Saab UK sales data – April 2011

Saab GB keeps impressing me all the time. πŸ™‚

The UK market has fallen by 7.4% compared to last years April figures.
Saab has grown by 101.2% compared to last years April.

April 2011 489 (243 in April 2010)
YTD 2011 2867 (1613 YTD 2010)

Market share 0.41

Small Update:
Saab’s direct competition Jaguar, Lexus or Alfa Romeo, in terms of market positioning and sales numbers, are not that far away any more.

Yesterday I said

Anything between 500 and 600 will be fantastic…

I’m glad the former MD at Saab GB, Jonathan Nash, is now in charge of the whole European market.

25 thoughts on “Saab UK sales data – April 2011”

  1. I believe it to be RobinM’s well polished 9-5Aero that has acted like a rolling client magnet
    Nah…. πŸ˜€

    Well done Saab GB and great work you dealers!


  2. So thankfully the “Nice Residual News from Saab GB” was not preparing us for the worst πŸ™‚
    Nice ! Hey, does anyone know if SAAB is employing abroad ?

  3. IΒ΄m curious, does anyone have the monthly figures for Saab UK over the last years.
    I wonder if UK is closing up to 2008 figures on sales. If so, thats amazing how the UK manages to keep up the spirit in these tough times. Well Done!!!

    • Saab GB is doing quite well, but not that much. They are closing the gap to 2009, but there is still room for improvement if they want to reach 2008 figures.


      • 2011 489
      • 2010 243
      • 2009 646
      • 2008 1452

      YTD (Jan-Apr)

      • 2011 2867
      • 2010 1613
      • 2009 3981
      • 2008 6876
  4. Looking at the UK % increase figures 2011 on 2010:

    For April 2011, Saab is 3rd
    1 Infiniti 309% (who are coming from nowhere in the UK)
    2 Alfa 125% (who have a wider range, including the Mito πŸ˜‰ )
    3 Saab 101%
    For YTD 2011, Saab is 2nd
    1 Infiniti 360%
    2 Saab 78%
    3 Alfa 75%

    Per-centage wise, Lexus & BMW are also doing quite well, but Jaguar, Volvo, Mazda not so well.

    We must remember that 2010 was a really low year for Saab. Also, the UK’s infamous ‘scrappage’ scheme, which saw lots of perfectly good, solid, safe and mechanically sound 10yr+ cars wasted, skewed the figures in favour of the makers of small, cheap, economical cars, who are now showing a big hit. (e.g. Fiat, Hyundai, Kia)

    BTW: Quote from my local Saab dealer re the 9-5: “They’re not exactly flying off the shelves”. They think the 9-5 SC will be a BIG help, but the 9-3 in all guises is doing well, helped by those headline CO2 figures.
    (P.S. I bought my first Saab (used) from this dealer 30 years ago this month! A 1973 beige 2-door 99L 1854cc manual DET438L affectionately known as “dettol” )

  5. Given Saab’s lack lustre advertising campaigns in the UK main stream media, the sales figures are fantastic and well done to Saab GB.

    It would seem to show that the UK market is very loyal to Saab.

    However I really think that Saab should push the new 9-5 in the UK a bit harder in the main stream media (e.g. TV, radio etc). This would widen the appeal beyond us loyal Saab drivers.

  6. This is again showing that Great Brtain really is the only Great car buying nation within Europe. A Brit buys a car on emotion and is not only banging on about resale value like the rest of our eurpean moaners and trend followers. I have to say that I am proud of you guys “Keep it up”.,

    Alex Lee.

  7. I think to gauge where SAAB is now, we should try and dig out the figures from 2004 and 2005. 2003 was 15,300 for the year. 2005 was the year GM started to push volume which progressively increased by 2008..

  8. Sorry people but again I find this sales data quite strange, this is information does not coincide with anecdotal accounts from people at the sharp end of Saab sales and I suspect we are again looking at a significant number of pre-registered vehicles, which is nothing unusual for Saab or many other manufactures, of course these cars will eventually be sold on to actual users but at figures far under the list retail price and quite probably for a loss to Saab if not also the selling dealer!

    • I get what you are saying but your moniker suggests you are a glass half empty sort of person. What will it take to make you HappyGriffen? πŸ˜‰

    • Where as we can quite imagine a good number of registered vehicles in March were in fact pre-registered by dealers for those vehicles to get a 11-Plate, it’s not common practice to register a 2nd lot of vehicles for April. The figure of 489 does however fall in line with UK market trends (Mike Saunders posted a good link recently in another post). It is much more likely that these are previously unregistered stock vehicles. However if we were to consider what dealers sold for the month of April then I would suspect the figure would be almost double the 489 units as dealers sold a certain amount or pre-registered vehicles which counted against March’s figures.

      Hope this makes sense.

      To try and simplify it further. I firmly believe these were genuine retailed vehicles

  9. For a start Saab could sell a genuine 100,000 units, all of which were of a good specification, had a far higher biuld quality than those that I have had to get used to in recent years and actually make a profit, in all quite a big ask!

    A still grumpy GrumpyGriffin

    • I reckon you’ll have to wait until 2013 for those sort of figures.
      The build quality on the 9-5 looks good to me but I’m sure the new 9-3 will be even better. So hopefully in 2013 you can change your name.

  10. Saab Uk figures are encouraging – and seem to be making the right headlines in the UK – including RV increases. Auto express has just featured first drives for 9-5 Wagon and 9-4x which are positive again. With secured short and medium term funding Saab must now concentrate on making up “lost ground” for this year in terms of sales. Grumpy griffin please note the whole of the UK retail market is tough right now- regs are regs when saab are where they are right now – time to get back to basics and SELL some cars. The UK is looking more positive right now- 119g 180bhp 9-3 is the way forward backed by new product later this year. Rome was not rebuilt in a day !

  11. Summing up YTD year on year ’10 vs. ’11 for the 13 countries listed under Saab Sales Data (SWE-CH) shows a +93% “year effect”. Factors that may affect it accuracy as a 10/11 progress proxy: 1) Beginning of ’10 was defunct in select market (negative impact on the 93% figure). 2) 9-5SC and 9-4X showing first during ’11 second half (positive effect). 3) Production halt. 4) Other countries beside the 13 listed.

  12. I’ve met Jonathan Nash – TOP BLOKE!

    Let the positive UK sales increases continue, I like the look of the new 9-3 Aeros…..maybe in 2 years time when my 9-5 may be replace.

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