9-4x vs. 9-5 SC (Size comparison)

In March I compared the 9-5 Sedan with the 9-5SC.

Now its time for the 9-4X to be measured against the 9-5SC.

First of all I have to say that the pictures are not to the same scale, although Jeff helped me and has tried to size the pictures accordingly. The picture in the middle gives a rough comparison of sizes.

I won’t comment on them as I’ve seen both side by side, and I know which I would choose.

BTW, is there interest in a 9-3SC vs. 9-5SC comparison?

12 thoughts on “9-4x vs. 9-5 SC (Size comparison)”

  1. It would be nice to se an comparison between the 9-4X and the 9-3, in order to se if the 9-4X fits in my parking at home 🙂

  2. Yes, would be nice to see a comparison between all three; 9-4X, 9-3 SC and 9-5 SC. But what I am most interested in, is the boot space. How would a child pram and a dog crate fit in there?

  3. Is there a way to add ground clearance to the pictures? If not, it would be nice to show it on the side.

    I think the key comparison, in terms of size and price, will be the 9-3x vs. the 9-4x.

  4. Why not take all the cars? Once you have then in the correct scale it will be very easy to compary the images.

    With all the cars I mean 9-3 SS/SC, og9-5 SS/SC, ng9-5 SS/SC and the 9-4X? I myself had a hard time comparing the og9-5 SC with the 9-3 SC. A feature on this site could have helped greatly.

    • Contemplating the ideea of changing my og9-3,I’m also direct interested in a comparision between og9-5sc and 9-3sc :).

  5. As I’m not really a CUV/SUV person, I would definitely be interested in a 9-3SC/9-5SC comparison – especially in terms of cargo carrying capacity.

  6. Since we are only getting the 4cyl combi in the US, SCNA is doing a good job to minimize overlap based on limited certification dollars.
    Ideally we are wanting a 9-5x w a turbo 6. We loved the wifes old Audi allroad. And I’m a sucker for the HUD (which isn’t available on the 9-4x). I expect the 9-4x will come equiped as the greatest value proposition for US consumers. I do love the look of it.

    Lol. When was the last time Saab actually had enough compelling product to be torn among?

  7. This was one of my main points in my account of the Chicago Auto Show story in February. Even though I could not sit inside the locked Saab 9-4x I sat in the Cadillac SRX which I think is slightly smaller. Suv give an optical elution of being bigger because of hight but in the real world I think the 9-5SC will be bigger. My 2007 Combi never fails to amaze me with it’s capabilities in the cargo hauling and performance category.

    • Third week of June it should be coming into dealers. That can change, but that’s the latest I’ve heard (as of Friday from SCNA 😉 ). Will obviously update you as the time gets closer– about 5 weeks away, woohoo!

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