeroplanes Inc.”, the name “Swedish Automobile NV” seems like a pretty good choice. If NV=Inc.=AB, then a direct translation to Swedish (and using the word automobil, which is just as oldfasioned as aeroplan), you’d get the familiar abbreviation “SAAB”. =)

    • I haven’t thought of it like that, but you’re absolutely right! NV is indeed .inc and AB, so translated the new name would still be SAAB. Cool.

    • But wasn’t the name of the automotive division changed into ‘Svenska Automobil AB’ at the time? When the split-off from the aviation division occurred?

      NV (short for Dutch term Naamloze Vennootschap) = AB, that I am absolutely sure of.


      • I asked Wikipedia, which claims that Saab short for ” Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget” and the car division is named ” Saab Automobile AB”.

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