Production will resume in one week

Good news everyone!

Fellow crew member Tompa reports that several Djup Strupes (what we call our informants here, the literal Swedish translation of Deep Throat) confirm the production will get started again in a week.

It will take a few days to re-calibrate the robots and get everything sorted. I am not sure how much information on the suppliers’ situation exists at this moment. TTela reports that IAC have been forced to post notice to their employees already. We can only hope they can get back up to speed soon.

Buy new F5 keys now before the supply runs out.

59 thoughts on “Production will resume in one week”

      • It’s always expensive to have a Mac. We gotta buy Cammand and R buttons while Win users are done with an F5 key. Damn. 😉

          • Get Chrome. Or SRWiron if you like your privacy
            Get the Auto Refresh Plugin
            Set refresh time.
            Stay informed

            Save the wear on your keys 🙂

            Works on both Mac and Windows.

        • Yes, but try typing foreign characters. For a Mac, the Germanic character ß is simply Option + S, whereas on Windows it requires you to hold down ALT and individually type the numbers 0, 2, 2 and 3. It is similar for all non-English characters.

    • If it is true then this is fantastic news!

      However, I don’t want to be negative but the main factor dictating whether production will restart is the suppliers, and reportedly many are still owed significant sums – I hope Saab can sort this quickly.

          • Tiz true =) I’m on my way back to Uppsala with my family from a wonderful weekend in Umeå up north in Sweden visiting SU friend “Rostnes” and his family. The drive is more than 7 hours long and publishing on the fly is not what I regard as “safety first” although talking on the phone wile driving Is legal in Sweden.
            Thank you so much Rune for posting this superb news!


    • There is no info (at the moment). I don’t know if they already have some momeny. But they didn’t make anything public.

  1. Well Tompa, nice to see you sharing the good news, lets all hope this is for real!
    Drive carefully Tompa, and thanks for a great weekend!

  2. Yes rostness lets hope its for real, we have had had these promises before, still it could be argued that when they are not actually making cars they may well be losing less money?

  3. I thought the F5 key referred to the key fob. There were shortages of 9-3 trunk (boot) lids and key fobs last year.

    • If its true, it only means that they have solved the short term financial problem. Anything else is speculation and at least I head enough in the last 3-4 weeks. %-(

  4. The “no news about Saab”-article that is been referred to on the start page of isn’t working, hopefully that means that the article is being updated as we speak! 🙂

  5. It’s Sunday night!
    Happy as they may be, the suppliers are not likely to hold many press conferences before Monday morning.
    I think, the info on SU is as hot as can be on a Sunday.

  6. There has to be money to pay the suppliers, or it must be underway and arriving very soon, if production is to be resumed within a week. Whether it’s mr. Antonov’s or from someplace on or behind the Great Wall or wherever else remains to be seen. But suppliers will have been paid, perhaps in part if they are in a co-operative mood, but some millions of kronor have changed bank accounts, that’s for sure.


  7. This is great news. It is a great to hear this indeed. Doesn’t it feel good to list all the wonderful things going on at SAAB rather than talk about all of the so-called “conditions” built into the investory agreemants,etc which is obvious no matter what bank, investor group, and government you go through for financing?

    Let’s just bask in the light of good news and enjoy the feeling of SAAB perservering no matter what and send it Trollhattan’s way. If we all expressed our love and manifest the following through taking a quiet moment to meditate (close your eyes, sit in a quiet place, and listen to your breathing, breathing out your nose with your mouth closed).

    I am manifesting these thoughts for SAAB whilst I meditate:

    1. Exciting new SAAB line-up on it’s way
    2. State of the art factory with loyal, competant workforce
    3. Suppliers who love SAAB and want to see them successful
    4. Loyal band of SAAB followers who will invest in it’s future by buying new or CPO SAAB cars, parts, getting their cars serviced at SAAB dealers.
    5. The most gorgeous SAAB ever built: the 2011 9-5.


    “If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.”

