Can you help me buy my Swedish Saab?


It looks like everything’s going to work out OK. Thanks to any and all for your consideration and I’ll see as many of you as possible at SU days – in my Saab!!

I’m excited.


Greetings all. Swade here.

I’m dropping by with Tim’s OK to see if there’s a Swede here who might be able to help me out.

I need to buy a car and I really need to buy this car on Saturday morning. Why? Well, first, because it’s available. And second, because I’d like to drive it back to Trollhattan on Saturday. I’d like to attend the SaabsUnited Days activities in the evening and I also have to pick up some stuff for the flat I’m moving in to.

Problem? The owner is away from some time on Wednesday until Saturday night.

Your task, should you choose to accept it……

1) I would need you to take a look over the car and take it for a quick spin. Soon. Most likely today (Tuesday). I’ve had a number of emails back and forth with the owner and am pretty happy that the car is OK and worth the asking price. But you never know until you’ve taken it for a ride, which is what I’d ask you to do on my behalf (and I’d have faith in your ability – it’s my decision to do things this way, my problem if I’m stuck by the side of the road in Orebro on the way back).

2) If OK, which I am pretty sure it will be, I’d need you to buy the car for me and store it until Saturday. Now, I know that’s a big ask, but the price is pretty low at 16,000SEK and I can promise you I’m good for it – cash in your hand as soon as I land in Stockholm. It’ll be my shout for a sumptuous lunch, too.

3) Be available for me to pick the car up from you in Stockholm on Saturday morning.


I know this is a lot to ask of someone, but it’s the only way I can think of whereby I’m going to be able to get the car and get back to THN to catch up with everyone for SU Days.

If you can help, please let me know via email (

And for those wondering what the car is, well, you can do a bit of detective work or you can just wait and see…… πŸ™‚

25 thoughts on “Can you help me buy my Swedish Saab?”

    • I’m 9000 km away but if it’s a Koenigsegg I’ll come test it for you Swade. πŸ™‚

      Good luck with your pursuit. I’m sure whatever it is it will be sweet (and not a Volvo or Koenigsegg).

      Back in Sweden so soon?

  1. Sounds exciting. I just got my 1980 900T 5 door last week and it’s always exiting getting a new toy. Look forward to jeering what you got!

  2. A bit short-termed to do the job from Germany… sorry πŸ˜‰
    Good luck – and I a sure you’re gonna find someone to handle this for you, Swade!

    BR Martin

  3. It seems the wheels are in motion and all is being taken care of.

    Very exciting. Even Mrs Swade is pleased. πŸ™‚

      • The age in Sweden makes it close to passing the hard to get a roadworthy point, 10 years is definately a clear price marker in Sweden (well it was when I was there) someone maybe doing him a nice deal

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