From Mr Antonov to all of us

Directly from Mr Vladimir Antonov himself to all of us supporting Saab

The web-page on Friday May 20, 2011, started a wide campaign, supporting Vladimir Antonov as an investor and shareholder of Automobile manufacturer Saab. People who care about  Saab’s future on a speedy resolution of the situation with actions on the part of the Swedish government, which will allow the well-known entrepreneur to enter into a deal and become one of the shareholders, which in turn will enable the Swedish automaker to quickly get out of the crisis and resume the production of the famous iconic brand Saab. Vladimir Antonov, urge fans of Saab to act with awareness of pressure and sharp comments against the Swedish Government, as such activity does not contribute to the speedy and effective resolution of the situation. We are thankful for the support, which is certainly needed, and are as many people around the world waiting for a positive resolution of all issues related to the details of the permission of ownership. However, we want to encourage you to behave correctly with respect to the Swedish Government in general and the people representing it.

Vladimir Antonov

So people, Vladimir wants our support and appreciate everyone’ s efforts, but ask from us to please refrain from harsh comments about the Swedish Government and individuals herein.

Remember, SaabsUnited is All of us and not just the SU crew.

9 thoughts on “From Mr Antonov to all of us”

  1. I am sorry that some of us got carried away by “strong emotions” … the fact that VA is still so committed to SAAB is a great relief

    Griffin Up !!!

  2. act with awareness of pressure and sharp comments against the Swedish Government

    I assume this is one of those translation things and he actually is saying to Not have sharp comments against them. In any case, it’s nice to know that people like VA and VM hear us when we speak here although I’m sure when they are working their collective asses off to save Saab that it must get to them to read some of the comments with name calling or asking if they even know what they are doing. I for one have faith in the two of the them, I have very little faith the other parties involved in Sweden.

  3. Emotions can get high, but it is a true saab value to always treat people with respect, and in a nice manner….

    Griffin up!

  4. Is this Antonov’s letter, exactly as it was sent, or is it a translation from some other language? I must admit I find it difficult to fully understand what he’s trying to say.

    • as I understood it :

      – it’s fine SU is doing this campaign
      – but if you do that, please do not p**s them off, this is the last what could help

      and imo it makes sense…

  5. Vladimir doesn’t want to upset anyone in the government (but I think Lars C has already made his share of comments) so I don’t entirely follow the idea.

    For voters who support the center and right, it is pretty natural that a center-right government should support the swedish industry but apparently this is nothing anyone can count on these days. I don’t think I am the only one shaking my head in disbelief – Saab needs cash desperatly and there is a potential investor and he isn’t allowed in due to issues with the EIB. I would expect the swedish government to step up and intervene ASAP. There is no logic in this and the longer it takes the less chance Saab has to survive. This can hardly be right wing politics.

  6. Totally understandable that Mr Antonov wants to tread carefully, and I certainly tried to keep my letter as gentle as I could.

    I guess SU crew will need to carry the editorial responsibility and try to filter out anything which may be too harsh.

    In addition SU may wan to reconsider the post with all the emails, as they are visible before they have been sent to the government.

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