Nice Residual News from Saab GB


  • Analysts and leasing companies raise residual value forecasts
  • Improvements outperform market trend, reflect growing confidence
  • Most powerful sub 120g/km diesel Saloon and Estate on sale in the UK
  • Saab GB celebrates with sales up 73.5 per cent in Q1
  • Saab GB expands Corporate Sales team
  • Major leasing companies and industry analysts are forecasting trend-busting improvements in future residual values for Saab’s best selling models.

    The Swedish premium carmaker is entering its second year as an independent company and rising confidence among business users is being reflected in a significant uplift of residual values for its core 9-3 range.

    According to leading industry analysts CAP, the residual value of Saab’s top-selling model, the 9-3 1.9-litre Turbo Edition diesel Saloon, has risen over £1,000 during the last 10 months.

    Jeff Knight, Monitor Editor at CAP, said: “The rise in forecast values for the Saab 9-3 over the last ten months has been driven by an increased confidence in the brand; allied to an improved product content creating a better future used car.”

    Apart from renewed confidence in the Saab brand, this trend reflects a class-leading benefit-in-kind taxation advantage for Saab’s latest 9-3 manual twin turbo diesel range. With CO2 emissions of just 119 g/km in combination with the 180 hp variant, the most powerful sub-120g/km car on sale in the UK, the Saloon and SportWagon are within the lowest diesel benefit-in-kind taxation band (13 percent) for company car drivers. Recent specification improvements, such as Bluetooth phone connectivity, Leather upholstery and heated front seats are fitted as standard on all models.

    With sales increasing by 73.5 per cent in quarter one compared with the same quarter last year, Saab Great Britain is also expanding its corporate sales team with the appointment of Michael Cutts as Corporate Sales Manager for the North. His role is to establish contact with user chooser fleets with the objective to place Saab products on their choice lists and develop relationships with the independent contract hire and leasing industry.

    “These rising residual values show that Saab is moving swiftly in the right direction,” says Paul Adler, Saab GB’s General Manager, Corporate Sales. “This significant trend is due to a number of factors: greater confidence in the brand, improved specifications offering greater value, and a competitive advantage in terms of CO2 emissions for our best-selling models.

    “With more new products to come later this year, such as 9-5 SportWagon and 9-4X crossover, Saab is in good shape to continue its renaissance.”

    23 thoughts on “Nice Residual News from Saab GB”

    1. Wow, that is more like it – very positive article indeed. Also, after having watched Wheeler Dealers (my favorite car show) there seem to be a genuine interest in UK for the “quirky” and now independent Saab, also used or PreOwned, especially now with few new having entered the country/ben sold over the last 2 years.
      Saab (residuals) Up!

    2. Either the sales figures tomorrow will be very good or really bad. I’ve never seen such a Press release blitz before 8-/

        • Go Saab GB – I know what you’re saying Red J, I fear they will be down because March is the 6 monthly bulge in GB when plates change, so Sept will be next big month. For all car manifacturers, April should be down on March, so let’s see if it bucks the trend.

          • I know they will be down.
            Anything between 500 and 600 will be fantastic, anything below 400 not that much. And February figures (160) somehow …….

            • They probably had the 2 releases written and ready to go but were waiting for a financial solution to be communicated by Saab Auto before publishing them.

      • True, but at least it creates a buzz. Anyone reading or hearing this will have no doubt that Saab is alive and wasn’t closed down / gone bankrupt / etc. So I think this is a good effort.

    3. The last few days have been nothing but joy for me since the Saab-Hawtai deal.
      And now this from UK! Lovely reading!!!
      Why cant Sweden and swedes be like this, positive and happy for Saabs sake when it´s finally looking better than in a long time.

      • Maybe it has something to do with the separation between Norway and Sweden back in 1905? 😉 🙂 😉 🙂

        Cheers from Norway
        Always on the longest road home when out there with my SAAB. Always!

          • Nah, more likely sweden.
            Denmark_Norway happened to bet on the wrong horse when they stuck with Napoleon, so Sweden took Norway from us in 1814. The Norwegian-Danish opposition did put up a glorious fight…for about 2 weeks..
            It’s not really been going in our direction since Kalmarunionen 🙁

      • A lot of us are, but there’s a big crowd of haters on the Internet. If there was no Saab, they would choose something else to hate.

    4. Saab UK have a real opportunity here, if they can get company buyers into low CO2 9-3s now and for a two or three year fleet deal then they can likely put those same corporate customers into the NG hybrid e4wd 9-3.

      The UK can be a very strong market but Saab must really stick to it’s history here, it must go after the lifestyle as well as the unique position in which it is held apart from Merc Audi and BMW.

      Oh and it needs to get rid of one or two of it’s dealers, wouldn’t pay some in washers.

    5. Saab is going to need the higher residuals to compete in the US lease market. The monthly lease rate rose 13% from my 2008 convertible to the 2011 convertible. Unfortunately, too much for me to renew with a new 2011, especially with the German competition now lower in cost. A complete reversal from 3 years ago.

      • Ct Pete,
        Unfortunately that’s more like a North America problem, we have worse residual values up here in Canada then you. The residual thing is really goofy though when you look at true residuals based on what a dealer pays for a 2008 at auction right now. It would be nice if they used realistic numbers for residuals, but I think because we didn’t have cars for a year and the huge GM rebates when they were finishing 2009, have affected residuals. All that being said, if I could have lease payments like they do in the US I’d be happy because ours are way out wack. How much more is your lease payment on a 2011 then it was on your 2008?

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