Saab small markets sales data – April 2011

I will repost this thread during the week, as new market data keep arising.

The crisis month is over, it is now time to see how the bad news have been translated into lower sales.

As always, you can post sales data here or send an email to sabsunitedcrew-at-gmail-dot-com.

Thank You to every single one sending us any sales data.

The figures after the brake, as the list is quite long already. Now with CANADA.

Still missing Germany, Switzerland and the UK. Nevertheless the forecast shows that this month will be better than January and February, which is a very good result IMHO.

Well, another period of sales data is over, there is only the UK missing, but the data will be available on Friday.

This is the YTD Top ten List

  1. UK 2378 + 489 = 2867
  2. US 2727
  3. SWE 2626
  4. BEL 626
  5. ITA 515
  6. NL 473
  7. GER 320
  8. ESP 256
  9. FRA 226
  10. NOR 222
  11. CH 209
  12. FIN 204
  13. TWN 160

(Greece and Denmark are also still missing, but their numbers are not that big as the ones from the UK)

Edit: It is interesting to see that Taiwan is on 13th place in the list. I’ve corrected the numbers and and placed France in the right position – just ahead of Norway. / Carl-Henrik

Last Update: Greek figures


April 2011 4 (20 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 24 (102 in 2010)

April 2011 1
YTD 2011 13

April 2011 7 (0 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 39 (1 in 2010)

April 2011 12 (20 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 75 (103 YTD 2010)

The Greek figures are not the best ones, but Saab has lost YTD 26% over the last year, the whole Greek market has 50% lower figures than a year ago.
In the 9-5 category the E-class from Mercedes is King with 54% market share, but second is the Saab with 23% market share, more than BMW+AUDI+VOLVO+SUBARU+JAGUAR (all the others) put together.


April 2011 36 (up from 21 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 209 (up from 117 YTD 2010) (628 Jan-Dec 2010)


April 2011 67 (up from 60 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 320 (up from 212 YTD 2010) (788 Jan-Dec 2010)

Not good that Germany is not performing well !!! 🙁


April 2011 46 (up from 19 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 226 (up from 165 YTD 2010) (574 Jan-Dec 2010)

I’ve heard that Saab France is cooperating with Beherman, I hope it helps Saab France to perform better.


April 2011 14 (up from in April 2010)
YTD 2011 71 (up from in 2010)

April 2011 15 (up from in April 2010)
YTD 2011 39 (up from in 2010)

April 2011 29 (up from 2 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 110 (up from 54 YTD 2010) (164 Jan-Dec 2010)

Poland is also feeling strong, and from what I know the registration in April could have been higher without the production stoppage.


April 2011 17
YTD 2011 41

It is a head to head fight between Australia and Canada. =)

The Netherlands

April 2011 51 (up from 38 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 306 (up from 167 in 2010)

April 2011 25 (up from 1 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 167 (up from 18 in 2010)

April 2011 76 (up from 39 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 473 (up from 185 YTD 2010) (533 Jan-Dec 2010)


April 2011 21 (up from none in April 2010)
YTD 2011 41 (up from 0 YTD 2010) (2 Jan-Dec 2010)

Saab did not sell cars in Canada last year, so to talk about growth rate is pointless. But Saab has sold in Canada in April more cars than in Q1 2011. Yes the figures are still quite low, but the direction is right.


April 2011 131 (up from 44 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 515 (up from 196 YTD 2010) (637 Jan-Dec 2010)

Split is not there, but the Italian market is also performing quite well.
Italy has moved to the 5th 6th position behind SWE, UK,USA, BEL and NL.


April 2011 49 (up from xx in April 2010)
YTD 2011 185 (up from xx in 2010)

April 2011 20 (up from x in April 2010)
YTD 2011 71 (up from x in 2010)

April 2011 69 (up from 54 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 256 (up from 213 YTD 2010) (724 Jan-Dec 2010)

The Spanish market for Saab seems a little bit weak compared to the other Saab markets, but while other markets are expanding the Spanish market has shrunken by 26% YTD.


