Thursday Snippets: From the Show Edition

According to TTela (english version), Eric Geers says the plan is to get factory staff back in by Wednesday next week. No news on when production may start up again.


Also from TTela (english version), Valdemar Lönnroth has put together a fantastic article about Vladimir Antonov’s background. Some things you might have already read, and maybe even some new ones. Did you know CPP which Vladimir owns a major share of also owns Zagato? The list of automotive cousins keeps expanding for Saab.


Alrik Söderlind from Swedish car magazine Auto Motor & Sport sat down with Victor during lunch yesterday (English version). I hope to have a short opportunity as he did today. We were actually sitting together when he got called in to the office, and we both remarked to each other how absolutely glued to his phone Victor was. News is coming soon we all hope.

Alrik invited me to write a piece about SU for AMS, and I’m very excited to share the positive and exciting changes we have in store for the site with the greater Swedish auto fans.


The Riksgälden (Swedish NDO) has released a press statement on the loan approval. Of course we already know what it says, but here it is anyway in writing!

Debt Office intends releasing parts of Saab Security

The Debt Office on Tuesday completed the work to examine the financing solution that Saab Automobile AB presented.

An agreement in principle was clear on Sunday night. Saab has prepared a draft agreement on Monday and on Tuesday made minor adjustments in the contracts.

Now awaiting the Debt Office and Saab approval from the European Investment Bank, EIB.

In order to enable the financing solution designed, the Riksgälden is releasing parts of its collateral in the form of shares in Saab’s real estate. The aim is that Saab will be able to sell shares in order to thus obtain the liquidity of the company. The deal also requires the Bank’s approval.

The Office has previously taken the collateral for the entire loan facility of EUR 400 million Saab with the EIB. To date Saab has made use of 217 million.

The Debt Office intends to release a portion of the securities for the portion of the facility that Saab has not yet exercised. At the same time reduce Saab’s ability to borrow from the EIB, 400-280 million.

The examination shows that the funding solution satisfies the condition that the Government Debt Office and the latter, that is to say that Saab will get fair price for their property, to privacy issues related to the purchasing company and handled the payment of the deal going through a bank in Europe.

Taxpayers will continue to have adequate security for the guarantee to Saab, even after parts of the collateral placed. The reason is that Saab’s total borrowing facilities of the EIB is reduced accordingly.

Owners’ review

Owners’ review of Vladimir Antonov handled separately and is governed by the agreements already exist between Saab and the Debt Office. Debt Office and the government should take its decision was in question. In addition, Bank and General Motors to make their own ownership trials.

The Debt Office’s work with the ownership assessment is not yet clear, since Vladimir Antonov is not yet available for meetings.


Notify of

CPP was actually bidding for Bristol Cars! That would be a perfect mix of car brands that I love Bristol and SAAB!


+1 Bristol really made great and different cars. And with an aircraft heritage as well


Something goes wrong with the google translate of that article from Alrik Söderlind
Sweden’s most depressed man? Surely Sveriges mest pressade man must mean something else, or not?


~The guy in Sweden who is under most preassure



mike saunders

“List of automotive cousins”…..

Distant cousins — at best! — seem to get more love than outright siblings, aka the Buick LaCrosse.

Just sayin. 😉

Patrik B

And now EIB says that GM, because they are share holders, must approve the sale of the buildings before the deal can be completed.

Red J

I’ve already ripped the Eva Sreijber poster from the wall. 8-/

w3c validator

Yes, I’ve read it as well. Right now it seems to be so much “blame it on the other” that I don’t want to post anything about it up front.

1) We do know they are working on it.
2) We want a sollution now.
3) Please speed up.


And an other day is lost…

Let’s put all parties together in one room, close the door and don’t leave them out before all necessary documents have been signed.


Unfortunately VA on vacation in Argentina and is not reachable according to Bo Lundgren.
“VA have not been available for meetings, because he gives priority to his vacation”

Niklas G

Well, Muller said in the NY videoclip that it can may take until Tuesday for everyone to say OK, so I wouldn’t expect any faster progress than that.


key word is “progress”

which Saab is still making…. progress.

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