    Let’s all just enjoy this moment and bask in the continued good fortune for our favorite company.

    I love you SAAB

    • +1, and this is an important message:

      “If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.””

  8. Thank you for the good news. I guess we have to wait until some “djup strupe” leaks more information to Bloomberg or TTELA… Lars Carlström did not provide any new information besides that discussions were underway in China when he talked to the Swedish national radio after lunchtime today. Could there be an announcement tomorrow morning before the stock market opens?

    • Fair article, nice even…followed by an almost unequivocal slating by the readers in “comments”
      A real shame that many think Saab is a lame duck and blame it on its current product line up.
      I still think even the current kit is way better and better value than much other kit but how to make people understand?
      It is like people want to kick a company when it is down. I think I will post something positive,please join me in doing this.

  9. Lets hope this situation gets itself sorted quickly as it cannot go on like this for too much longer.

    Now, I have a dilemma.

    I am in England on holiday and my local Thrifty rents out Saabs. A 9-3 vert and 9-5. The 9-3 costs 67 pounds a day and the 9-5 is 135 pounds a day.

    Which one should I rent?

  10. In this moment I waiting for my BSR stage 1 tuning kit. Then my Saab will be even more fun to drive.

    My thoughts in this matter is this: I heard JÅJ said in a TV intervju that the possibility of Saab to do not have any money left in the business is unthinkable and it´s not going to happen. It become true, the money didn´t last. Actually little to much have been expectations that haven´t come into Saabs favor. My faith in Saab is intact but I know of own experience that promise more than you can guarantee is a bad way. From now on I want the truth and nothing but the truth so help me gud, amen!

    Hopefully the sales figures is better than we all can expect, looking forward to monday even if it´s a little bit scary.

    Even if the factory starts in 1 weeks time, what about all the supplier. I don´t think it is just to “run” the whole supply chain like that. It´s to many factors involved. So it will be a slow start I think but hopefully they can go up to full speed really fast. Is there order enough is the next problem to handle, are costomer ordering Saab cars in a good way after all this?

    I said sometime in 2010 that this two years is only about surviving untill the new 9-3 is arriving. I also said that the changes on the current 9-3 was to small. The facelift should be greater and more similar to the new 9-5. To take back sales figures that has been lost was a even greater problem than everybody could expect. Trust is the key and money rules. So lets start with money, alot of money cos thats what all this is about. Get the money, chinese, russian or Folksam…… matter to me. We all want to see the 9-5SC,9-4X and new 9-3(2012/10) in every streets there is. If the company not survive until the new 9-3 is out I go mad. If that car not succed it´s all over but it must come out refuse to accept anything else.

  11. today I smiled a bit. I would like some detail though.
    I want to hear a genuine “fully funded” plan that sees us to ng9-3.

    If they can get that far then I would say it’ll be ok from then on…so many people are just hoping for that


  12. Enough with the speculations, I’ll settle for hard facts nothing else at this point :).

    On a side note, beeing in the engineering business we’ve had a lot of interest from Saab employees about changing jobs. Many people there are getting fed up with the situation, they’re staring families and are simply trying to get by.

    There have been some major recruitments of heavy engineers from Saab lately and I can tell you that it is about to get more intense. Saab people are top prey in the auto business in the region and the need for qualified people is endless at the moment.

    It is only natural that people change jobs, but if Saab does not get its act together really really soon, the loyal experienced followers will also leave.

    So Saab, get your act together …. Now.

    • Mm, “Very close an agreement”, it says. “We should reach an agreement during the weekend”, it was said last week. So many promises that are never fulfilled. Sigh.

  13. I am confident a solution will be found very shortly. The types of negotiations that are being undertaken with the three Chinese firms usually take weeks or months. There are many variables and VM and JAJ can’t simply snap their fingers and get a deal done. Heck, look how long the EIB has dragged this along. It will get done.

  14. Hmm, I wonder if we will see some news today? I understand that its a public holiday in China today but I guess that might not stop VM and JÅJ.

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