April 2011 22 (up from 6 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 80 (up from 14 YTD 2010) (31 Jan-Dec 2010)

It is not fair to compare the 2011 figures with the 2010 figures in Portugal as a new importer started his work in August.


April 2011 173 (up from 79 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 626 (up from 306 YTD 2010)

Maybe the big three could perform better, but the other markets are doing quite well, imo.
Congratulations to Beherman Saab for the great job.


April 2011: 21 (27 in 2010)
YTD 2011: 79 (95 in 2010)

April 2011: 33 (0 in 2010)
YTD 2011: 81 (11 in 2010)

34 units out of 81 is Saab 9-5 Aero 2.8TS XWD

YTD 2011: 160 (106 YTD 2010)

Comment: Great to see the 9-5 gain momentum in Taiwan. / Carl-Henrik


April 2011 43 (up from 15 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 175 (up from 66 in 2010)

April 2011 11 (up from 2 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 47 (up from 8 in 2010)

April 2011 54 (up from 17 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 222 (up from 74 YTD 2010) (390 Jan-Dec 2010)


April 2011 11 (up from 6 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 62 (up from 27 in 2010)

April 2011 4 (up from 0 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 45 (up from 1 in 2010)

April 2011 15 (up from 6 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 107 (up from 28 YTD 2010) (85 Jan-Dec 2010)

It looks like some of the mid-sector markets have already reached the 2010 totals. 🙂


April 2011 19 (up from 4 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 101 (up from 14 YTD 2010) (102 Jan-Dec 2010)

Austria has almost almost sold as many cars as during the whole last year (102 Jan-Dec 2010).


April 2011 32 (up from 4 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 172 (up from 45 in 2010)

April 2011 6 (up from 0 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 32 (up from 17 in 2010)

April 2011 38 (up from 4 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 204 (up from 49 YTD 2010) (199 Jan-Dec 2010)

I can’t say if the April figures for Finland do reflect the problems of Saab in April, but in any case it looks like the Fins are buying Saab cars once again. Saab has already sold more cars in Finland than during the whole last year.

79 thoughts on “Saab small markets sales data – April 2011”

  1. austria

    april 2011 – 19 +375%
    april 2010 – 4

    jan-april 2011 – 101 +621,5%
    jan-april 2010 – 14 (2010 total -102) 😉

  2. Hi
    Most cars that were retailed this month have been sold weeks ago, so the real damage will occur in the statistics of the next two months – not now.

  3. Hi everyone:
    These are the figures from Spain (hope I’m the first to post them; sorry if not)
    April sales: 69 cars (58 in 2010, with an increase of 19%)
    Year-to-date sales: 256 (220 in 2010, with an increase of 16,4%)

    Not very bad, but not very good either.

    Greetings from Spain

    • Cardoso,
      not bad ????
      Spain’s market has fallen by 23.3% April to April or by 26.3 in the YTD comparison.

      • Yes, you’re quite right with the figures. But I look around and I see a lot of Saabs bought a few years ago, and I hardly see a new Saab (when I say new I say bought this year or in 2010). In fact, I have a beautiful 9-5, and although I’ve done a lot of kilometres around Spain and even in Southern France, I hadn’t seen another one. And unfortunately there are also very very few “new” 9-3 (and believe me, when there is one I see it).
        So, it’s a pity, but I think it’s being a hard time for Saab in Spain.

  4. Just a note about the sales in Portugal.
    Instead of “YTD 2011 80 (up from 14 YTD 2010) (31 Jan-Dec 2010)”
    it should be YTD 2011 80 Jan-April (up from 14 YTD 2010) (Jan-April 2010)

    • Dave,
      you are right but so do I.
      The Year Till Date sales for 2011 is 80
      The Year Till Date sales for 2010 is 14
      and the Whole Year sales for 2010 (Jan-Dec) is 31.

      Sorry if I did confuse you.

