9-4X Driving Footage and Feature Presentation

Thanks to SU’s friend Roosevelt Gist over at Auto Network, we have plenty of 9-4X video to pour over while we wait for reviews to pour in. While I sat in meetings for the last two days, these lucky journalists were out pounding the D.C. and Virginia pavement. Fortunately for myself and SU, my in depth review should be coming very soon too, it’s just a matter of scheduling. Also I’m hoping to be able to get a chance to try the 3.0L as that’s going to be the volume seller and the media hasn’t had a chance to drive it yet.

Here’s some great driving footage Roosevelt took driving around D.C., and after the break you can watch an excellent presentation by Mikael Jacobsson, the 9-4X program manager.


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Does anybody know if the HUD system is or will become available for the 9-4X…?


I sure hope it will. The 9-4X cockpit is very similar to the 9-5 so it would be weird if it wouldn’t (eventually) be available…
If not, I won’t trade in my 9-7X for it !! (just kidding… ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Red J

Hi Eagle,
a HUD needs lots of space behind the instruments, so if you haven’t planned the HUD from the beginning there will be no way to put one there afterwards.

You will have to wait till the next generation.


Thanks for the insight Jeff & Red J.

A while ago I did find this after-market simple HUD system on the Dutch website Tradevision.nl: http://tradevision.nl/producten/head-up-displays .
Maybe I’ll test this out on my old model 9-5 Griffin.
I do not know if there are any other after-market HUDs available that are worthwhile looking at..


It could be a vehicle height issue.

w3c validator

Wonder why not the red light-bar across the hatch is lit up. Can somebody explain to me.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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