What did you do this weekend?

Here in the English West Country we had our yearly South West Saab Club Family Easter Treasure Hunt.
What a day, Sunshine, 22 plus degrees and nine Saabs.
The Treasure Hunt started at The Airfield Tavern, Yeovil with the first car leaving the car park just after 10.30am. The 30 mile route took them around local villages, finally finishing at the Castle Garden Centre in Sherborne. A big thank you to Mike Burks from the Garden Centre for allowing us to use their overflow car park for our finishing location.
The route included 36 cryptic questions which the crews had to  work out. This year they also had four photographs which they had to remember  and locate somewhere over the 30 miles. For good measures they had to find 12 objects, which included silly items as well as items they had to get from pubs or shops.
Kerry, Azzy and I set up in the grassy car park and waited for the crews to arrive.
First back was Alex and Isabel in their bright red classic 900 convertible.
Then in the next hour the other eight Saabs slowly trickled in. While the answers were being checked there was an option for a picnic or a trip to the excellent café at the garden centre where they had a whole range of hot and cold foods on offer.
Just after 3 O’clock the results were announced and this year we had a clear winner by four points but the rest of the field  were very close, so close that the next three had the same score.
Everybody who took part was rewarded with an Easter Egg and the winner drove away with a couple of bottles of wine.
A big thank you to all who took part and next year we will be taking part as Clive and Andrea have said they will organise the 2012 Treasure Hunt. Hope you can make it too.
For those interested the results can be found at www.southwestsaab.co.uk and a few photos at Robin’s Flickr and Alex’s Flickr

6 thoughts on “What did you do this weekend?”

  1. I went to the Dallas Auto Show, where SAAB was a no-show. The Dallas- Fort Woth Texas area is too big to be without a SAAB dealer, but l guess they decided to sit this one out becaue of it. Last year, they had the best stand l have ever seen them have. Hopefully they will be back next year!

  2. Took my OG9-3 to a birthday party in the family. 18 degrees, clear sky and no cars on the motorway..Nice

    Extra Bonus of the day:

    Got to check out both my sisters Mini Cab and my Brother-in-laws fully loaded NG9-5 Aero Turbo6 🙂 Extremely nice.

  3. Looks like you had a realy great weekend!, i did not do very much on this weekend
    other than drive a bit trough germany with my Saab.

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