  5. Saab sales in Canada for April:

    21 vehicles (no breakdown by model available).
    YTD total now 41.

    Moving in the right direction, but very slow;y. Let’s hope the current attractive financing deals produce better figures for May.

    • The deals for May are awesome so hopefully that bodes well for us all. Loyalty credit is gone but the dealer delivery credit is stackable with the 0% finance rates. We have 1 already for May, not sure if it will count in these numbers because it was a dealer trade and the dealer unfortunately had registered the vehicle for a weekend test drive.

  6. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to relate sales figures of a country to its total population? Just for comparison of, say, sales in Canada to those in Taiwan.

  7. A question to Carl-Henrik, Red J and the rest of the crew working with sales stats: how come we never get the Danish numbers? Shouldn´t Denmark be at least a medium big market for Saab? I was there for two days and spotted 30 Saabs, a year ago.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Johan.

      I can answer that. In Denmark it is “De Danske Bilimportører” who is collecting the numbers. And they are truely sloooooooooooooooowwww..! I’ve asked them – via mail – why it has to take 3 weeks for them, to publish the numbers. Do they even bother to answer? Nooooo…

      So we’ll see the danish numbers around the 17th – 20th each month. 🙁


    • Hi Johan,
      Henrik has already answered you, but I would like to add that people don’t search for an 15 days old post, so putting the figures in the old post is also of no use.
      But if you want to know the Danish figures so far:

      9-3 9-3X 9-5 Summ
      Jan 5 2 1 8
      Feb 6 2 9 17
      Mar 10 3 8 21

        • Although the numbers look pretty low, even compared to 2010, you have to know that Saab sold about 44% of the cars in December, so the sales figures till December were even lower than in 2011.
          YTD 2010: 31; Total 2010: 344
          YTD 2011: 46

        • They’re working on it.
          Danish sales are 80% company cars (or used to be, don’t know with the new private leasing options) and most buy in Dec for tax reasons.
          But the main company behind Saab DK, Andersen&Martini, who also have Opel, Cadillac, Fiat and Kia, has betted everything on leasing and company sales, reducing the number of Saab dealers for a long time, centralizing on the main outlet in Søborg.
          And Danish pricing is a little hard on those of us with an average wage.

          If you saw a lot of Saabs in DK i think you moved around a lot north of Copenhagen.That’s where the people with real money lives.
          I work up there and also see a lot of Saabs. incl most of the NG9-5 that are sold in DK

  8. Among the smaller markets, there are really two positive surprises to me: Belgium and … Taiwan. The numbers sold for 9-5 there are particularly impressing, also the trim level (2.8l Aero XWD). Hope this is a good sign for sales in mainland China as well.

    • Yes, I agree with you. Taiwan is a real surprise for me and we lacked numbers from there before. But so far this year they are doing very well and is on 13th place in total of 2011 so far. The Saab-crews over there is doing a great work!!

    • They seem not to be active in turkey, but they should sell new cars in NZ. But it is a pity you don’t get the sales data in NZ till the year after.

      • Saab has an agreement with one of the old dealers of GM to supply spare parts and service. Although they have a Saab Turkey web site, there is no price list. But couple of years ago annual sales were about 150 AFAIK.

  9. Well, I am actually amazed that numbers are this good! I had prepared for disasterous numbers thenks to the production-stop, but these are quite good I think 🙂

    • I believe Q1 is traditionally kind of slow. When I worked for an automaker’s financing company the stronger sales periods were early summer and towards the end of the year.

      • Adding the fact that the sales for Saab is in an increasing phase.
        One can see in my sheet that the sales for jan-apr 2010 added up to appr 6.000 units. And the IRL Year Total 2010 ended up at appr 28-30000 units. So one cannot simply multiply 6000 with three believing in getting the Year Total. That would result in only 18000 which we all know wasn´t at all the YT 2010.
        So we cannot multiply YTD (jan-apr 2011) 12000 with three either. That would get us a YT at 36000 units.
        More likely 45-50000 units.
        And that is without the 9-4X and 9-5SC. 🙂 They will perhaps bring us 10-20000 extra units.
        Sums up to 55-70000 units YT 2011. My sheet based guess.

