From SaabGB:- Saab Sales Stay in the Fast Lane

18th May, 2011

Saab Sales Stay in the Fast Lane
• Saab’s UK sales continues to accelerate in an industry that is down by 8.5%
• Year-to-date sales now up 77.7 per cent v 2010
• Saab confirmed as UK’s fastest-growing premium brand

Saab sales continue to build strong momentum, with the number of cars sold in April more than double the volume sold for the same month last year. This impressive uplift reinforces Saab’s position as the fast-growing premium car brand in the UK market.

Sales last month totalled 489 units, a 101 per cent increase compared to the same month last year. For the first four months of the year, total sales are now 77.7 per cent ahead of 2010, showing an even greater gain than the 73.5 per cent rise posted for the first quarter.

Saab sales have now increased in each of the last nine months compared to the previous year and total year-to-date sales of 2,866 units has enabled to Saab to raise its share of the UK premium car segment.

A major driving force behind the brand’s sales success is the Saab 9-3 model range with 1.9-litre twin-turbo diesel manual engines delivering ultra-low CO2 emissions of just 119 g/km. In terms of CO2 per unit of horsepower, the 180 hp variants offer a level of efficiency that is class-leading. Like the rest of the Saab line-up, these models are now backed by the launch of a highly competitive range of retail and business finance options and rising residual values.

The new 9-5 Saloon is also contributing as it provides an attractive, alternative choice for customers in the larger, mid-size premium segment. It too is benefiting from Saab’s new finance offers, particularly in the corporate business sector.

An enhanced MY12 9-3 range enters showrooms this month offering more efficient petrol engines with direct injection, variable valve timing and twin-scroll turbo charging. Saab is also celebrating the 25th anniversary of the launch of its iconic Convertible model this month, and later this year, the product portfolio will be expanded by the launch of the much-awaited Saab 9-5 Sport Wagon and the mid-size 9-4X crossover, taking the brand into a new market segment.

“With new products coming on stream backed by competitive finance packages, and a strong and loyal dealer network in place, we are in great shape to continue the growth of Saab in the UK,” says Saab Great Britain Managing Director Charles Toosey.

28 thoughts on “From SaabGB:- Saab Sales Stay in the Fast Lane”

  1. Is there a link to some info about the “more efficient petrol engines with direct injection, variable valve timing and twin-scroll turbo charging”?

    • It´s the best they could make – spread positive news .

      The saab crisis isn´t a big news theme in the rest of europe (only some little notes in the economy parts of the newspapers) . Bring out positive news and cars.

      And as you know – in europe we buy cars on order not from the dealers lot.

  2. Off topic but it is GB related……..

    Anybody in the UK should get hold of a copy the latest Top Gear Magazine out today. A great summary of the current situation before the Pang Da deal, constructive, honest and telling people what we already here know. And a great dig at the Swedish goverment.

    Also it appears that the magazine taking the shots of the Phoenix on the streets of NYC, that Swade couldnt tell us about was Top Gear!! Some fantastic shots, while writing about the car talking to VM & JC.

    • Good tip Jon, haben’t bought TG for ages – glad to hear they have been onjective – James May was rumoured to be a fan of the 9-5, never heard Clarkson say a good thing about Saab though…

      • And as an added bonus there is a free DVD preview of the new Senna film!

        I think Top Gear do like Saab, and Clarkson gave the MY04 9-5 Aero a decent review back in 03 on the TV programme (have a look on YouTube). Its just nice to see the UK motoring press talking positively about a company other than BMW or VAG

  3. Well they finally brought the cars down to market price so it comes as no shock. From what I could tell the dealers were blocked from doing deals on the cars or at least advertising deals till someone posted that some dealer in the mid-west US went ahead with their own ads putting the cars on sale for about $19,000 for a base model. That is only a few hundred above what they were offering during the GM liquidation last year when I bought a car.

    I would hold off on the congratulatory celebration, they were sullen at the dealer the other day. I felt sorry for them. The usually up tempo sales staff is down to two persons and was not good cheer. I had got used to sitting in the old and restored car section batting the breeze with them but you have to know when to give them room. Where are two old timers going to go if they fold? Sorry but I feel the pain and always went to Saab even during the GM days. I like the underdog image.

    UK and Saab always went quite nicely together despite Jeremy and crew. I think Clarkson liked Saab but left me wondering sometimes? Brit humor can be hard to read?

  4. SAAB UK offers incredible prices for the 9-3 Griffin range and the 9-5. These public prices are a very strong sign given to the medias whereas Saab France offers very high prices – that are often lowered to 15% in a good deal, but they do not reach in the end the same lane. An explanation? Maybe…

  5. What do you think? Look at the whole picture regarding UK sales. The Saab is a great performer in the UK market when compared to the US. Whey you show a percentage up versus a real number that can can cover a sad story. I do not like BMW at all so don’t rant off but they imported over 18,000 cars to the US alone for April in a lagging market.

    The UK figures usually shine compared to the US and to see Saab not even break 1,000 pains me.

    The British sense of humor is hard for the foreign ear to understand unless you are from GB I suppose? There are days when it is hard to separate the entertainment portion of Top Gear from the serious moments.

  6. In the UK Saab has sold twice as many cars YTD as last year, and although UK is one of the best Saab markets, the global figures are also double as high as the 2010 figures

    • Also considering the extremely unfair test reports in the British motoring press I must say the Saab UK sales performance is absolutely super.

  7. I’ve actually seen quite a few new 9-5s on the road in the past week, they are slowly getting out there on the roads which is a good sign – the more that people realise that Saab are (still!) in business the better….

  8. Well I think the 9-5 might have a bit more of a better chance now the All New Audi A6 avant has just been reviled and looks virtually the same as the old model.

  9. The UK carries stock which at least gives the dealers cars to sell! The Contract Hire and PCP rates are the best they have been for some time, there is also very long lead times with competitors – so well done the UK!

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