Ms Olofsson will meet Mr Antonov

Yesterday published an open letter from Mr Antonov asking to be allowed to meet Ms Olofson from the Swedish government. Today Mr. Lindberg, head of Department of Commerce, says that this meeting will take place in the next days.

Things are happening this week. I’m starting to believe in a production start on Friday.

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Olofsson says yes to date with Antonov

Maud Olofsson (C) is planning to meet with the Russian financier Vladimir Antonov in Stockholm the next few days.

“We do not mind meeting him. We’re discussing certain times to get to a meeting between them both the next few days and a bit later on,” says Håkan Lindberg, Head of the Department of Commerce.

Charitable clearance

He adds that Maud Olofsson does not really have any need to see Antonov when it does not affect the actual process of getting him approved as owner from the European Investment Bank.

“They have never met before and I think it would have been very good. It would be beneficial to the whole process if the government could make its statement first,” says Lars Carlstrom, spokesman for the Antonov.

When would the meeting take place?

“He gives priority to such a meeting and can quickly fly over from London. It would provide a safety and provide good signals to the subcontractors that a clear shareholder structure is completed,” said Lars Carlstrom.

Although Antonov and Carlstrom look positively at Saab cooperation with the Chinese dealer Pang Da.


I tried to clean up the translation as best I could, hopefully it makes a little more sense. -Jeff

10 thoughts on “Ms Olofsson will meet Mr Antonov”

  1. Well, even if she’s right when she says it won’t matter, she is doing something she should have done a long time ago; showing interest!

  2. Maud Olofsson won´t do anything but only repeat retoric stuff. After all she is a politician and I don´t even think she could do any difference even if she wanted to. She´s going to hide behind “circumstances” that blindfold her from taking action and use the blame game.

    But didn´t we all know that from the beginning. Hopefully I´m wrong but it would surprise me unfortunately.

    I don´t know the agenda that our government have but they have taken our country through the crises in style so why don´t use this opportunity to do something really good (help Saab in lets say 2 years).

  3. Hmm
    “we do not need to see him it does not affect the process of getting him approved”

    Well what does-Lobying GM? the EIB? Where is the issue people?

    Can it be that GM sold Saab only to wait for the next opportunity for Bankruptcy so they get the cash and the death of Saab-it is what they wanted after all.

    I find the lack of clarity on where the approval process is failing very frustrating it strikes me as smoke and mirrors-its comlexity is illusory and I think the somple fact is someone somewhere wants saab dead.

  4. Freakin’ about time. Come on Swedish government, get with the program. Seriously, look at GM and Chrysler, turning big profits with a little government intervention! Chrysler just paid back its entire TRAP loan, YEARS ahead of schedule. And now that Saab is about to offer an expanded all new line-up for the first time EVER – you are going to stand on the sidelines and watch this important Swedish car company die? Saab’s got new product coming out the ying-yang, 9-4X, NG 9-5, NG 9-5 SC, Independence models, Griffin models, and a brand-spanking-new 9-3 ready in about 1-year. All I’m saying is give Saab a chance Ms Olofson…Please!

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