  10. Really, really, really small market data – Slovenia:

    JAN 2010 0
    JAN 2011 1

    FEB 2010 1
    FEB 2011 3

    MAR 2010 1
    MAR 2011 1

    APR 2010 1
    APR 2011 3 (2x 9-3, 1x 9-5)

    YTD 2010 3
    YTD 2011 8

    Saab sold 26 cars in Slovenia in year 2009
    Saab sold 12 cars in Slovenia in year 2010
    Saab sold 8 cars in Slovenia in first 4 months of 2011

  11. Canada : I noticed last night that is now showing more than just alist of dealers and a link to : things seem to be starting to thaw out at “Saab Canada”.

    However, I also noticed that the French-language version of the site seems copy-pasted from the Saab France site (e.g. TTiD prominent, etc.), with quite a few translation errors on top of that. Does anybody know who I can email to propose my services as volounteer translator / proofreader?

  12. A small note on the subject! If Saab had the right money to advertise more in general. What would all this figures be? Saab is living in the backyard in allmost every country. There are so many potential byers out there that doesn´t even considering a 9-3 or a 9-5. Every major town in every country should have no less than 2 dealer (minimum). Every “upper class” neighborhoods in medium-sized cities should be represented by atleast a mixed-dealer. Saab as the premium brand. I know that this cost loads of money but to be represented in allready existed dealers as a second or third brand with atleast 3-4 cars must pay of in sales figures. Spain 46 million inhabitants, Canada 34 million, Russia 142 million, United Arab Emirates 7 million people (I could go on and on). There are possibilities in various countrys. The key is good overall economy in leasing deals. Is it worth it, can it be done???Hope so!

    Who doesn´t want to be different to the pack! Make a statement drive a “exotic” car, not a mainstream German great car, ours are as refind, find out it for your self. We don´t want to be big and therefor YOU are special (in your Saab). But how many know these things?

    It´s so frustating, and costs so much to reach people. How can Saab do that in the cheapest way? Threw major companies must be the right way (good offers direct to those who deside which car there employee can chose from) If we are there with good enough deals and head hunters who do this……….100 000 cars is just the beginning amen!

  13. Luxembourg
    April 2011: 15 (April 2010: 1)
    YTD 2011: 45 (YTD 2010: 15)
    (56 Jan-Dec 2010)

    April 2011: 4 (April 2010: 2)
    YTD 2011: 8 (YTD 2010: 10)
    (24 Jan-Dec 2010)

  14. Singapore
    April 2011: 3 (April 2010: 0)
    YTD 2011: 24 (YTD 2010: 7)
    (13 Jan-Dec 2010)

    April 2011: 1 (April 2010: 0)
    YTD 2011: 6 (YTD 2010: 0)
    (4 Jan-Dec 2010)

    • Unfortunately it’s my understanding that only 4 cars have been sold in Bulgaria YTD and none of them in April. 🙁
      Of course I don’t know where you got your data, but the site that I use only shows cumulative numbers for the year to date.

      April 2011: 0
      YTD 2011: 4
      (12 Jan-Dec 2010)

      • Hi Niklas,
        I also get my data from that site, and I can’t say that the data shown there is YTD.
        At least the English text says April 2011, and for 2010 it says January – December 2010.

        So my understanding is that those are month values. So do you know for sure that those are cumulative values?

        • Yes it’s strange that the headline says “Statistics for April 2011”.
          But when you compare the total sales of cars (6495) with the “Statistics for January – December 2010” (18820) it’s not likely that the number only contains sales for the month of April.
          When I last year was following the reporting of sold Saabs the number was always increasing or flat compared with the month before, never decreasing.
          I am now taking a screen shot of this page and I am pretty sure that when May comes all the data has either increased or is flat.
          If not, I should learn to shut my mouth from now on. 😉

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