Saab @ MilleMiglia 2011

UPDATE 2: The guys from Saabway created a poster to encourage the Saab management and the whole Saab family in these delicate times.

In the picture you can see Mr Beherman with the thumb up and Mr Stefani also in blue.

UPDATE: You can also follow it through Twitter, thanks to Sofie from Saab.

Three beautiful Saab 93A have arrived at Brescia Italy, and our friends from Saabway were there to welcome them.

Victor Muller wanted to drive once again at the Mille Miglia, but there are more important things to do now.

We talked about last year, when we met JAJ and VM.. he told me that Victor in theese days is still in china, as we can imagine, working hard to find out a solution with another chineese company… which would be we don’t know, but one or the other should be our partner.. China interested on the deal.

Some pictures after the jump

The guys from Saabway managed to pass some controls to make some nice pictures and a video showing the start in Brescia. And Saab has also published some nice pictures.

Notify of

Note that the official Mille Miglia presenter said:

“That is a great car! It is nice to see something completely different.”


Absolutely beautiful, all three. The colours are very nice too! Good luck to them.


Such a beautiful vehicle, hopefully they can be driven past the flag in the same pristine condition in which they’re starting the race. Didn’t JAJ have a fender bender in one of them last year?

Speaking of the 93A, what ever happened to the retro/modern interpretation of the 92? That development car seemed to have quite a lot of hype around it, but I don’t think we’ve heard anything about the vehicle for quite some time.


Haha, the picture on the poster is the background on my desktop

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