Pang Da Automobile Trade Co., ltd.

Pang Da is not a car manufacturing company, but a Car distribution company.

It sells in china brands like Audi, mazda, Subaru, Acura, VW, Mercedes.

More Information can be found here: Pang Da intl. site

Pong Da distributes so many brands in China, they were able to showcase them recently in their own auto show which itself was larger than many of the major regional auto shows on earth with 45 brands and 190 styles on exhibition.

24 thoughts on “Pang Da Automobile Trade Co., ltd.”

  1. A manufactoring company, a car distibution company or what so ever, there is only one thing that matters me most and that is that tehre is anybody who comes wit h money for SAAB, which results in the continuing of “our brand”.

  2. No news yet on this deal on their site… I’ll answer their questionnaire with ‘very melancholy’ then. 😉

  3. Impressive website. Hope this deal will be a succés so that I can become my orderd 9-5 SC. Will take time before their website is updated. Probably not so big news for them as for SAAB.

    • BAIC, HAWTAI and other car manufacturers are interested in western technology. And Saab cars are quite good from the technology point of view.
      Pang Da may see the possibility to start as a car producer and not only as a car distributor.

    • From the horses mouth: “I had a pretty good negotiating position. I positioned what I could sell as a stake in the last premium, independent, European car company. If you do not get this one, you are not going to get a position in Audi. You are not going to get a position in BMW. You are not going to own Mercedes…” Victor Muller

  4. I think this deal better suits SAAB’s needs than the last one.
    Better a company for SAAB to be with which assists in selling cars than a company with their own inventory to possibly compete with.

  5. I learnt a little more about Pang DA I read this article on their international site

    I now wait for the Chinese reaction and Pang Da´s presentation of this deal. (Letter of intents or memorandum of understanding are of no legal value between the parties involved,, until they are properly renegotiated and signed, as agreements, which I guess will take several months,

    I also noticed that in this case no persons from Pang Da seems was participating at the press conference, or …?). Pang Da seems to be built by typical Chineese businessmen, used to international business. My anticipation is also that this deal will not bring SAAB necessary cash for starting up production. Chinese businessmen demand financial security before supplying money to an unknown company, especially when they learn more about SAABs present financial situation.

    In my opinion it´s still only Antonov who can solve present short term financial crisis (with now about 1 billion SEK missing?) and get production running again.

  6. I found the “President’s Speech” of Pang Da quite amusing.. Here is the intro

    Dear valued friends and consumers:

    Welcome to visit Pangda Automobile Trade Co., Ltd. . Let’s enter into “Power Diversity”, know “Power Diversity” and share the joyance of the enterprise’s accomplishment and development together.

  7. Pang Da wants to be a stronger company in Car distribution area ,This is the main point.Then a big Car distribution company also will be very pleased to be an expert manufacturing company.Remember SAAB was failed in sales market in China .I must say that was due to GM.If anyone has lived in China till now would say “yes”.So maybe it is good for us to hear SAAB will sale more cars in china then .But i am still worry about the SAAB car manufacturing in china.Cause Pang Da is an child in manufacturing.

    • dear KaiC please read the press release carefully . Pang Da wouldn´t produce cars !!!!!
      They could produce with another partner in china which could be for example hawtei or Baic ….
      and earn more money. And they couldn´t produce the existing car portfolio ! It´s all about the new 9-3

      With the Pang Da deal you could place 1,18 ! Saabs at every Pang Da dealership. Thats nothing – And they could sell it with a margin because the chinese pay for cars.

      • I believeI Pang Da is a good dealer and i know there is a new company which is in charge of producing cars.But it won`t be a partner like Baic or Saic can see the action of Baic when SAAB and Hawtei announced the cooperation between them.So i am still worry about it.

  8. The more I think about it, the more I think this deal “to immediately buy $42m of cars ” must be taking existing stock off Saabs hands, rather than new builds. For instance, shows 1188 new 9-5’s at dealers in the US, and various inventory reports had it at a higher number than that recently – equaling about an 18 month supply. 1188 Saab 9-5s even at an average of $40 000 is $47m worth.

    Who in their right mind would prepay any money to a company , knowing that the company wasn’t even producing anything at that point?

    Therefore Pang Da must be getting a hell of a discount on the product.

    • scand stop thinking about business. you cannot take much stock of the US because the US market needs stock and you have to refill this stock. but you can take some stock ( early 2010 )models to make profit in china whats even better .
      not everyone is thinking in a discount scheme as americans ….

      the american car market is dead … they have no money left

  9. 49 brands. 50 with Saab!! A world record??

    According to listed information, “Pangda Automobile Trade Co Ltd is principally engaged in the distribution, repairing and maintenance of automobiles. The Company distributes cars under 49 brands, including Benz, Audi, Subaru, Volkwagen, Honda, Toyota and Hyundai; trucks under 15 brands, including Auman and Jiefang; mini coaches under 10 brands, including Wuling, Hafei and Jiabao, as well as agricultural vehicles under six brands and engineering machinery vehicles under six brands. As of June 30, 2010, the Company had 501 automobile exclusive agencies, 176 automobile markets, as well as eight specialty automobile markets, located in China and Mongolia.”

    Pangda is located in bucolic Tangshan, Hebei Province.

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