SAAB of the week – 9-5 Turbo6

Radu's two Saabs
Over a month ago, when Saab’s production had been halted for about a week, Radu from Romania sent the crew an e-mail with a hint of buyer’s remorse. He had just purchased a 9-5 Turbo6, his third Saab in 8 years. Had he made a mistake trusting Saab?

I answered him the same thing I tell myself “this car is one I will keep for at least ten years”. I mentioned that the warranty would be covered by the dealer (at least that is the situation here in Sweden) and that parts are not thought to be much of a problem (Saab’s sister company makes a nice healthy profit from selling parts and will continue to do so post-Saab).

My lengthy reply to Radu ended with: My recommendation for you is to jump into your new car, drive it for an hour and see if you can avoid smiling. ๐Ÿ™‚

The e-mails that followed were filled with a great sense of relief and enjoyment. Radu told me that his fiancรฉ will get his 9-3 once his 9-5 is officially on the road (it takes time to get the bureaucracy sorted).

I have even showed it (the e-mail) to my father which is an engineer specializing in aerodynamics (he has a PhD in this field). When I parked my new 9-5 in front of his house he only said: wait a minute … Let me enjoy the view! The curves! The elements that make the vehicle friendly with the air that flows along, the profile that calls for great engineering in terms of shape”! He was amazed! He begun explaining what every item does in terms of airflow ease. Then he walked inside and it was the moment I showed him the e-mail from you. He read it carefully and said: “Normal! I would think the same!”

In the mean time I have had many hours behind the wheel smiling. I am not wiling to extend that many are looking at the new car. But is me feeling greatly inside and very secure that does indeed a lot of work. My idea is not to aim to make trade with the car in the next few years but to keep it to enjoy and perhaps to have my sons taking in onwards. I am also keeping my new 9-3 for my fiance! So thank you for reassuring me on the topic.

Radu is a 36 years old insurance losses independent surveyor (loss adjuster) from Romania with an impeccable taste in fine automobiles. The 9-5 is his third Saab.

From Vent in Austria - Radu's first 9-3

Lake Interlaken, Switzerland

8 thoughts on “SAAB of the week – 9-5 Turbo6”

  1. My lengthy reply to Radu ended with: My recommendation for you is to jump into your new car, drive it for an hour and see if you can avoid smiling.

    You are certainly telling the truth.

    Every time I am in my NG9-5 (manual transmission) I smile. The vehicle is simply a joy to drive.

    It’s not perfect – the electronic brake is insane and I wish I had a nickel for every time a person told me one of my rear backup lights was burned out (there is only one). On the plus side, I recently found out the vehicle is equipped with a “hill holding” device for shifting from a stop on an incline I thought the parking brake was activating). There is no mention of that in the manual, my dealer had no clue and SAAB USA said they can not answer engineering questions. Oh well, it’s a great feature to have.

    One more negative – RainSense windshield wipers simply don’t work. A light rain (with small rain drops) causes the wipers to go into the maximum mode – very frustrating! My dealer said that this feature can not be deactivated. Please give me back my manual interval feature.

    With 5400 miles on the vehicle, I have averaged 28.8 miles per gallon (USA measurement). That is just an incredible figure. The NG9-5 is simply a wonderful vehicle.

    Long Live Saab!

  2. I just saw a new 9-5 sport combi on display in Gothenburg Airport. I have to say that is one stunning sexy looking wagon. A real head turner.

  3. dragi concetateni romani de mai sus, o traducere ar fi fost binevenita pentru ceilalti :).

    Dear romanian collegues from above, a translation for non romanian readers ( just a few, I know, but they are important too ๐Ÿ˜€ ) would have been nice.

    Radu, congratulations for the car, I’m still waiting to see the first 9-5 NG in Cluj.

  4. Thanks guys! The new 9-5 is really fantastic! Picked up my new plates today! I will probably be in Cluj next month! I’ll drop a line before hand! And thanks to Rune for enabling this opportunity and for very kind words! Cheers and all the best!

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