9-4x price in France

Saab has seen better days in France, but they aren’t willing to sit down and wait that the French people decide once again to buy their cars.

The price list for the 9-4X in France has been published by Saab and the prices are very competitive.

There will be 2 models on offer. The 9-4X XWD with the 3.0L engine, and the 9-4x Aero with the 2.8L turbo engine.

The price for the 9-4x is 48.000€, the Aero will cost 52.000€.

But let’s put this prices in context.

The 9-5 Aero Turbo6 costs in France 57.350€

And what about the competition?
Cadillac is selling the SRX in France only with the non Turbo engine. The price is either 53.217€ for the Elegance model or 55.227€ for the Sport Luxury variant.

Audi is asking 53.750€ for the Q5 Ambition Luxe V6 3.2 FSI (About the same power as the Saab, and also with leather seats)

BMW is asking 51.250€ for the X3 Excellis xDrive28i or 55.350€ for the X3 Excellis xDrive35i.

The price for a GLK 350 4Matic with leather seats is 54.850€

Those three cars are smaller than the Saab.

And BTW a Cayenne with 300hp has a base price of 59.294€, and for a X5 xDrive35i BMW is asking for at least 58.200€.
(even the VW Touareg is more expensive)

So anyone in France considering a non-Diesel SUV will be quite dumb if he or she doesn’t give the Saab 9-4X a try– not only is it a more compelling vehicle, but the price of entry is much lower.

Oh, and they’d have the exclusivity of driving something very few others on the road will have. That’s worth something no BMW X5 owner can pay for.

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  1. Off Topic Comment – Saab needs to get with Onstar to make sure their new iPhone and Android apps work on all new Saab products. Especially if forthcoming models like the NG 9-5, NG 9-5 SC and all new 9-4X feature GM Onstar systems. I know my 2010 9-5 is equipped with Onstar and I’m really glad it does. But we need to urge Saab to continue to work with Onstar to ensure Saab models receive the new tech!

    • Both the new 9-5 and 9-4X has OnStar as standard in the North American continent. They also have Bluetooth phone and iPhone USB integration functionality (Iphone/Apple products require a special hardware chip but they have it).

      • Yes, I know. But have you seen the new iPhone app for new GM products? Pretty slick! You can unlock our car, remote start, and perform other commands with your iPhone.

        The point is I think OnStar “forgets” Saab is still alive and equipped with OnStar. I say this because their advertising never mentions Saab/ and the newer features exclude Saab products.

      • dcpattie– i’m adding this to the list of questions to ask SCNA. When I know the answer you’ll know (probably within a week or two). I’m guessing it’s because Saab needs to pay GM for it (it’s very server intensive) but it should be bundled with the cost of the service that the customer pays for as part of OnStar, not something Saab pays for. I’m totally with you.

        Something else I’m going to ask about is the future of OnStar now that IQon is part of the picture. Again, when I know you will :). Thanks for adding to the discussion, that’s what SU does best.

  2. Looking at the 9-4X European pricing it seems to be very favourable regarded the comprehensive equipment that comes with the car (this may be a compenstaiton for the lack of a diesel alternative). The roughly 10 per cent lower price compared to a similarly motorised 9-5 Aero V6 Turbo shown here for the French market is confirmed by the Swiss pricing.

    Sounds quite interesting to me.

  3. Let’s hope for competitive prices here in Sweden too! I think it is likely since the SEK-USD exchange rate makes import from the US very favourable right now. 🙂

  4. The base level 9-4X are estimated to SEK 399.000:- and the top of the line Aero around SEK 519.000:- Magnus Hansson said at the Nacka Strand “Vårsalong” couple of weeks back 🙂

    Sound in line with the competition here in Sweden

    • The 9-4X seems very well priced in Sweden. Both the Audi Q5 and BMW X3 are way pricier and if I´ve understood correctly they are a bit smaller. I wonder when we in Finland get some indication on prices.

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