The New SU Holder starts to travel.

A few days ago Tim launched the new SU-Store. The first item was the EU-License Plate Holder with the text “” written on it.

Well I ordered mine and this morning first thing they arrived in my letter box.
I have taken a couple of pictures of them fitted to my Saab. The rear plate is the whole thing but as you can see, from the photo, I just used the lower plate for the front as that surround is stuck in place.

They look very nice.

Click the Store tab to get yours and don’t forget all the earnings made by the store will go to introducing events all around the world! =)

Notify of

If there was a plate surround that fit North American cars I’d buy in a second. Good things come to those of us who wait I suppose. 🙂

Red J

We are working on that.


May I add, then, that such a holder for North American cars should have a similar design to what is shown in the photo such that the frame does not end up overlapping much of the actual plate. Several states in the US have recently modified laws so that a plate frame cannot obscure the name of the state at the bottom of the plate or obscure the renewal sticker(s) at the upper left and right corners (making it difficult for police to read those parts of the plate).


+1 and willing to wait.

Bengt in Scania

I have the “Saab Car Museum” holder because I´m an old man!

Goodnight Saab Friends!

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