The month is almost over, but not the snippets on Saab

Bad news sell newspapers. And they produce hits on a blogging- site. We are having the third in a row record month at SaabsUnited, not only in absolute views per month, but also in views per day. But since Friday the amount of views have dropped dramatically.

I think the next months won’t be that good for SaabsUnited, but that means that Saab is not facing further problems, and this is OK for me.

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The beauty of nature, Saab style


The Saab 9-3SC 1,8t Biopower Biogas by ANA Specialbilar

Some days ago I issued a teaser of an article coming up later in the week regarding the Saab 9-3 Trifuel. Well sorry I could not stick to that promise, but now here is the “more”. And to my defence… It´s still withIn a week 🙂

Oooh, I love talking product!

More after the jump…

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SU crew “a-la russe”

While TimR and Team are covering and commenting every official and not official news and snippets, I’d like to tell few words about myself!

My presence on SU is not visible for the moment but I hope to change the situation in the nearest future.

Some people may know me by my occasional comments during last two years under the nickname “svizzera”, some people have seen myself during the IntSaab2010 event at Interlaken…. Let me introduce myself.

 My name is Valeriy, I was born in St-Petersburg in 1983 , but when I was 1 year old, my family moved to Helsinki, after 4 years we moved to Moscow, than in Geneva, than back to Moscow where I’m living now!

I’m married to Marina, who’s tolerating my passion about Saabs  with great patience. Every workday I wear a suit with a tie and turn into a employee of structured finance department in a bank.

 My Saab story began at 2008 when my 9-3 SportCombi finally arrived in Moscow and I turned from a “Saab-Theorist” to “Saab-Practiciant”. It is my second car, the first was a Lada (as I’m Russian ;). My wife drives a Nissan Primera. I also have a vintage 80MY Lada in the garage.

 Since 2008 I’ve made two TransEuroTrips on board of my Saab (including Trollhattan and StGallen), attended the IntSaab 2010 event at Interlaken, made an extreme cold autorally Moscow-Stockholm in January’10.

 As my car is my passion, I try to find every possible way to pamper it. Hirsch Performance HQ at StGallen was visited twice (I hope there is more to come!!), where with Manfred’s and Marcel’s help some goodies were installed.

 I also help to run one of the Russian Saab forums. In Moscow I organized the photosession at Domodedovo Airport and Saab Support Convoy!

 I would like to apologize for my poor English in my posts – I will do my best!

 See you at SU pages and at the International Saab Meeting in Finland!!!

Saturday snippets

Saab builds once again cars, and maybe somebody noticed in some of my comments, my wife’s 9-3 Griffin will now be build. I’m not Victor Muller, so my car was not second in the row, but I’m sure that it will be build in the next one or two weeks. 🙂

And talking about Saab cars, it seem like classic Saabs are no more secure from car burglars. 🙁
A brown 1978 Saab 99 has been stolen in Brussels. It had Dutch plates 08-VR-00 and the VIN number is: 99782008818.

I think the owner will be very happy for any kind of hint.

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New engine for the Saab 9-5

Today I’ve received the price list for the 9-5 MY 12 for Germany. Prices will be valid from May 30th.

The SC will cost in Germany 1.800 € more than the Sedan, while the price of the Sedan will remain the same.

The 9-5 SC will have in Germany a very competitive price as it will be about 3.000 € below the Audi A6 Avant or the BMW 5-series Touring.

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