NG 9-3 mule driving arround Trollhättan

Although in some departments the development of the NG 9-3 seems to have been stopped, some other departments keep on testing in and around Trollhättan.

This car has the same external characteristics of the other mules seen so far. Most noticeable are the wider front and rear tracks, which they try to disguise with those rims and the plastic arch extenders.

Djup Strupe was not able to take a picture, but he has told us that the most noticeable thing in the interior was a big screen, so one could say that GUY-120 is one of the IQon test cars.

I think that from now on more and more spy shots of mules will appear. My question is, what should we call the next mid-size Saab?

I think my question has been misunderstood, or I did write the wrong question.

What I wanted to know, is how should we (SU) name the mules as long as they don’t have an official name.

  • NG 9-3
  • JC 9-3
  • 3G 9-3
  • 9-3 MY’13
  • ….

24 thoughts on “NG 9-3 mule driving arround Trollhättan”

  1. The next 9-3 shall remain a 9-3, simple as that. Great to hear the guys at the TDC are hard at work. The IQon is perhaps the most important project going on @ Saab, its development must not be stopped at any rate.

    Anyhow, perhaps the Djup Strupes could divulge a bit about the actual status of 9-3 development? From what I have heard, it’s actually closer to final form than it might appear.

  2. Off-topic for a sec:

    I’m a skier. I was just reading an article about how Stowe offers a Mercedes rental car for driving around town in, if you need it. Am I the only one that think s that other resorts should adopt the same service, but with Saabs? Or am I thinking way out of Saab’s league?

    • I think this is low hanging fruit, frankly. If I am not mistaken, Colorado and Vermont used to be the largest US markets for SAAB by state. Should’ve had the 9-3x at Aspen or Stratton the moment it hit these shores.

      But maybe the 9-4x can be placed similarly. And with that awesome ski rack previewed in the 9-4x concept.

  3. That thing was awesome! If only we could have a new Sonnet with a ski drawer in the back, like the Aero-X…

  4. Jeepers…I hope SAAB does not delay the much anticipated 2013 SAAB 9.3 eXWD…..I mean…a lot of people are looking forward to a car which is built on a SAAB/Scania platform with extremely fuel-efficient performance…I’ll still wait to see what the fuel economy figures are on the 2012 SAAB Griffin 9.3…..Also I believe BMW is coming out with a 3-series fuel-efficient 4 cylinder (240hp) engines to the USA instead of the inline 6 cylinder…supposedly its a very fuel efficient torque driven engine…

    • I think you might have to wait some time before Saab launches an 18-wheeler on a Scania platform. Until then, you will perhaps be able to enjoy a GM-platform (Phoenix/Epsilon) all-new 2013 Saab 9-3, as tested above 🙂

        • Yup, there are eXWD cars running around already. If Saab pushed for that and had the cash, perhaps even the current 9-3 could be made available with eXWD, but it makes little sense to accomodate all the underbelly changes without giving it a nice new outfit, which is basically all that the next 9-3 is about (chassis reengineering to support eXWD + new body)

  5. Didn’t the “mule” we saw before have 6-bolt wheels?
    I see only five-bolt wheels on this car. Or did I inhale too much 2% oilmixed exhaust?
    Maybe this is a fake mule, to draw attention away from the real mule that got away… 🙂

  6. My question is, what should we call the next mid-size Saab?

    It should be called the next generation Saab 900 Turbo!! 😀

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